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Thread: Name the Swans Team of 150 Years

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    As someone who saw my first game at South probably in 1950 ... the bottom line is that it is impossible to do justice to the whole span of our history ... the team of the century had a criteria but could not really compare players accurately. At least in 2025 there will be a fairly clear 50 year team that can be compared statistically, with people who most have seen, or can watch in replays. Even then it will still be a mix of those who would work (perhaps even on a Saturday morning) full time ... and those who don't "work" at all apart from training and playing ... nevertheless reasonable allowances can be made. I am happy to wait for that team at near 80 then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueSwan View Post
    What about a team made up of those the played less than, say, 25 games for the Swans then?
    I'll start with Luke Vogels on CHF line and Nankervis or Mark Seaby in the ruck?
    I'd take Ricky Mott over Seaby

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    Surely criteria needs to be specified? AA (not Aliir Aliir, Ludwig), premierships, and Brownlows as a starting point?
    C'mon Chels!

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