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Thread: Changes for Rnd 10 V Hawthorn.

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    Changes for Rnd 10 V Hawthorn.

    Out. Cunningham
    In. Dawson

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    I would like to AA playing a wing/attacking role. Does anybody kown if AA has ever played fwd. I think AA in an attacking roaming role could be interesting to see and give the swans a different dimension.

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    AA in
    Rampe can play midfield

    best game ive seen Smith play for ages
    He even looked quick

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    In: Either Dawson, AA, or Marsh. I think Marsh as he has the most senior experience but Dawson could be a very good fit after his high tackle magoos game.

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    Dawson was travelling emergency against the Aints. Deserves a crack.
    C'mon Chels!

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    I can't understand why people are suggesting replacing Cunningham with a defender. I like AA as much as anyone but his spot is being filled by Melican or Rampe. Melican should not be dropped and Rampe should not be considered for midfield - he is way too valuable in defence.

    For me, Cunningham needs to be replaced with a forward/mid which should be either Florent or Dawson. K Jack could be an option but I'd prefer to see him come in via the NEAFL.

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    Cunningham out. Either Florent, AA or Dawson in for me.

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    Aliir is the best fit player we have not currently in the side, so he should be the one to come in for Cunningham. We should be playing 3 tall defenders, especially when 2 of them are quite mobile. Mills, Jones and Lloyd have been dropping into defence, so one of them, probably Mills, can simply move to the midfield where he belongs anyway.

    Sinclair had one of his better games, but I still think we should drop him based on team balance. Tippett is best playing in the ruck. We don't need him as a forward. We seem to be the only team playing 2 ruckmen these days. Hawthorn won't have a legit 2nd ruckman, not that it matters anyway. Tippett can go up against McEvoy.

    If we do have a second spot in the side, I would prefer Dawson slightly over Florent.

    Cameron had a very good game against Syd Uni's Tagliabue, one of the better ruckmen in the NEAFL. Would prefer him to Sinclair if we do go with 2 ruckmen. Cameron looks to be both a better ruckman and a forward.

    It was a real shame about Harry going down with the dreadful lisfranc injury. It's really hard to predict how long it will take to mend.

    It was kind of Ugg to donate his moonboots to Harry, which will certainly speed his recovery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waswan View Post
    AA in
    Rampe can play midfield
    Nah, Rampe's only one game back, still settling is the midfield who are finally firing. Leave Dane down back directing traffic in McVeigh's absence and let the current mids grow in confidence. Florent fired in the two's, so if Hayward's due for a rest, Ollie for Will may be the only change needed......or Dawson for Will. Then again, what do I know??

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    To replace Cunningham, we should bring someone into the side who is good at playing on, preferably with some pace. Hawthorn's big weakness has been exposed: they have no effective counter to sides who move the ball quickly. This is how Collingwood destroyed them in the second half, and how they got smashed by Gold Coast. If we use the same fast-paced tactics and pick a side to suit, we could end up winning by a large margin.
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    Papley had a few shockers and turn overs at crucial times, he wouldn't want to perform like that two weeks in a row.
    Hayward looked lively in the first half but then looked spent and tired, giving him an extra week off before the bye may be beneficial

    We should of absolutely massacred them earlier on really, our forwards had great pressure but failed to convert a lot of entries and chances, but our defence and midfield was awesome. Buddy made a lot out of nothing and thought while tippett and rohan spoied alot of chances they worked hard and made the team look better structurally and both of them will be better off for it

    Also lloyd has turned into a real a-grader, just gets it done every week, Smith was back to his best and how solid does Melican look

    OUT: Cunningham
    IN: Dawson

    Rohan to play more midfield and Jack to play some NEAFL

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    I think Florent will be the one to come in as he has the outside pace

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