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Thread: Changes for Round 6 - CARLTON

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    Quote Originally Posted by liz View Post
    I also suspect COR is carrying a knee issue of some kind. He's playing with strapping below and above the kneecap. GoSwannies might be able to suggest what kind of knee injury such strapping implies. He hasn't seemed - to me - to be running with the same pace or freedom that he did last year. He just looks a tad laboured.
    Maybe he's pregnant.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meg View Post
    Sinclair was noticeably limping when coming to the bench on one occasion on Saturday
    He was just looking for the stretcher.

    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Poor old Towers through he could escape criticism in the NEAFL. Nowhere is safe from RWO vengeance Dean!

    I'd pick towers anyway. He's a depth player and your right, this is exactly when we need him.
    Towers had his best game on Saturday. Didn't notice a single mistake. I think he's found his role.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    They obviously see something in Foote that the rest of us haven't yet - I assume they want him to be a long-term replacement for Tom Mitchell
    He's being groomed as a replacement for Towers. Doing well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hotpotato View Post
    To learn after 5 games that Kieren hasn't been right .... he didn't carry it and could have been resting while a fit player gets a go.
    Best wishes to him for a full recovery.
    IMO, KJ is suffering from ugly dog syndrome. He thought getting a model girlfriend would be the cure, but even that doesn't seem to have worked. Could be career ending.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankee View Post
    Not sure about Aliir fwd. Can he kick more than 25m? Never seen him kick long, ever.
    Generally a player kicks further than he can handball. We've seen AA handball around 30 metres or so, you can bet on his kick I'd think.
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mug Punter View Post
    I think we'll make minimal changes.

    I'd be tempted to get McVeigh back in for his experience and leadership.

    * I think we really miss Rampe down back and hopefully he will be back against the Lions
    Harley said McVeigh won't play this week and hoping Rampe will be ready after the bye.
    Those who have the greatest power to hurt us are those we love.

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    I think Marsh was completely outplayed last week. Nowhere near his man for most of the night. I'd like to see Talia come in for him. But it might be Laidler. Old club and all that.

    Foote was ok again last week in the tagging role although did let Scully of the leash on occasions. The pleasing thing for me though was he was one of few players who showed a bit of hardness and stood up to GWS. We need more of that.

    Brandon Jack seems to be racking up possessions but unfortunately, like Towers, is just not a big time player.

    Tipper showed no effort last week. Appalling. No doubt he will get a second chance.

    Out: Jack, Marsh.
    In: Rose, Laidler

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    I'm yet to be convinced with Marsh either. Bottom 6 player each week. I'd like to see Aliir play but suspect he will serve a 3 or 4 game NEAFL sentence. Newman is a must in for mine and I'd actually prefer Towers as second ruck over Sinclair. Cameron is not right physically at the moment. Foote is not good enough even as a tagger.

    For me:

    Out: K. Jack, Sinclair, Foote, Marsh
    In: Newman, Towers, Laidler, Dawson

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    Towers as the second ruck/sheep dog role could have been his role but I get the impression he has come back this year and just completely underwhelmed the entire coaching staff, he'll just sit on his moderate but still quite lucrative contract for two years and then get on with his life. It would not surprise me if Towers' has had his papers stamped....

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    Stamping his papers five games after giving him a two year extension wouldn't make much sense at all

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    I agree with liz that Aliir should return given his unique ability to bounce us out of defence, but probably won't. We are really struggling with rebounding at the moment without Rampe. However, Longmire's comments post game and On the Coach suggest they think he has more to do. Incidentally, I think he's demonstrated he has a long kick and reckon he's best suited to defence.

    If he was to come back it'd be for Marsh and I agree with DynamoJim that Marsh was well beaten by each forward he marked on the weekend. No significant shame in that given who he was up against. He was one of our better players against West Coast. Reckon they'll give him another run.

    I also agree with Ludwig that they likely want Cameron to play, but will probably determine he's not fit enough yet. Fair enough.

    Foote has to drop down. He was ineffective tagging Scully and poor with it himself. I thought he was exposed as not being of AFL standard. I think that's a permanent state, but happy to be proven wrong.

    Given Jack is out, that leaves two to come in.

    Newman must be one. He's an elite kick and had poise at AFL level straight away. It was a mistake to drop him.

    Rose, Florent and Dawson are the candidates for the other spot. Ultimately, Florent excites me most, but right now Dawson deserves a second shot. Rose has the advantage of being able to mark inside 50, but we don't need another 8-10 possession player.

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    Think it was an error of selection to put Marsh on Cameron, even if I'm sure the coaches would have asked him if we was up to it. I still think he's OK as a medium defender just can't play on much bigger players like Rampe can.

    My first two ins would be Newman and Aliir. KJ is out, my other would be Foote although the coaches may think he's worth sticking with as a tagger and may want to tag Murphy / Gibbs / Cripps on Saturday. If that means Jones and Mills need to spend more time in the midfield I think that's a positive.

    If Hayward needs a spell, not sure who'd get the gig - Rose? Dawson?

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    Looks unlikely Aliir will play this week according to Neil Cordy No Cookies | Herald Sun

    One week in the reserves is probably not enough time for Aliir to gain the match fitness and form Longmire demands, especially when he failed to make a tackle in the NEAFL match. The Swans are also mindful Aliir has played only 16 senior games and is still a developing player despite his enormous success last season.

    “There is a general feeling he’s off in a few areas,” Swans football manager Tom Harley said. “He had some moments in those games, and against West Coast — probably by his own admission — wasn’t where he wanted to be. It is purely form based and he was omitted. “I think the interrupted pre-season is a factor. He needs to go back to beating his man and building the offensive side of his game off a strong defensive base.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimelb View Post
    Generally a player kicks further than he can handball. We've seen AA handball around 30 metres or so, you can bet on his kick I'd think.
    Barry Round could just about handball further than he could and he played over 300 games, represented Victoria & won a Brownlow

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    Miss match for Marsh. After an easy Cameron goal, seeing his body and height compared to Cameron made me feel sorry for him.Poor coaching I thought to allow this to go on and on but I guess there were few cattle left who could stop this guy? Maybe Reid was worth a try.

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