My grandfather was from Fremantle and was a North Melbourne supporter. I used to watch the Saturday afternoon game with him in the late 70s and learned the game then. My soccer team wore the same colours as Hawthorn (yeah really) so I started following them. I've always been a "follow my home team" kind of guy though so once the Swans moved to Sydney I found my allegiances steadily drifting towards the red and white. My the time I'd finished school I was a Swans supporter but didn't start attending games until the mid-90s, when a couple of friends started going and I went with them. I didn't really know anyone who went to the games until then. I became a season ticket holder almost 20 years ago, both my kids are too now and my son has been through the Academy, so my support has been through a whole generation. A bunch of us who sit around each other in have become very close friends and we have the Swans to thank for that too.

As for why my support is so passionate, well you only have to look at the club to see that. I'm so proud to be a supporter of a club that has players who play with so much passion, and give their all. As well as a club that takes a stand on social issues and is so inclusive, as well as one that hasn't forgotten its past.