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Thread: Grand Final: Sydney Swans Reserves v Brisbane Lions Reserves @ SCG

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    Quote Originally Posted by liz View Post
    Are the emergencies not just listed in alphabetical order? I don't think you can read anything into who is most likely to come into the team, if needed.
    I've found that the Swans's emergencies have been in alphabetical order this year, but not for other teams. But I agree with you I don't think it indicates any preference.

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    NEAFL 2017 Grand Final

    Sydney Swans Reserves v Brisbane Lions Reserves @ Sydney Cricket Ground

    Saturday 9th September 2017
    Sydney Cricket Ground

    The Swans will be after their first NEAFL flag on Saturday night when they will line up for their 4rd NEAFL Grand Final in 5 years. The Swans have fallen agonisingly short in their previous 3 Grand Finals, with the greatest losing margin being just 8 points.

    In 2013, they travelled to Brisbane who fielded a stronger lineup with more listed players. Despite a great overall effort and a great individual effort by future Saint Tim Membrey with goals, the Lions were that llittle bit better on the day and won 81-73

    In 2014 they went down to the Aspley Hornets in Queensland by 2 points when a dubious free kick late in the 4th quarter resulted in a winning kick after the siren.

    In 2016, the Swans were involved in a tremendous tussle with the Giants out at Blacktown only to go down by 4 points. An unfortunate slip by the retiring Teddy Richards in the goal square allowed future Bomber James Stewart to kick the easiest of winning goals.

    With this game scheduled after the senior game, this allows all 3 emergencies to play and has resulted in a extremely strong squad of 22 listed players in a squad of 23 named. Darcy Cameron and Robbie Fox will be the only 2 players on the Swans list that will not take part in either the seniors or NEAFL game this weekend.

    The Lions bring in 3 listed players to join the limited 16 that beat Sydney Uni last week to give them a total of 19 listed players.

    The Lions are the only team to have defeated the Swans this year, winning 2 of the 3 matchups.

    NEAFL Ladder
    3Sydney Uni181440019481278152.43%56
    4Gold Coast181080017671528115.64%40
    5NT Thunder18108001632167397.55%40

    Recent Form
    R1Brisbane LionsAwayLoss85111
    R5NT ThunderAwayWin10884
    R6Brisbane LionsHomeWin10265
    R8Sydney UniAwayWin11346
    R9Gold CoastHomeWin12032
    R13Sydney UniAwayWin10664
    R15Gold Coast SunsHomeWin13629
    R17NT ThunderHomeWin17428
    R19Brisbane LionsAwayLoss109128
    R21Gold CoastAwayWin15083
    PFGold CoastHomeWin14274

    Brisbane Lions
    R1Sydney SwansHomeWin11185
    R2NT ThunderAwayWin10175
    R4Gold Coast SunsAwayWin10964
    R6Sydney SwansAwayLoss65102
    R11Gold Coast SunsHomeWin8580
    R14Sydney UniAwayWin13267
    R19Sydney SwansHomeWin128109
    R20Gold Coast SunsHomeLoss104111
    PFSydney UniHomeWin11583

    Swans Reserves 14
    Lions Reserves 6

    Past Meetings
    Round 19 @ 'Gabba
    Brisbane Lions5.49.814.1219.14128
    GoalsJ.Rose 6, D.Robinson, B.Ronke, J.Dawson, B.Jack, S.Fisher, T.Pink, A.Aliir, J.Foote, J.Maibaum
    BestJ.Rose, D.Robinson, J.Dawson, J.Foote, H.Cunningham

    Round 6 @ SCG
    Brisbane Lions4.25.46.1410.565
    GoalsS.Murray 2, J.Dawson 2, S.Fisher 2, J.Foote, W.Gowers, D.Cameron, J.Mapleson, B.Jack, H.MacDonald, N.Newman, T.Leonardis, C.O'Riordan
    BestN.Newman, S.Murray, J.Mapleson, D.Cameron, J.Maibaum, J.Foote

