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Thread: Attendance Vs Hawthorn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YvonneH View Post
    I am not going as I do not particularly like the 7:50 start. I can take 7:20 but when it can take up to 2 hours to get home I find it a little late. Thursday's game start at 7:20, so why not Friday's game?
    I can only assume it is too allow people to get to the game on time. Fridays are crazy traffic days in most cities.
    But that is only my best guess.

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    Hawthorn actually have a very loyal supporter base in Sydney and their Melbourne supporters and those in Northern NSW & Qld swill travel. This is also a game those from country NSW and Qld who are Swans members and fans will travel for. It doesn't matter if Hawks are top or bottom our supporters just want to see us flog them to get some form of vengeance for 2014.

    so in saying that I believe there will be a capacity crowd there tonight. I will be getting there early to get seating for my mate and I. Good luck. The beer isn't that bad out of plastic as the beer in the pubs is going to be just as watered down lol. Most of the pubs in the area are now doing plastic anyway. Have a wonderful match.

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    Whats with all the reserved seats ion Lvl 2 of the Noble stand? There used to be about 1.5 or 2 bays, now they're up to three. What'd going on?

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