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Thread: Match Day Thread Rnd. 5. Sydney V GWS. SCG. 19.25 pm.

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    Match Day Thread Rnd. 5. Sydney V GWS. SCG. 19.25 pm.


    Early start as I'm out all day tomorrow. I'm trying to be optimistic but Giants by 37 pts. Go Swannies!

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    C'mon Bloods , retain possession this week , we want to see plenty of awareness, peripheral vision and dummies n sidesteps to evade tackles .
    You can win this one .

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    Beautiful autumn day here in Sydney, looks like it should be great conditions this evening. Let's hope the "ins" bring a bit of spark to the team. I confess, I rather enjoy the derbys these days, much more so than the earlier years.

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    I've got a feeling we are in for a shellacking, but I'd love the Swans to prove me wrong

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    If we dig deep and give effort, as we mostly have the past couple of weeks, I'll be satisfied. If we win I'll be thrilled. Please just let us not be on the receiving end of a thrashing.

    I'm heading to the game and delighted the weather is turning out so sensational. Should be a beautiful night.

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    Swans by 21
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    So last week we had Josh Kennedy and Josh Kennedy playing, this week we will see Sam Reid and Sam Reid playing. We do seem to specialise in picking teams to confuse the commentators.

    One thing in our favour is that the Giants have never won at the SCG. I hope that streak continues.
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    I think that we can win, but it will require really good efforts, from Papley, Hayward, Jack, Foote and Rohan, to chase down and disrupt the rebounding of the Giants. Also, I'm wondering if we'll see Zak Jones playing on either Greene or Johnson? Possibly a good move? Possibly too much risk of Tribunal trouble?

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    The feeling around town is that we will win this one ! I hope 'around town' is right cause I'm here in the Trumper on a beautiful night

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    Zero optimism. I am looking straight down the ground and will watch more individuals and how we are getting beaten on the outside.

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    Is it bad of me that I am sick and tired of all this Bob Murphy coverage for his 300th. Every channel I have turned to or site I have gone to, is going on and on and on about it. Just turned it over to our game and there we go again!!!!

    No discussion on our game at all and it is 5 minutes to the bounce! ????

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    I've been negative all week about this game but as the match gets closer, I'm getting a better feeling about it. The Swans came out last week determined to make a real game of it, went in hard, just lacked polish, this week they'll come out the same.....I just hope the inclusions can lift the whole side to perform with better efficiency and get reward for effort. I'm trying to forget about the umpires and potential GWS sniping with Stevie J back. Should be interesting.....

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