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Thread: Changes for Round 12 v Bulldogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloody Hell View Post
    How the @@@@ are the Swans favourites for this game????

    Swans $1.81 Dogs $2.00

    What more do we have to do to prove incompetence? I have absolute faith, but why do the bookmakers?
    I could not work that one out either??? They have won their last 5 games against us -- Hawthorn beat us, yet they could not get a goal in a half of football last week against PA. it shows how go we are going! --- We do not play well in wet conditions --- They will get twice the amount of free kicks as us (as per usual). We have won 3 out of 10 games this year. yet we are favourites with the Bookmakers???? It is beyond my reasoning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 707 View Post
    Whoa, sending a message!
    OUT: Tippett Florent
    IN: Naismith KJack

    Not a big enough message. The thing I worry about though is match fitness. We'll see if these two start blowing half way through the game.

    Although the move to drop two players who were not good last game is a good policy. Maybe we can drop a few more as the season goes on. Maybe we can drop the coaches who don't play well too.

    This will give us a little scope in the ruck. Naismith is a good tap ruckman. Their rucks will be Roughead and Cloke. I think Naismith and Sinclair should towel those two up.

    This week I'd like to see Mills get some time in the mids. With Rampe back we have the capacity to rotate Mills and Lloyd through the mids at different times in the game.

    I'd also like to see the end of the zone and see us play one on one footy. Trust our players and come up trumps. We have players with good closing speed. If they are one on one instead of 5 metres off and then 10 metres shy when their opponents get the ball, our chances of intercept are very high. In the saints game that is exactly what we did. Why not against Hawks? Why not other games, Port, Pies etc.

    I wish our blokes good luck but I will say that if Longmire is planning on using the same old game plan then we are already dead for the season an have lost this already. If he can change then we have a chance. Tomorrow night we will know. Remember 2011. We were down the bloody tubes, then there was a meeting between the coaches and players and our fortunes changed. We won matches we were not supposed to win. Then we won 4 weeks in a row including the Elimination Final. This was the start of Sling Shot Footy. The start of a new style. Longmire changed and we won. Certainly we were trying things earlier in the year, sling shot, fast ball movement, lead up, quick handball out of defence. But it only started to all really gel toward the end of the year. C'mon john you can do it. Something entirely new, like winning please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolftone57 View Post
    Not a big enough message.
    You'd prefer him delisted?

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    I like the changes. I think ideally we would play a single ruck, particularly on a wet night against the Bulldogs, but none of the available rucks are fit enough.

    Longmire's comments in his presser yesterday and team selection interview today suggest they've selected the two on the basis on demonstrated competitiveness this year. Fair enough. Let's hope Kurt shows the same attitude as last time he played NEAFL and bounces back.

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    I think Tippet omission could be partially down to the conditions. It is not suited to using his size to mark and he would chasing players around in the wet.

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    I like the bold move of assigning consequences to lack of form and dropping Tippett. I'm not sold on the Naismith/Sinclair ruck combo. Neither offers that much playing forward. Nor am I convinced that Naismith is well enough established to slip straight back into the senior side without showing form in the NEAFL. If ever there were a time to trial playing one ruck (without it being forced upon us) this might have been a good time. That would have made Ludwig half happy - still one ruck too many for him. Conversely, I think that now that he is fully fit, it is ok to have Kizza slot straight back in at Olly's expense. That said, I think he may be a bit rusty after the lay off and I think we need to cut him some slack. I'm not expecting miracles from him first game back.

    As regards Aliir, I think they have identified an aspect of his game that he needs to work on and he won't be picked again until he has done it. I support the coaches in this even though I don't know what it is they after (best guess is it's to do with either tighter defending or following team structures and orders better). Players have to work and earn their spots and not get them on reputation alone which is why it's great to see players like Tippet (and Liberatore) dropped.

    In Aliir's case it is a pity because, if he were ready, I would have loved to see him picked ahead of Naismith for this game.

    As far as Tippett showing something in the NEAFL, it will be difficult because we are playing the Giants. Normally that would be tough opposition but with their injury list as it is their reserves team is currently very weak and won't test him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodspirit View Post
    As far as Tippett showing something in the NEAFL, it will be difficult because we are playing the Giants. Normally that would be tough opposition but with their injury list as it is their reserves team is currently very weak and won't test him.
    I think it makes sense to play the two least out of form ruckmen. But I don't know how much form Tippo can get in the NEAFL. Last time he played in the 2s he was dominant, but came back to the firsts and played poorly. There's a pretty large gap in quality.

    Aliir will struggle to get back in the current setup unless there is an injury or change of roles / thinking, even though the vast majority of RWOers think he should be in the team

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    I wouldn't be surprised is Beveridge dropped Tim English for Honeychurch if the conditions are wet, which seems very likely. If it's just occasional showers, then we should drop Sinclair for Aliir, who is well and truly fit and ready to go. He's been playing great footy in the reserves and especially in the last 2 games in wet conditions. If it's really wet, we should drop both ruckmen and also bring in Marsh. Ollie is good in the wet, but it's likely to be a really down and dirty physical game and Ollie may not be quite ready for it. Ruckmen have negative impact in wet conditions.

    I don't want to get ahead of myself, because the season will be well and truly over if we lose this game, but we can't possibly consider taking 2 ruckmen into the Richmond game next week, when they only play one in Nankervis and most likely just one tall forward in Jack Reiwoldt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 707 View Post
    Whoa, sending a message!
    OUT: Tippett Florent
    IN: Naismith KJack

    Sends a message to the league also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grarmy View Post
    There's a message. Great to see selectors listening to RWOers.
    Or maybe the RWOers have good judgement?
    "Unbelievable!" -- Nick Davis leaves his mark on the 2005 semi final

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09183305 View Post
    You'd prefer him delisted?
    Damn right!
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    Bring back Aliir.
    He has the best hands in the team.
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