    Round 1 @ Blacktown
    Brisbane Lions3.38.413.817.9111
    GoalsJ.Rose 3, J.Dawson 3, C.Sinclair 2, D.Cameron 2, W.Gowers, J.Foote
    BestB.Jack, J.Maibaum, J.Dawson, J.Rose, S.Edwards, C.O'Riordan

    Round 19 @ Blacktown
    Brisbane Lions1.
    GoalsN.Reinhard 4, S.Murray 4, J.Rose 2, B.Davis 2, N.Newman 2, T.Richards 2, J.Brown, J.Dawson, M.Wilson, K.Galloway, R.Hebron, J.Hiscox, L.Robertson, B.McGlynn
    BestC.O'Riordan, N.Newman, B.McGlynn, S.Murray, T.Derickx, J.Laidler

    Round 5 @ Coorparoo
    Brisbane Lions3.
    GoalsD.Towers 5, M.Wilson 5, J.Rose 3, N.Reinhard 3, C.McFadden, G.Rohan, B.Jack, S.Murray
    BestD.Towers, H.Marsh, J.Foote, L.Melican, J.Rose, X.Richards

    Round 1 @ Burpengary
    Brisbane Lions1.
    GoalsM.Wilson 5, A.Davis 3, J.Dawson 3, J.Rose 3, J.Hiscox 2, T.Nankervis 2, L.Behagg 2, K.Galloway 2, B.McGlynn, R.Hebron, N.Reinhard
    BestH.Marsh, J.Foote, N.Newman, M.Wilson, A.Davis, J.Dawson

    Last game
    Gold Coast Suns2.12.35.611.874
    GoalsJ.Rose 4, S.Edwards 4, O.Florent 2, H.Cunningham 2, J.Dawson 2, S.Fisher 2, S.Wicks, B.Ronke, T.Pink, M.Talia, D.Robinson
    BestJ.Rose, B.Jack, T.Leonardis, A.Aliir, D.Robinson, S.Fisher

    Brisbane Lions6.211.1014.1616.19115
    Sydney Uni0.15.110.412.1183
    GoalsJ.Freeman 3, R.Bewick 2, M.Hammelmann 2, J.Clayton 2, O.McInerney 2, B.Sloan, C.Lyons, M.Close, R.Dadds, L.O'Sullivan
    BestC.Beams, C.Cox, O.McInerney, R.Bewick. M.Eagles, A.Smith

    Team List
    Listed players
    1James ROSE184629Excellent 2nd half of the season, kicking 29 goals in the last 8 games and only missing out being named in the Best Players once in that time.
    2Alex JOHNSON810Sat out the last quarter against the Suns with his left shoulder iced.
    6Jordan FOOTE14822Did a solid tagging job on Mitch Hallahan
    7Harry CUNNINGHAM5611Seniors emergency. Played mainly as a midfielder against the Suns
    8Kurt TIPPETT5129Last NEAFL game was in July where he kicked 5 goals against the NT.
    9Will HAYWARD283Will only be his 3rd NEAFL game of the year but has kicked multiple goals in both of those games.
    11Jeremy LAIDLER15324Will have to play tall against Brisbane's giant forward line, a change from the shorter forwards he usually lines up on in the NEAFL.
    13Oliver FLORENT101320Has played the last 5 NEAFL games, but hasn't been as dominant as his earlier NEAFL performances earlier this year.
    19Shaun EDWARDS15199Has found a new position as a deep lying forward, kicking 4 goals each in the last 2 games.
    21Jack MAIBAUM19110Kept Jarrad Grant goalless, and will have another big task this week.
    25Ben RONKE11136Playing a high half forward role, will have a crucial role in limiting the Lions' rebound.
    27Dan ROBINSON9922Seniors emergency. Since being dropped from the senior team, has played 4 NEAFL games and been in the Best Players in all 4 games.
    30Tyrone LEONARDIS18134His last 2 weeks have been his best this year by far.
    31Harrison MARSH11215Did a great job marshalling the defence as well as playing on talls and smalls.
    32Michael TALIA18312A late, late season move up forward (a la Xavier Richards) to give our forward line some structure and he has played well in this new role.
    33Brandon JACK171440Out of contract, likely to be his final game for the Swans. Has been a dominant player in the NEAFL during that time.
    34Jordan DAWSON143439Had more time as a forward last week than usual. Amazingly has kicked a goal in all 14 of his games this year.
    36Aliir ALIIR151621Seniors emergency. Resumed his usual role as a full-time defender after stints as a ruck-forward.
    38Colin O'RIORDAN15410Missed the last Lions game and we terribly missed his run and carry in that match.
    45Sam FISHER182520Going for his second straight NEAFL premiership after winning it last year with the Giants as a topup.
    46Sam MURRAY17818Struggled against the Lions in R19 and will be looking to redeem himself.
    47Toby PINK19228Will provide ruck support for Tippett.

