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Thread: Round 16: Giants v Sydney Swans Reserves @ Spotless Stadium

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mug Punter View Post

    Get through the rest of the year (I'd say performance secondary to fitness and running out games a bit more) and go away and have a bog pre-season with a view to genuinely challenging for a recall back half of next year.
    I hope for his sake he has more than one. Dietary advice could help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloods05 View Post
    I hope for his sake he has more than one. Dietary advice could help.
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    GIANTS v Sydney

    10: Jordan Dawson (Sydney)
    7: Jordan Foote (Sydney)
    4: Isaac Cumming (Giants)
    3: James Rose (Sydney)
    2: Matt Flynn (Giants)
    2: Will Setterfield (Giants)
    1: Harry Marsh (Sydney)
    1: Jack Maibaum (Sydney)


    66: Cameron Ilett (NT Thunder)
    62: Jordan Keras (Southport)
    57: Jordan Dawson (Sydney)
    43: Darcy Macpherson (Gold Coast)
    41: Mitch Hallahan (Gold Coast)
    37: Matthew Payne (Aspley)
    37: Lewis Stevenson (Sydney Uni)
    34: Jordan Harper (Canberra)
    32: Tom Young (Sydney Uni)
    31: Zac O’Brien (Sydney Uni)


    50: Darren Ewing (NT Thunder)
    36: Jackson Paine (Redland)
    29: Jono Freeman (Brisbane)
    27: James Rose (Sydney)
    26: Adam Sambono (NT Thunder)
    26: Ben Warren (Aspley)
    26: Hamish Shepheard (Southport)
    25: Cameron Loersch (Gold Coast)
    25: Jordan Dawson (Sydney)
    25: Matt Hammelmann (Brisbane)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 707 View Post
    Thanks Ugg. Unusual stats for Pink, 8 tackles, 7 disposals!
    Pink regularly gets high tackle numbers. He is a very hard working forward. Always puts the opposition backs under huge pressure. Very pleased with his development so far. He is a natural footballer and has lots of guts. I think when his body finally grows into his brain he will be a very good player. He is ok at this level so far. Big guys like Toby take a while to develop but this kid will be worth every minute put into him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugg View Post
    Marsh is an interesting one. I thought he struggled in defence in the first half, let a few goals to Sproule and Tiziani. Shifted to the midfield in the second half and had 18 disposals and was instrumental in our big run in that period.
    I didn't think Marsh was that good. As you say he was getting destroyed in the backline and moved to the mids. The thing I have a problem with is his disposal, it is ordinary at best. He accumulated in the second half but I thought when Dawson went to the mids we got some real momentum as his delivery was sensational and he directed play. BJ was actually good and he seems to be working on his disposal which is the weakest part of his game. Rose was sensational and actually did the hard things like tackling and chasing. He is sometimes poor in those areas of the game. Aliir was good but as you say I would have thought he would ruck when Tippett broke his nail and had to go off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugg View Post
    Firstly I have to say Shaw isn't making it easy for my powers of recall by making continuous changes throughout the game, I think only the defenders Maibaum, Talia & Murray and Leonardis as a forward didn't play more than one position.

    GWS gave a good contest especially for 2 and a bit quarters, they tackled and competed as well as the Swans did. There was definitely no chance of the 170 point margin from the last meeting repeating itself. Strangely though it was when they pulled within 5 points and the Swans down to 1 fit on the bench that they fell away badly. With the extra men advantage and the clear superiority of Simpson in the ruck, I thought the Giants had a chance to cause a major upset but the Swans increased their effort, piled on the goals to win easily. Perhaps it was the cumulative effect of carrying 16 topups and the tiring effect of their pressure game that finally took its toll.

    With Tippett out of the game and Pink assuming primary ruck duties, the role of the relief ruckman fell first to Dawson, then later on Edwards and right at the death Marsh. It was an interesting decision given Aliir has rucked in the past and had been shifted forward.

