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Thread: Swans search for young blind fan from Blues game

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    Swans search for young blind fan from Blues game

    The Huffington Post today reports that there was a young boy giving detailed commentary to his younger blind brother at the Blues game. The Swans say they have no luck tracking them down so I thought this would be a perfect search ground. Apparently they were in the Noble Stand, Bay 45 and both were keen Swans fans but their father had a Carlton scarf. Someone said they may have been in Row VV or the row in front.

    Anyone here know more?

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    What a great kid. There is also a young (early 20s) GWS fan, who I understand has an intellectual disability, and comes to their games
    at Spotless by himself, who commentates the entire game to anyone within earshot. His commentary is slightly one-sided, but always
    good natured and he too knows his stuff.

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