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Thread: RWO Game Day Thread - Round 4 - April 29-30

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortHalfHead View Post
    Nice try at the usual Camden spin, 5 year, but if the real facts are known, All Sydney Uni players were regular Div 1 players this year.

    On the other hand, Camden only had 1 non-regular first grader, the prez, in the side, along with a 19's player (who had a bye).

    And 8:30 games do happen it Sydney AFL. The fact that a Premier Division game was played with Uni V Manly at 2:30, plus 2 other earlier Manly matches, the idea is to keep clubs together where possible. It's actually a league requirement FYI.
    Spoke to the prez (JL) this afternoon at a western sydney 17s game and he was very upbeat about things.

    Mentioned the 0830 game and actually said they were asked Friday evening if they wanted to push it back to 1030 but Camden advised to leave it the same. As for players all he said was they had about half a dozen out and said the big positive was that "they are beatable". He didnt mention he played though; i thought those days were long past him.

    Conversation was cut short when he took off to assist with an unconscious player.

    Manly Div4
    Blacktown 19 (1)
    Campbelltown 19 (2)

    All forfeited in the first four rounds has there been anyone else?

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    Geez The Student has gone quiet all of a sudden. C'mon Tommy you're the Sydney Uni spin doctor... tell us how wrong we all are again

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    Technically it isn't Sydney Uni at fault here and it definitely isn't The Students.
    Blame the powers that be that make the rules. As I keep saying. The SydneyAFL is the red-headed stepkid of the AFL world. No one cares about the league.

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