I thought it might be time to start this discussion here rather than continuing in other threads.

I reckon we will see the following as our best 22:

B: Nick Smith, Heath Grundy, Dane Rampe
HB: Jake Lloyd, Lewis Melican, Zak Jones
C: Dan Hannebery, Josh Kennedy, Callum Mills
HF: Isaac Heeney, Sam Reid, Oliver Florent
F: Will Hayward, Lance Franklin, Tom Papley
R: Kurt Tippett, Luke Parker, George Hewett

I: Nic Newman, Aliir Aliir, Jordan Dawson, Matt Ling

I think McVeigh and Jack will be semi-regular members of the team but I do think that we will try to get more speed and run in via Florent and one of our new draftees in Ling. I have been a fan of Towers but he becomes depth player. Toss a coin between Tippett, Sinclair, and Naismith.