    In: Tippett, Hayward
    Out: Sam NAISMITH (seniors)

    Talia has been providing a much needed focal point in the last 2 rounds, but with Hayward's inclusion could possibly return to help deal with Brisbane's talls. While Hayward is not your traditional tall forward, his hard leads and strong hands mean he could perform such a role.

    Tippett obviously replaces Naismith in the ruck but there is unlikely to be too many other structural changes with Edwards flourishing as a deeper forward

    Academy Players/Topups
    55Jarrod OSBORNE620 
    48Sam WICKS10131Emergency
    52Harry CARR6120Emergency
    53Sam BARKLEY811Emergency

    Sam WICKS

    Osborne gets the nod over Wicks probably for his ability to fill in forward and back.

    PlayerGamesAvg. Kicks
    Nic NEWMAN218.5
    Jordan DAWSON1417.3
    James ROSE1813.9
    Shaun EDWARDS1513.6
    Sam MURRAY1713.4

    PlayerGamesAvg. Handballs
    Daniel ROBINSON917.8
    Brandon JACK1714.9
    Sam FISHER1812.9
    Dean TOWERS312.00
    Nic NEWMAN212.00

    PlayerGamesAvg. Disposals
    Nic NEWMAN230.5
    Jordan DAWSON1428.5
    Brandon JACK1727.5
    Dan ROBINSON927.2
    Dean TOWERS324.0

    PlayerGamesAvg. Marks
    Jordan DAWSON147.9
    Nic NEWMAN27.5
    Kurt TIPPETT57.0
    Aliir ALIIR156.7
    Jeremy LAIDLER156.5

    PlayerGamesAvg. Tackles
    Jarrad McVEIGH17.0
    Jordan FOOTE146.1
    Jordan DAWSON145.7
    Hamish MacDONALD85.5
    Daniel ROBINSON95.0

    PlayerGamesAvg. Hitouts
    Sam NAISMITH140.0
    Kurt TIPPETT527.0
    Callum SINCLAIR325.3
    Darcy CAMERON924.6
    Liam MAZE67.5

    PlayerGamesAvg. Clearances
    Daniel ROBINSON96.6
    Jarrad McVEIGH16.0
    Jordan DAWSON144.9
    Dean TOWERS34.7
    Kurt TIPPETT54.2

    Inside 50s
    PlayerGamesAvg. Inside 50s
    Gary ROHAN26.5
    Sam NAISMITH16.0
    Dean TOWERS35.7
    Brandon JACK175.5
    Callum SINCLAIR35.0

    Rebound 50s
    PlayerGamesAvg. Rebound 50s
    Nic NEWMAN25.5
    Jeremy LAIDLER153.9
    Lewis MELICAN33.0
    Michael TALIA182.9
    Colin O'RIORDAN152.9

    PlayerGamesTotal Goals
    James ROSE1846
    Jordan DAWSON1434
    Sam FISHER1825
    Toby PINK1922
    Shaun EDWARDS1519

    Coaches Votes
    PlayerGamesTotal Votes
    Brandon JACK1740
    Jordan DAWSON1439
    James ROSE1829
    Jeremy LAIDLER1524
    Daniel ROBINSON922

    NEAFL MVP Votes
    PlayerGamesTotal Votes
    Jordan DAWSON1372
    Oliver FLORENT927
    Brandon JACK1627
    James ROSE1727
    Jeremy LAIDLER1425

