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Thread: Changes for elimination final v Essendon, Saturday 9 September

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    Melican a late out and Cunningham in. A tall for a small. Interesting that Aliir wasn't picked...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ernie koala View Post
    In a final....When pressure and intensity is ramped up

    Please ...Newman ahead of Towers....Surely.

    When the intensity is up, Towers goes missing. When the pressure is up, Towers stuffs up.

    As for which is the best ruck combo...Naismith/ Sinclair, Naismith/ Tippett, Sinclair Tippett....It's as clear as mud...Unfortunately there is no stand out combination.
    I suppose Towers stuffed up a lot today then with three goals and one behind...... You're entitled to your opinion, but I think you are wrong about Dean!

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    Deano played a very good game.

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