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Thread: GWS women want to play on SCG.

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    GWS women want to play on SCG.

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    The article does read a little like the journo has asked "how about the SCG?" to get a "sure, why not?" response- it's not in the quick list of sites that is rattled off a little later so for now I'd say Drummoyne is the closest planned venue.

    If the Swans don't have a team in the competition then I don't really see an issue with GWS playing wherever they want to around the city.
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    Not likely to happen.
    I can't see the SCG Trust letting them play when the cricket is on.
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    North Sydney Oval or Drummoyne would also work but cricket commitments are an issue at both venues I believe

    Just goes to show that the Swans really need a new facility before we even think about an AFLW team, something like the Lions' planned facility would be nice

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