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Thread: Changes for Rnd 18 V St Kilda

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    Changes for Rnd 18 V St Kilda

    Out Reid, Robbo
    In. Dawson, Aliir

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    Out: Reid, Robbo, Smith
    In: Sinclair, Cunningham, Allir
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    The only changes will be those that are forced.
    So, maybe
    Out: Reid
    In: Sinclair?

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    IN: Pride
    OUT: Hate

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    Assuming Reid is out I'd just bring in Dawson and play Gary at FF.

    If Gary is out as well then we have some issues, I guess you bring in Sinkers. If this is the case then it would represent the first time I'd be wishing we had Xav on the list....

    With a bit of luck it's just Sammy and he's back before the finals

    No injuries and it's Dawson in for Robbo

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    Dawson IN, must be given a run after a string of outstanding NEAFL games. Brings a difference to the forward line and kicks long and straight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    The only changes will be those that are forced.
    So, maybe
    Out: Reid
    In: Sinclair?

    In: Allir

    Out: Reid(inj)

    Dawson unlucky but need an extra tall for balance. It would have been Tippett but body let him down again. If not Allir, would be Sinclair but Allir is much better when the ball hits the deck.

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    Not sure why we need an extra tall in, not against the Saints. If the coaches weren't keen to do so against the giant Giants (before Cameron's withdrawal) I don't see that they will against the Saints. They have Bruce and Riewoldt, and presumably they'll stick with Battle next week. A bit like Richmond (though not quite as pronounced), the Saints' forward line relies a fair bit on its fleet of quick and short/medium players - the likes of Lonie, Billings, Gresham, Long and Sinclair.

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    Out: Reid (inj), Robinson
    In: Dawson, Hayward

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    Outs - Reid, Hannas, Robinson

    Ins - Aliir, Dawson, Heywood

    Reid looked very hampered and you don't take chances with the Reid boys and soft tissue injuries. Bring in Aliir to give a contest up forward and help in the ruck.

    It was mentioned in another thread that Hannas potentially had OP. If that's the case then it's time for some time off and he can be back to impact the finals.

    I'm looking for an excuse to get Dawson into the seniors and Robinson is that excuse. Dawson is a similar size to Robinson but I think he would offer the team more attacking capability.

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    I'm not sure why everyone is calling for Robinson's head? Didn't he play on Wilson who only had it 8 times?

    If Reid is unable to play next week then I can see 3 candidates to replace him as a forward: Sinclair, Hayward, Dawson. Hayward's got more runs on the board but not in that role. Sinclair can't really mark the ball, so perhaps it's time to give Dawson a go. Can he play that role. Could Towers, given he's been rucking?

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    Surely Sinclair in for Reid for team balance. Allows Rohan to take the third best tall defender (which we can hopefully exploit), and will allow Buddy to get more 1v1 situations

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