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Thread: Changes for R9 V St Kilda

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodspirit View Post
    What is the basis for everyone assuming that Rampe will be available for selection? I know last week Horse said Rampe's rehab was progressing better than expected and he was hopeful that Rampe might be available as soon as this week. Is this the only basis? Or have there been further heartening statements?
    No, don't think so. Horse said he only "may be a chance" this week, but said he was pretty fit as he'd been doing a lot of running.

    I think there is a bit of wishful thinking on our part going on.

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    In: Rohan, Tippett
    Out: McVeigh (inj), Sinclair

    If Rampe is fit, give him a game in the NEAFL for match practice. After that, he can come in for Marsh.

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    Ramps has a gold pass in my book, straight into the Seniors, very important player even more so with McVeigh out for leadership
    No soft tissue worries and you know he will have an impact

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    btw wtf are we having a 6 day turnaround for 2 games in a row at Etihad ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dosser View Post
    I see I'm not the only one who thought Jack went missing. Not even there on the teamsheet...
    I noticed the stat sheet said no kicks, handballs, tackles or anything at all.. deserves to be dropped.

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    Now we have a team settled I can't see too many changes.

    Max 2 which would be Rampe if available and likely Tippett but another week in neafl wouldn't hurt him either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackedactor View Post
    I noticed the stat sheet said no kicks, handballs, tackles or anything at all.. deserves to be dropped.
    Hang on, what about the all important leadership qualities ?
    Our back line cannot lead itself, and McVeigh was sent to the forward line to lead them.

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    Oops, I meant Smith, not Jack. Not sure how he became Jack, other than that they have both been average.
    The difference between insanity and genius is measured only in success.

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    I would imagine we would like to play Tippett more forward than in the ruck, so is more likely to replace Sinclair than Naismith.

    I don't think we can take a risk playing Macca until he can get through 5 reserves games without an injury. He's become too much of a risk. If by some miracle we make the finals, I can't see how we can play him with his recent soft tissue problems.

    I would bring in Aliir for McVeigh and Rohan for Hayward. I like what Hayward is doing and believe he has a bright future, but we shouldn't burn him out this year. He tries hard, but is often brushed off by those bigger AFL bodies. I think Rohan can contribute more at this stage.

    It's going to be a really hard call as to who Rampe should replace. The 3 top candidates are Marsh (most like for like replacement), Cunningham and Towers. All are doing well enough to hold their place in the side. We could go with only one ruckman in Tippett supported by Reid, Aliir and Towers, but I can't see this happening.

    I'm not too concerned about positional likeness in changes as we have lots of flexibility with Lloyd and Mills able to play anywhere and can easily move out of the backline if we have a lot of defenders in the side. Newman can also play midfield. I think he's our best kick in specialist.

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    I'm in no hurry to bring rohan in. He needs the confidence of some BOG's in the NEAFL.
    Tippet, I'd bring in for Nainsmith. Sorry old chap, but Sinclair offers more at this stage.
    Rampe should come back in for McVeigh, and yes mcveigh needs a long spell in the NEAFL to prove fitness.
    Allir can come back when one of the young pups looks running out of puff. Personally, I'd be looking at Talia first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Allir can come back when one of the young pups looks running out of puff. Personally, I'd be looking at Talia first.
    Very different players, who would you leave out for Talia?

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    Marsh seems have stalled in his development, not really putting in any games which are anything but ordinary.

    Would like to keep Sinclair; actually showing some real promise which would be ruined by him being dropped to the seconds.

    Melican is learning big time; did a very good job on Hansen; yes a few mistakes, but AA should know we have a replacement for him.

    Would to debut another young player Jack Maibaum, he can play forward or back, let see what he can do.

    Tippo should stay in the 2, watched Smoking Joe speed and marking ability, that the sort of big man, 200 cm we need.

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    My impression is that AA is a luxury to have when you have the stallwards of Reg, Rampe, Smith and few other workmen-like defenders. He'll come back when our defense is injury free.
    If Rampe doesnt play this week, I would think Talia should come in for McVeigh. He is a the workman-like defender we are missing.

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