    James ROSE - I gave him a bit of a bake in my last report a few weeks ago saying he looked frustrated and things weren't going his way. He was very good today started as a midfielder and won plenty of hardball in that role before reverting to his traditional forward role and kicking important (and difficult) goals. Looked lively and committed from start to finish.

    Alex JOHNSON - Started in defence which was encouraging to see and was involved early with a solid spoil and score assist to Rose. Had no issues following play up the field and while his kicking looks a little unorthodox and awkward, he consistently hit his intended targets. Had little to no impact in the second half. Not sure if he was meant to play the full game today but he looked buggered by the end. In the 4th quarter shifted to full forward as the Swans were down to 1 rotation which basically consisted of AJ rotating on and off with whichever lucky player earned a break.

    Jordan FOOTE - Started in the engine room, but also spent time as a half back. He racked up an amazing 12 tackles by half time and finished with 16 for the game. Ball use by foot a little iffy but you can't question his competitiveness.

    Will HAYWARD - Played the first half only but you could summarise it as a 1st quarter cameo. He had enough highlights in that period to last the whole game. I noted at quarter time he only had 4 disposals but such was his influence I rated him as the most influential Swan along with Tippett. The Swans isolated him at full forward to give him space to work his superior one on one skills and he didn't disappoint kicking one early goal, setting another up a set shot for Lee with a lowering of the eyes (which Lee missed). His best moment was his 2nd goal. MacDonald won the ball on the wing, kicked it directly to Hayward who had 3 defenders to deal with, the ball cleared the first defender but Will still had to have strong hands to grab the mark with two defenders in close attention. The siren went soon after, and he had to kick a non-so-simple set shot from just inside 50. However he was basically unsighted for the second quarter and then didn't run out for the 2nd half.

    Kurt TIPPETT - It was a real shame he was injured today because I thought he was one of our best 3 or 4 players in the first half. Playing mainly as a ruck, he was competing well with Simpson in the hitout department but also quite influential around the ground. Like Naismith did in the seniors game later on, he sat a kick behind play when the ball moved into our forward 50 and intercepted a couple of balls coming out of the Giants defensive 50. Also took Simpson to the forward 50 a few times, but just failed to complete a couple of hard marks. Started the 2nd half as a full forward with Pink in the ruck, and only a few minutes later did I notice he was on the bench with his left boot off and getting strapping around the left ankle.

    Shaun EDWARDS - An even contribution across both halves from Edwards, started as a winger and finished as an inside midfielder. Pace and endurance are the keys to his game and while his ball use can be questionable at times I thought it was pretty good today.

    Jack MAIBAUM - I thought he was okay overall, he did some good things but also struggled at times with some of the Giants topups, particularly 54 Gillespie who beat him in a few one on ones.

    Ben RONKE - First half only, played exclusively as a forward but couldn't get into the game in this role. Had a chance to soccer a goal in the first quarter after a smart centering kick by Hayward but he got his legs in a tangle and only managed a behind. Not sure why he didn't play the 2nd half.

    Tyrone LEONARDIS - Just not seeing it with Tyrone. Drafted as a running half back, he is playing out his AFL career as a medium forward who isn't skilful or clever enough to kick many goals, and his poor tackling technique means he isn't a great defensive forward either.

    Harrison MARSH - First half in defence on the likes of Tiziani and Sproule and conceded 1 goal each to those two. Second half Marsh was shifted on the ball and was a formidable presence in that role, his clearance work was clean and effective and he wont plenty of hardballs. I would rank him 2nd best to Dawson in this half.

    Michael TALIA - Just like Maibaum had his good moments but also not so good moments, but more attacking than Maibaum with the ball in hand.

    Brandon JACK - Won plenty of the ball but I wasn't as effusive about his game as the coaches obviously were. His kicking again was the main concern for me and should have really had at least 1 if not 2 goals today but couldn't convert. Started off a wing and then spent time in the middle as well as across half forward.

