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Thread: AFLIC 2017

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    AFLIC 2017

    All the International cup games streamed live here.....

    Terrific to watch the developing nations playing our game. There are some good players amongst them too.

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    A little personal angle to the International Cup.

    We have a small group here in the "other" Sydney playing a form of footy as I have mentioned on here before. Well, despite our group not having a regular schedule or league to play in (there are several organized leagues in Canada), the captain and founder of our group made the Canadian team. He played for the first time in Canada's second game, a game they won against Great Britain. He was super thrilled because there has been a lot of dedication to make it to that moment, in many ways. Keeping in great shape, practicing the game and lots of financial resources to travel to camps and to the IC itself.

    A story about him - Chris Bourque - in our local paper can be read below:

    Bourque credits Sydney Giants teammates for helping him make national team

    Forgive the GWS jumpers but they are the "sponsor" of our team. I am in the picture to the picture's right of Chris, who is in the middle.

    A lot of work goes into the IC17 teams making the trek to Melbourne. I have had a closer view of this as in March I took a position as treasurer of AFL Canada. My small involvement in Team Canada has made me even a bigger fan of this great sport.

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