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Thread: Bye Bye Jesse

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    On the BF Collingwood board they were actually quite dignified about JW. Good for them.

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    (Sigh...) Tried Jessie in the ruck but it didn't work. Tried him as a forward but he used to give away 50 metre penalties at will and never had a strong 'feel' for the game. Many RWOers were pleased he went to Collingwood, including me. All in all he did the best he could. He achieved more at AFL level than most of us put together. Good on him.

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    How much would he have made out of the game ? 2 mill ? If anywhere near that can't feel sorry for him ! Good on him.

    Now he has to work for a living like the rest of us !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faunac8 View Post
    Unless a player has left the Swans in acrimonious circumstances I always believe that they have played a part in developing our club to be what it is today.
    As such I am always predisposed to wishing them well treating them with respect and remembering them as an ex Swan.
    Travel well on the next stage of your journey Jesse
    +1. I think that's a very sound approach.

    There are many players that don't realise their potential. However you can't be a dud and play 100+ games. I remember his very exciting patch of games filling in as BBH's replacement. Shame that wasn't the norm.

    I met Jesse a few years back. Seemed a very decent bloke. His nephews have both played in my son's soccer team, though one has now moved on to RL.
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    Farewell Jesse. I remember the year you helped get us into the finals, and were then omitted in favour of Bradshaw who lasted about a quarter. I also remember that you rucked and did well at it, gradually improving in the reserves, enough for promotion. But then we needed a goal kicker, so our promising ruckman was put up forward, once again improving into a very promising full forward. But then we got Barry Hall and it was back into the ruck. But by then we had another promising ruckman (Pyke) or three and so it went on. I always enjoyed watching you play and your gentle nature on and off the field. I even started watching Collingwood to see you play. I also loved how you were always the first to congratulate a fellow goal scorer, and that photo of you and Jared Moore was hysterically funny. Thank you for your contribution to the Swans and the good example that you set for younger players. I wish you well in your future endeavours.

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