    Brisbane Lions Reserves (listed players in bold)
    B:42. Mitch HINGE41. Matt EAGLES59. Jack PAYNE
    HB:47. Reuben WILLIAM20. Cedric COX24. Liam DAWSON
    C:19. Josh CLAYTON16. Jarrad JANSEN8. Rohan BEWICK
    HF:34. Jono FREEMAN60. Connor BALLENDEN37. Jacob ALLISON
    F:40. Matthew HAMMELMANN33. Michael CLOSE39. Corey LYONS
    Foll:44. Archie SMITH1. Ben KEAYS17. Claye BEAMS
    Int:46. Oscar McINERNEY54. Luke O'SULLIVAN53. Campbell WALKER
     48. Blake GREWAR11. Cian HANLEY 
    Emg:52. Jack CLAYTON55. Ben SLOAN50. Ryan DADDS

    In: Allison, Grewar, Hanley, Ballenden
    Out: Jack CLAYTON, Ryan DADDS, Ben SLOAN

    Possible matchups:

    • Tippett/Pink v Smith/McInerney

    In the Round 19 clash, the Swans went in without a recognised ruckman with Toby Pink struggling against Smith and McInerney's dominance. They even tried running with no ruckman during the 2nd quarter with some limited success. Aliir rucked most of the 2nd half. With Tippett in the side it gives the Swans a chance to break even at the hitouts. Smith has had 6 AFL games this year and McInerney has had an outstanding debut NEAFL season being named in the NEAFL team of the year as well as winning the Lions NEAFL B&F award.

    • Foote v Beams

    Foote had the run with role on Mitch Hallahan last week and did a good job for 3 quarters. In the Round 19 clash Beams had 4 clearances and 6 inside 50s and generated many Lions scoring opportunities. He was best on ground in their preliminary final with 38 disposals, 9 marks, 11 inside 50s and 3 clearances. Keeping him quiet will be one of the Swans's goals for the day.

    • Maibaum/Aliir/Marsh v Hammelmann/Freeman/Close

    The Lions forwards were dominant against the Swans in Round 19, with the 128 points they scored they highest the Swans have conceded this season. In particular the 3 talls had the better of their opponents, taking 18 marks and kicking 9 goals between them. Maibaum, Alliir and Marsh are likely to get first crack at them, with Johnson and Talia the other options.

    • Dawson v Jansen

    Both big bodied midfielders (Dawson 190cm Jansen 193cm) likely to go head to head against each other. Jansen is their leading tackler for the year (avg 5.59) and will look to use his size to limit Dawson's impact at the contest.

    • Edwards v Cox

    Cox is an exciting speedy player who can provide the Lions with plenty of drive from their back half. Edwards has the speed to match Cox and his potency in front of goal could cause Cox issues in defence.

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    Ugg its your last pre game post for the year, and I want to say I have enjoyed them all. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by barracuda View Post
    Ugg its your last pre game post for the year, and I want to say I have enjoyed them all. Thanks
    What happens if there is a tie ?

    The fish is right, thanks for all the preview and reviews.
    Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way you'll be a mile away and he'll be shoeless.

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    Yes, well done on the effort, and next year, if you want to change the name of the thread to The Ugg Report, I don't think anyone would mind.

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    Thanks Ugg

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    A magnificent job ugg- a warm thank you.
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    Ugg, once again, a job well done.
    I so admire your enthusiasm.
    Wild speculation, unsubstantiated rumours, silly jokes and opposition delight in another's failures is what makes an internet forum fun.
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones who let in the light.

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    Great write up every week and much awaited "the official" post match reports when you manage to get to games.

    I like others deeply appreciate the work and effort you put into this vital part of our great club - the ressies.

    So hoping we can finally nail one in front of what should be a decent sized and very pro Swans crows. Cheers Ugg

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    Particularly good pre-match report. Thanks for all your great contributions and oracular services over the year!

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    Who is staying for the GF? I probably will have trouble navigating my way to the members area from the Trumper stand, but will get there in the end.

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