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Thread: Match Day Thread Rnd 19 Hawthorn V Sydney. MCG. 19.50 pm.

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    I was prepared to give up completely on Foote after his earlier efforts in the year. Sinkers proved me wrong last week, here's hoping that Jordan does the same to me this week. Dawson must be livid.

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    A couple of outs but we'll be fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by goswannies View Post
    A couple of outs but we'll be fine
    Lets hope so GS.

    As your user name says - go Swannies!!!
    "You get the feeling that like Monty Python's Black Knight, the Swans would regard amputation as merely a flesh wound."

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    I'm pretty sick of the Hawks having our measure. Time for Foote and Robbo to put their hands up if they want to be more than just fringe players.

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    The only ouit I wanted to see was Stevic. Now got two players I don't rate in there, this is going to be close now!

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    No excuses this is our night Swans by 32

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    Clunkers strikes. Spoke too soon about the finish

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    Iron Hands Sinclair

    - - - Updated - - -

    Noice Hayward

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    Sinclair! His marking has improved out of sight. What has happened? His kicking is still the same however.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Paps on Mitch.

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    Papley appears to be tagging Mitchell. Bruce creaming his pants already over Burgoyne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faunac8 View Post
    No excuses this is our night Swans by 32
    Crikey. Calling it 2min into the game?

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    Burgoyne needs to be tagged, he always punishes us.

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