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Thread: Changes Round 15 V Melbourne

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    I'm a bit surprised by the selections. Jones was an automatic in for me but McVeigh, seriously!!! The selectors must think that Naismith can ruck most of the game. Gawn is only second week back after a long injury layoff and a 6 day turnaround. Towers must have some good friends on the selection committee or some excellent photos.

    The Demons are coming off a 6 day turnaround and a trip to Perth. They are without Watts, Jones, Hogan, Garlett and Salem. I think we're in a good position to win this game. I can see the demons starting aggressively and trying to rough up Mills and Heeney but I think they'll lose concentration in key moments and we'll run over the top. There was talk on SEN about teams needing to pay close attention to Jake Lloyd. I wonder if Bernie Vince will try to rough-up Lloyd as well.
    Horse - my tactics are to have Gary in the goal square for the last part of every quarter. He can then kick 4 match winning goals. I hope McV doesn't get injured but I'm not holding my breath.

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    Lol at those calling for Towers to ruck. Snowball's chance in hell. Has he ever rucked ? Mcveigh has more chance of rucking.

    Reid is the obvious 2nd ruck, you know, because he's done it many time before...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blood Fever View Post
    Premiership co captain, nearing 300 games, class user of the ball and a fine leader and organiser. Automatic in if he is fit. Trusting the medicos on this. Has been underrated all his career.
    Well said. Some very strange responses here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giant View Post
    Well said. Some very strange responses here.
    It'd be interesting to go back before Macca's first game this season and see if the same people were saying the same thing. You know, the game we looked like a different team - or simply looked like a team - and won and initiated the start of the Swans' 2017 season.

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    If you think of it as Sinclair out, McVeigh in, then it doesn't feel so bad. I think all the naysayers on here, myself included worry whether (1) he's fit enough (2) he'll get through a whole game without breaking down (3) he's too slow. But I also remember a deafening silence earlier in the year after he came into the side and we won.

    Demons are a big tagging side. Who are they going to try and stop tonight? Joey? Heeney? Lloyd? Hanners?
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    I hope Reid isn't called upon to do much rucking.

    He has shown no taste for it in the past and had little impact there, it also takes him out of positions he can play well in, be that Forward, loose defender or wingman.

    May as well throw Towers in there because his contribution elsewhere is negligible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ernie koala View Post
    I hope Reid isn't called upon to do much rucking.

    He has shown no taste for it in the past and had little impact there, it also takes him out of positions he can play well in, be that Forward, loose defender or wingman.
    He has played as big midfielder at time with some success and I am happy for him to rotate through there and the forward line. He is strong with good hands and able to get those long arms free but he was not the ruckman and I don't think he should be.
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    Let's hope we see Deano in the ruck

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    I wonder if the wolfman has calmed down yet.

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