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Thread: RWO Game Day Thread - Round 6 - May 13-14

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortHalfHead View Post
    I know that this is off-track, but is there any reason why Manly put up a 20 metre fence in front of the stand at Weldon?
    That would be an improvement recommendation following the 19s incident from last year which i am pretty sure Petterson, Robo and 1 or 2 others got suspended sentences for running onto the ground from the stands and getting involved in an on field scuffle.

    I think there may have been some other recommendations too but not sure what they were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giants View Post
    A message from JL (The Prez)

    "Please share with those concerned that the Camden Footy Club is not perfect but we are continuing to focus on building a great culture which has seen our Club grow from 1 team to 5 in the last 4/5 years.

    We do not have an issue at the Cats with alcohol nor did any such incident happen at Fairfax in Round 6. If such an incident had of taken place i am sure Lauren or Bob would have been in touch.

    We will continue to grow the game of AFL in SWS and hopefully one day reach the pinnacle of Sydney footy.

    If anyone wants to call me my number is readily available on websites ECT"
    Did he forget his password?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giants View Post
    Referring to the Wests coach that pulled a spectator over the fence by his jumper and got 6 weeks suspension??
    That's the one. It's easy to make an example of an accredited person "who should know better". But that aside, my example is confirmed. I'm sure there's others.

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    Haha i quite like the fence, bit sad they couldn't afford one for the whole ground though.

    A forfeit already in div 5. Any others?

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