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Thread: Round 17: Sydney Swans Reserves v NT Thunder @ SCG

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    Round 17: Sydney Swans Reserves v NT Thunder @ SCG

    NEAFL 2017 Round 17

    Sydney Swans Reserves v NT Thunder @ Sydney Cricket Ground

    Saturday 22nd July 2017
    Sydney Cricket Ground

    In Round 5 this year, the Swans travelled up to the NT and finally broke their duck with a stirring victory over the Thunder described by Coach Shaw as one of the wins under his reign. The Thunder boys will be hoping to break their own hoodoo, having never beaten us in Sydney.

    The Swans senior team has been rightly praised for their amazing run winning 9 of their past 10 games, but the NEAFL team have easily eclipsed that feat with 13 straight victories. The closest margin in that time was in fact the away win over the Thunder which finished at a 24 point margin.

    The Thunder have had an up and down year so far, having to adjust to a new senior coach and an influx of new young players. Surprisingly, 4 of their 5 losses have come at home, which until this year was regarded as the toughest away trip in the NEAFL. However on the back of 3 straight victories they will fancy their chances of causing an upset against a strong Swans lineup.

    NEAFL Ladder
    3Sydney Uni13103001367972140.64%40
    4NT Thunder14950013611140119.39%36
    5Gold Coast14770013721162118.07%28

    Recent Form
    R1Brisbane LionsAwayLoss85111
    R5NT ThunderAwayWin10884
    R6Brisbane LionsHomeWin10265
    R8Sydney UniAwayWin11346
    R9Gold CoastHomeWin12032
    R13Sydney UniAwayWin10664
    R15Gold Coast SunsHomeWin13629

    NT Thunder
    R2Brisbane LionsAwayLoss75101
    R5Sydney SwansHomeLoss84108
    R7Gold Coast SunsHomeWin9060
    R10Sydney UniHomeLoss42110

    Swans Reserves 4
    NT Thunder 5

    Past Meetings
    Round 5 @ TIO Stadium
    NT Thunder4.36.310.313.684
    GoalsJ.Mapleson 3, T.Pink 2, S.Harlen 2, T.Leonardis 2, D.Cameron, H.Carr, J.Dawson, O.Florent, M.Lower, W.Gowers, C.O'Riordan
    BestD.Towers, T.Pink, O.Florent, A.Aliir, H.MacDonald, J.Dawson

    Round 20 @ TIO Stadium
    NT Thunder2.26.611.714.892
    GoalsJ.Rose 2, S.Murray, B.McGlynn, J.Dawson, M.Wilson, N.Newman, N.Reinhard
    BestB.McGlynn, J.Laidler, D.Baron-Hay, J.Rose, T.Derickx, H.Marsh

    Round 14 @ Sydney Cricket Ground
    NT Thunder3.
    GoalsX.Richards 3, C.McFadden 2, T.Papley 2, J.Dawson 2, M.Wilson 2, J.Foote 2, S.Naismith 2, J.Hiscox, K.Galloway, N.Newman, A.Baker
    BestA.Aliir, J.Foote, J.Hiscox, C.O'Riordan, B.Jack, T.Nankervis

    Last game
    GoalsJ.Dawson 4, J.Rose 3, A.Aliir 2, W.Hayward 2, J.Deep, S.Fisher, T.Pink, S.Wicks, H.Marsh
    BestB.Jack, H.Marsh, J.Rose, J.Maibaum, J.Dawson, J.Foote

    NT Thunder4.210.513.1014.1397
    GoalsF.Kinthari 3, D.Ewing 3, B.Schwarze 2, N.Yarran 2, J.Shannahan, R.Tambling, B.McLean, D.Ferreira
    BestS.Smith, H.Drogemuller, C.Ilett, N.Yarran, M.Rosier, J.Peris

    Team List
    Listed players
    1James ROSE132714Kicked 3+ goals and in bests in the previous 3 games.
    2Alex JOHNSON310Played in defence last week.
    6Jordan FOOTE10614His first half last week was praised by Shaw for keeping us in the game
    8Kurt TIPPETT477 
    9Will HAYWARD120Taken off after the 1st half last week. Senior emergency
    11Jeremy LAIDLER10324Sat out last week as a senior emergency. Senior emergency
    13Oliver FLORENT5819Missed last week's game with a foot injury suffered at training.
    21Jack MAIBAUM14010 
    25Ben RONKE676Like Hayward, only played the first half
    30Tyrone LEONARDIS1390 
    31Harrison MARSH617 
    32Michael TALIA13112 
    33Brandon JACK131235Senior emergency
    34Jordan DAWSON102527 
    36Aliir ALIIR10912Started in defence and finished as a forward
    45Sam FISHER131513 
    46Sam MURRAY13818 
    47Toby PINK14168Looks likely to backup Tippett in the ruck again.

