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Thread: Open Mike - Tuesday 27 June

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    Open Mike - Tuesday 27 June

    Swans fans with access to Fox Footy might want to look out for Tuesday's episode of Open Mike, which features Ollie Florent and his mum. From the trailers, it looks like there's a focus on the family's experiences of last year (when father Andrew passed away). I imagine there will also be some discussion around his early experiences as a Swan.

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    In my experience typically Open Mike becomes available on YouTube some days or weeks after the event. So for those of us without Foxtel we can catch up down the road.

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    Swans website may post it as well

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    Thank you Liz ... will check it out .

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    Hopefully mike doesn't fixate on the last few days of his fathers life as I've found in the last few years he appears to look for the ACA angle of tears or how much they earn. I'd like to hear how Florent adjusted to AFL life after a very difficult year. Or how much did Sydney put in place to support his move or what was spoken about from the reports that Sydney visited his home on the weekend before the draft to speak to him, things like that. Even how his mum felt after her son left. Stuff we haven't heard. I watch it every week n most weeks come away disappointed. Hopefully this one is a good one.

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    Saw some trailers of this and Ollie really sounds and looks like an impressive young man. No surprises that we were very happy to get him into swans colours. Hope we can keep him as he was/is.....a Hawks supporter.

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    Just like Isaac is now willing himself in the midfield in the middle taking over from Mitchell and Jacks role we will see Ollie bit by bit take over Dan Hanneberys role in time

    Probably another year or so from now as Dan had an awesome game on the weekend but I do feel Ollie at a young age is miles ahead in decision making

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    A cracking interview and cracking young man.

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    Great Interview..
    Congrats to Mike on this episode and well done to Ollie and his mum for that brave interview..
    What a great yng man we have at this club..a big congrats to the Swans for not only looking after this yng man but ensuring that his family is well looked after through obvisously a trying time post the loss of a family member.
    Speaks volumes to the people behind the scenes at the club

    a credit to all...

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    A pleasure to have such a mature young man as a Swan

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    Seems we have an outage in our area...
    hope to see it later.

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    I saw a bit of it. Oliver Florent and his mother handled themselves well.

    But I thought it was inappropriate to do a interview program so wholly focused on his father's death. Do it in a few years time and let it be one of a number of topics to touch on. And it would be less raw.

    I saw no benefit in getting a young man on public television to talk about that at length. I see it as such a private family matter.

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