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Thread: Season Review: #22 Towers

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    2012 is a weird draft. Although it looks very thin on the ground for good quality AFL players, Sydney were able to secure Rampe and Lloyd in that year's rookie draft (and also took Naismith, Robinson and X in that rookie draft - though in those cases it is more obvious why they were still available as rookies. West Coast also drafted Sinclair as a rookie that year.)

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    I wonder whether Stevie J will be a good influence on Towers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billericay View Post
    I was never a big Ben Mathews fan
    C'mon Chels!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markwebbos View Post
    I wonder whether Stevie J will be a good influence on Towers?
    How do you mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cainit View Post
    Infront of Paul Bevan, Jed Lamb, Patrick Vespremi and Mitch Morton easily the biggest spud ever to wear the Red + White. Thank god he is mature age and wont have to bear him for too long.
    I wonder did you even see the season or just listen to the radio? He was very good this season. He played his role well and set up quite a bit of our play. Not only that he did some very good stopping jobs. You might not like him but i liked one thing, in the Cats game when most of our players were @@@@ and had given up, this bloke never stopped trying.

    Oh and Mitch Morton was areally good player who didn't change his game when the game dictated. But he learned with us and played in a premiership which was the plan. The guy could kick goals.

    As for Paul Bevan, he was a really good solid player, not a star of course, but a generally reliable player and clubman.
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