    In: Laidler, Florent
    Out: Shaun EDWARDS (?)

    O'Riordan was a mystery out last week but has popped up on the injury list as having an ankle injury and out for 1-2 weeks. I expect we will find out the reason for Edwards's omission in a similar manner.

    I suspect that BJ might be the sacrificial senior emergency given the other two Laidler and Hayward played one half of footy between them last week.

    In terms of structures, I wouldn't expect too many changes from last week but Shaw doesn't mind shuffling the magnets around on the whiteboard. Laidler's return to the side might allow Aliir or Maibaum to start forward, and Florent should take Edwards's role in the midfield.

    Academy Players/Topups
    50Jake BROWN310 
    51James BELL100 
    53Sam BARKLEY611 
    55Michael CARROLL000NEAFL debut
    48Josh STERN100Emergency
    52Harrison CARR480Emergency
    59Jared OSBORNE420Emergency

    In: Brown, Barkley, Carroll
    Jared DEEP, Cooper LEE, Hamish MacDONALD, Sam WICKS

    From the Swans website: Carroll is "a key position player who can play at either end of the ground, but he's probably predominantly been used down back. He's a very good one-on-one player who takes a good mark". He stands at 191cm and weighs 85kg and only turned 18 in June.

    PlayerGamesAvg. Kicks
    Harry CUNNINGHAM119.0
    Nic NEWMAN218.5
    Jordan DAWSON1018.1
    Shaun EDWARDS1115.3
    Sam MURRAY1313.9

    PlayerGamesAvg. Handballs
    Daniel ROBINSON514.8
    Brandon JACK1314.7
    Oliver FLORENT513.8
    Sam FISHER1313.4
    Harrison MARSH612.5

    PlayerGamesAvg. Disposals
    Nic NEWMAN230.5
    Jordan DAWSON1028.7
    Brandon JACK1327.5
    Oliver FLORENT527.0
    Harry CUNNINGHAM125.0

    PlayerGamesAvg. Marks
    Jeremy LAIDLER107.8
    Jordan DAWSON107.7
    Nic NEWMAN27.5
    Aliir ALIIR106.9
    Kurt TIPPETT46.3

    PlayerGamesAvg. Tackles
    Jordan FOOTE107.4
    Jarrad McVEIGH17.0
    Jordan DAWSON106.1
    Hamish MacDONALD85.5
    Daniel ROBINSON55.2

    PlayerGamesAvg. Hitouts
    Kurt TIPPETT427.8
    Callum SINCLAIR325.3
    Darcy CAMERON924.6
    Liam MAZE58.2
    Toby PINK142.2

    PlayerGamesAvg. Clearances
    Daniel ROBINSON56.0
    Jarrad McVEIGH16.0
    Jordan DAWSON104.9
    Dean TOWERS34.7
    Kurt TIPPETT44.3

    Inside 50s
    PlayerGamesAvg. Inside 50s
    Harry CUNNINGHAM17.0
    Gary ROHAN26.5
    Dean TOWERS35.7
    Brandon JACK135.3
    Callum SINCLAIR35.0

    Rebound 50s
    PlayerGamesAvg. Rebound 50s
    Nic NEWMAN25.5
    Jeremy LAIDLER104.5
    Aliir ALIIR103.4
    Michael TALIA133.4
    Colin O'RIORDAN133.2

    PlayerGamesTotal Goals
    James ROSE1327
    Jordan DAWSON1025
    Toby PINK1416
    Sam FISHER1315
    Brandon JACK1312

    Coaches Votes
    PlayerGamesTotal Votes
    Brandon JACK1335
    Jordan DAWSON1027
    Jeremy LAIDLER1024
    Oliver FLORENT519
    Sam MURRAY1318

