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Thread: Season Review: #24 Ramps

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    Season Review: #24 Ramps

    Season Review: #24 Ramps

    A great season for Dane. I mean who else can wear a Swans robe like he does. I s'pose Buddy comes close.

    Oh man, how much did we miss Ramps at the start of the season? Unfortunately his accident could be seen as a reason we didn't get the double chance at the end of the season (which, in hindsight, we really could've done with)
    The rest of the season proved how good a footballer he is and how much stronger our backline, and team, are with him.
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    A genuinely classy player. I hope he can avoid any further temptations to jump.
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    Not his best season, but my favourite player in a crowded field. I love the way he gives all for the team. And, of course, his sense of style!

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