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Thread: 2018 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    Only if fit
    We all know talls break down regularly
    Hence the plan b,c,d

    - - - Updated - - -

    Towers Leaps 85 plus from memory

    That counters a Ruck who might leap 50cm max unless nic nat

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    If all ruckmen are fit, and towers was playing 2nd ruck, then means or ruckman based recruiting over the last few years has been a costly mistake.
    I don't think there is a problem having four rucks (as we did this year) but I agree having four quality rucks is overinvestment if we are only going to play one in our best 22. If we are playing two rucks, then it's fine.

    Now we have recruited Amartey too, although not clear whether he should be counted as a ruckman. At least he is an inexpensive rookie project. Maybe he could turn into a tall utility who is used as back-up ruckman.

  3. #39 has posted the 2018 free agency list: Bumper free agency crop looming in 2018 -

    Richard Douglas
    David Mackay
    Andy Otten
    Rory Sloane
    Brodie Smith
    Brisbane Lions
    Rohan Bewick
    Ryan [email protected]
    Marc Murphy
    Kade [email protected]
    Jarryd Blair
    Alex Fasolo
    Tyson Goldsack
    Ben Reid
    Josh Thomas
    Tom [email protected]
    Hayden Ballantyne
    Michael Johnson
    David Mundy
    Aaron [email protected]
    Cameron Guthrie
    George [email protected]
    Gold Coast
    Jarrod Harbrow
    Tom Lynch
    Tom [email protected]
    Shaun Burgoyne
    Taylor Duryea
    Paul Puopolo
    Ryan Schoenmakers
    Brendan Whitecross
    Neville Jetta
    Tom McDonald
    North Melbourne
    Shaun Atley
    Scott Thompson
    Sam [email protected]@
    Port Adelaide
    Justin [email protected]
    Reece Conca
    Ben Griffiths
    Shaun Grigg
    Dylan Grimes
    Bachar [email protected]
    St Kilda
    Sam [email protected]@
    Heath Grundy
    Jarrad McVeigh
    Nick [email protected]
    West Coast
    Andrew Gaff
    Shannon Hurn
    Mark LeCras
    Scott Lycett
    Eric Mackenzie
    Jeremy McGovern
    Western Bulldogs
    Luke Dahlhaus
    Tom Liberatore
    Dale Morris
    Jordan Roughead
    Mitch Wallis

    Apart from Tom Lynch, who I assume is out of our league (he might be attracted by our track record of success) I can't see many potential targets. I see our list as being fairly well balanced and that we don't have a lot of particular needs. Possibly Tom McDonald, if AJ and Maibaum don't look like they can be best 22, although it's hard to see him leaving Melbourne (the city, if not the club) with his brother there and I'm sure they will be keen to retain him. Our history is more trading for undervalued players who either offer depth or who we think can play a role for us or who may be valued but are not getting opportunities at their current club. The obvious exception is Franklin but that doesn't provide a lot of guidance; and given he is currently sucking up a huge slice of the salary cap we are not yet in a position to do that again anyway.

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    Ben Reid might be of interest as a Grundy replacement,whilst Luke Dahlhaus would offer pace and line breaking options in the midfield.

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    As long as Tippett and Sinclair remain on our books their million dollar salary will effectively preclude us from being serious players in the free agency market. So it's hardly worth thinking about any big name free agents for the next 3 years, unless we can offload one or two of our ruckmen.

    We should do well enough with our current group of young key defenders, so Ben Reid would be an expensive luxury even if we had the cap space to afford him, assuming he was willing to leave Collingwood.

    Other than salary cap constraints, the fact that we've been able to add so many good players to our list through recent drafts has made the need to trade in players unnecessary.

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    Agree Ludwig, Champion Data have rated our list for 2018 as the best in the comp. Unlike previous seasons, we now have useful depth across almost all positions and whilst they are untried, I'm very happy with our latest recruits.

    We don't need a FA to cover holes or to increase depth. If we could afford one, we'd only grab someone who was a significant upgrade on the player they'd displace and I don't see too many of those on the AFL's FA list who would be both affordable and likely to leave their current club.

    I'm looking forward to Hayward, Florent, Dawson etc displacing players who have lesser ceilings currently getting senior games and I think this year might see some changes in who is best 22. Exciting times ahead IMO.

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    Just had a look at the AFL's, Who's The Most Promising Under 23 At Your Club survey. For us the three players mentioned were Heeney 58%, Florent 9% and Hayward 7% of the vote. Which surprised me a bit. While I would've voted for Heeney, Mills would've been my second pick, with a toss up between Hayward and Papley for number three.

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    Shows how little general footy followers know about other teams lists. I always buy the AFL Prospectus each January, it's a great read during the off season and a valuable reference point there after and updates your knowledge of other teams, but then again I am a stats kinda guy :-)

    So other supporters know Heeney, probably because he's blonde and was the target of the Eddie anti academy campaign when we got him cheap.

    I think we've got a number of highly promising U23's, the types that could become guns, the three mentioned plus Mills and don't under estimate Papley, does very clever things in the midfield as well as forward. Plus there's Dawson!

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    Yeah itís interesting re Mills

    A fair few friends that played afl and watch it a lot but support other teams donít rate Mills

    They remember him for his mistakes and sometimes easy ones and his slow flat footed turn and chase that he sometimes stands out for in games

    They donít him remember obviously for his enourmous courage floating back with the ball and his strong marking and spoils.........and his generally much improved kicking hitting targets in space on the advantage side of the turn and go

    I also think he is talking much more and directing in 2017 which is vital as a defender with time and space in front of u to guide ur runners / wingers etc

    I still think he has huge potential as loose HBF / Midfielder. I would give him a 7/10 so far for his transition at such a young age and to change roles immediately first year of Snrs

    It is a massive challenge to go from the midfield to being a very good defender. Especially when leg speed is not ur strength

    Mills still reminds me of a Luke Hodge style role for the Swans and I suspect he may really progress into owning his expected job in 2018

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    Btw I am massively bullish re Oli and Hayward

    They are serious 19yr old footballers who will take some pressure off our midfield rotation.

    Poor old Hannes played with OP all season with lesser training and pure gut running on game day

    Iíve had the same injury for two seasons in my mid twenties and it is debilitating and requires a lot of off legs work and rest

    With Hayward and The Flo becoming higher possession players over the next couple of years they will have all supporters loving them !

    Very exciting

    Ps agree re paps rotation also he is becoming very important

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    So whatís everyoneís best 25 for 2018 ?

    I mean it realistically looks like a top 30 are going to all have a genuine chance as we have a very deep list this season !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auntie.Gerald View Post
    So whatís everyoneís best 25 for 2018 ?

    I mean it realistically looks like a top 30 are going to all have a genuine chance as we have a very deep list this season !

    B: Rampe Grundy Smith
    Mills Melican Lloyd

    C: Tippett Kennedy Parker
    Hannebery Jones Heeney

    F: Papley Reid Franklin
    Jack Rohan Hayward

    Int: Newman Dawson Towers Hewitt

    E: Naismith, Aliir, Florent,

    Big final throw of the dice on KT; Towers in there as chop out. If KT no good, Naismith gets back in.
    No McVeigh: too easily run off, and between Mills and Lloyd we get the organisation we need out of defence without him.
    Rohan to play high up the ground. Florent pushing for KJ's spot.

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