    NEAFL MVP Votes
    PlayerGamesTotal Votes
    Jordan DAWSON1057
    Oliver FLORENT527
    Brandon JACK1327
    Jeremy LAIDLER1025
    Callum SINCLAIR320

    NT Thunder
    B:26. Sam SMITH28. Tom DAVIES52. Coen HUTT
    HB:21. Daniel WEETRA45. Neil VEA VEA32. Kyle EMERY
    C:19. Braedon McLEAN15. Matt ROSIER30. Sam TALBOT
    HF:49. Francis KINTHARI42. Daniel RUSSELL11. Nick YARRAN
    F:44. Adam SAMBONO2. Darren EWING41. Beau SCHWARZE
    Foll:9. Tony OLANGO16. Cameron ILETT1. Michael COOMBES
    Int:12. Jonathan PERIS39. Scott McLEOD36. Matthew BRICKNELL
     46. Joshua CHEEK18. Jack SHANNAHAN 
    Emg:50. Marcus VALASTRO33. Justin COOPER 

    In: Bricknell, Cheek, Coombes, Hutt, Kinthari, McLeod, Russell, Sambono
    Out: Abraham ANKERS (unavailable), Hugh DROGEMULLER (injured), Jared ERLANDSON (injured), David FERREIRA (unavailable), Shannon RIOLI (unavailable), Jake ROE-DUGGAN (injured), Ryan SMITH (unavailble), Richard TAMBLING (injured),

    NT Thunder captain Cam Ilett announced earlier this week that he would be retiring at the end of the season. He has been a leading figure not just for the Thunder football club but also in the NEAFL. Currently leading the NEAFL MVP voting with just 4 games to go, he is bowing out at the top of his game.

    The Thunder's chances are hurt by a few injuries and a spate of unavailability to key players. Ankers is their primary inside midfielder who leads their side in disposals, contested possessions, clearances and 2nd for inside 50s. Rioli is a creative small forward who leads their inside 50 count and also is number in score assists.

    The return of Sambono significantly boosts their forward line, and in combination with Ewing forms the NEAFL's most potent attacking duo. Ewing looks likely to win yet another NEAFL goalkicking title, with his 50 goals 14 ahead of 2nd placed Jackson Paine of Redland. Sambono has attracted significant interest from AFL clubs, earning a special dispensation to join the Allies U18 squad despite being 2 years older than most of the draft pool.

    Maibaum had the task on Ewing in Round 5, and adjusted well after being beaten by the wily veteran in their first few contests. From memory Sambono was marked by a topup player and kicked 4 goals. I wouldn't mind seeing how Murray could fare against him, or perhaps Aliir could show his versatility by playing on a smaller forward

    The presence of one T.Olango in the ruck is sure to excite at least one poster.

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    Good to see Brown back. Wonder how many hawthorn supporters will be watching to see how Olango performs. This game will most likely be replayed on NITV some time during the week.

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    Ugg, why do you reckon my boy Dawson isn't even an emergency for the seniors? Is it because they want him to have a second full game after missing three?

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    Glad to see there is a live stream - will be nice to watch the game as a warm up to the main contest later in the night (would prefer to be at the ground but can't be )

    The game between the two teams earlier in the year was a great game of footy - hopefully a repeat is on the cards tomorrow.
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    I'd be interested in hearing reserves watchers current thoughts on Foote's progress. I think he received a bit of an unfair grilling at the beginning of the year. I felt in hindsight that he'd been thrown to the wolves. It would have been hard for a fringe player to find their way during those initial games at the start of the season. Too many key players out injured, and the general form of the team wanting. Harder for an emerging player to shine under those conditions. I suspect it would be significantly easier for him to find his feet (so to speak) if he found himself in the seniors at this stage of the season.
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    Any chance, oh revered ressie watchers, that you could keep an eye out on Dawson's direct opponent and his effectiveness against the Swans?
    C'mon Chels!

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    Jack out Stern in

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    On the NEAFL site it says Edwards is injured. Thanks once again Ugg. Will be at the SCG to see this game. Must be mad in this weather, ffffreezing brrrrr.

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    Halftime Swans 8.13 (61) Thunder 2.4
    Goals: Tippett 3 Hayward 3 Dawson Rose

    Dominated that second quarter but profligate in front of goal.

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    Is Carroll Dennis Carrolls son?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Levii3 View Post
    Is Carroll Dennis Carrolls son?
    Ow Wayne's?

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