Hi people,
Qantas is running a competition to name there new eight Dreamliners.
As their [email protected]@@@ marketing says, anything which sums up Australia for you.
So I though one at least one should be named after Leo Barry.
Imagine flying to London on Leo Barry you Star!!!!
The link is here qantas.com/travel/airlines/name-the-qantas-dreamliner/au/en
David Boon is currently in the lead, and rightly so, 52 cans of beer to London, legend!!
The shortlist will be announced on 30 May, 2017.
My another eight name are below:

1. David Boon
2. Leo Barry
3. Warrick Capper
4. The Wiggles
5. Skippy the Kangaroo
6. Schapelle Corby
7. Coopers Pale Ale
8. acca dacca

The first of eight innovative Dreamliner planes will soon be joining our fleet, and we want your help naming them.

We want their names to reflect the true Spirit of Australia, so your suggestions should be around people, places or things that reflect the depth and breadth of this place we all call home. It could be a notable person, a ground breaking invention, a piece of our culture, a saying, a man-made or natural landmark, anything that sums up what Australia means to you.