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Thread: UNSW-ES - where has the improvement come from

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    UNSW-ES - where has the improvement come from

    A question to those close to UNSW-ES.
    Where did this years dramatic improvement come from? I don't think there was an influx of interstate recruits? Is it that the Maroubra juniors have started to flow through? I don't think anyone in Sydney AFL saw such a dramatic improvement at the top of the club. It would be great to hear from those close to the club where it has actually come from.

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    I think new coach has assisted and he is a handy player too, they ahve recruited well but their 19's coming through been good, however this and the drive from their new president (ex coach) has been very evident and this is starting to translate on the field.

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    It's a largely home-grown revival. Most of the playere who have stepped up this season played in the last couple of Under 19s Grand Finals.
    They've done exceptionally well to rise up the ladder so quickly.

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