    Jordan DAWSON - Dawson was used as a key forward, inside midfielder and spent long periods in the 2nd half as our ruckman! He started up forward and kicked the first goal of the game after outbodying Lloyd, dropping what he should have marked but recovering quicker than his opponent and slotting the goal. 2nd goal was a more conventional mark on the lead and converting. Much quieter in the 2nd quarter but it was his second half that was the standout. His ability to get to contest after contest while in the midfield coupled with his strong hands in the forward line was a combination that the Giants couldn't deal with. Took a great contested grab from a wayward Marsh set shot for this 3rd and his 4th was a brilliant one handed attempt in the goal square that was deemed a free kick to him, but he played on anyway and goaled. His ball use was excellent in the 2nd half.

    Aliir ALIIR - Started at fullback and while his 1st quarter was on the positive side, he went missing in the second quarter. Not sure whether it was due to the Giants specifically targeting them, but Aliir and Murray who provide plenty of drive out of halfback for the NEAFL side, were non-entities in that quarter. In fact the one memorable Aliir moment was when he made a dangerous switch kick which almost resulted in a Giants goal but which was thankfully thwarted by some good AJ work. He shifted forward not long after Tippett's departure from the game and had some strong moments (including a great one handed mark on the wing) without being outstanding.

    Sam FISHER - An interesting player to follow, with his left foot and ability to play inside and outside he can remind me of Hannebery. What remains an enigma for me is his kicking, I'm not convinced he is a good kick despite a very eye catching kicking action. He was one of our better players in the first half but had little impact in the 2nd half.

    Sam MURRAY - I've been riding his bandwagon hard this year but however it just didn't click for him today. It's not to say that he didn't stop trying but the exciting, ball-carrying runs at full speed that have become his trademark were rarely sighted in this game.

    Toby PINK - Interesting stat at halftime where Pink had 8 tackles and 7 disposals. For someone playing key forward and relief ruck 8 tackles in a half is an amazing effort. It just highlights the work off the ball he does and his willingness and determination to chase and tackle the opposition. His offensive game still needs work at times but he isn't completely lost in this aspect of the game.

    Topups - MacDonald the most effective of the five with his big body and penchant for tackling but doubt he has what it takes to make it at AFL level. Wicks probably the most promising with his performances over the course of the year and was strong again in the first half. Deep found plenty of the ball as a forward in the first half. Bell good skills and quick in half back role. Lee serviceable forward.

    Giants 2.2 5.3 7.3 8.5 (53)
    Swans 4.3 7.7 12.9 16.16 (112)

    Goals: J.Dawson 4, J.Rose 3, A.Aliir 2, W.Hayward 2, J.Deep, S.Fisher, T.Pink, S.Wicks, H.Marsh
    Best: B.Jack, H.Marsh, J.Rose, J.Maibaum, J.Dawson J.Foote

    My bests: J.Dawson, J.Rose, J.Foote, H.Marsh, S.Edwards, B.Jack

    Fierstly, in the second quarter GWS were deliberately avoiding kicking to any spot Murray and Aliir were covering. Last year and earlier this year Aspley did the same with Aliir and so did NT Thunder. It is a ploy the sides use to avoid being destroyed on the rebound by two players with huge ability.

    Dawson was incredible in the third quarter and our resurgence was down to his mid work and a constructed mid effort between Dawson, Rose, Fisher, Wicks, Edwards etc. But Dawson was the cog in the machine that kick started the surge. He was also killing them when resting forward and GWS had no answer to his brilliance.

    Aliir was good in the first but as you say he and Murray went missing while GWS did everything to avoid them. But in the second half forward he always looked dangerous. His hands were very sure and his kicking for goal was reasonably good. his field kicking was also good. didn't star but played very well, a good solid hit out. his forward pressure added to Toby Pink's manic efforts caused quite a few turnovers in the second half. In fact I'd put Dawson in there too. He was directing the young blokes to position in the second half and they responded very well.

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