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Thread: 2018 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    Quote Originally Posted by 707 View Post
    They might rookie his brother as well who has a lot more talent but was unsettled during his time at the Pies.
    Heck of a lot of Marshes in Perth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rb4x View Post
    AG more completely

    So re: snr players


    Ronke ex Rookie
    Fox ex Rookie

    Tippett to Rookie

    Blakey using picks 26 & 33
    Pick 38
    Pick 39
    Pick 40
    (Pick positions will shift due to both trading and use of multiple picks by Swans, Pies and Kangas and maybe Dogs to match bids)
    Depending on where bid for Blakey comes we could end up with loose change points on 33 which we could try and trade up pick 38 with or we might need to use some of 38 which could slip back in the draft order.

    As it stands pick 40 is in Round 3 while 38 and 39 are Round 2. I believe that this has some salary implications for pick 40 who could be paid less than 38 and 39.

    8 off Senior List and 9 on means we will run with 39 instead of the usual 38 on our Senior List. Probably possible because of salary cap relief through unloading players.
    Saw Dan Robinson today in a café in Albert Park Melbourne. The older guy he was with was talking to him about footy and I got the pretty strong impression he was trying to recruit him. Not sure what level of footy he was talking about. Hope things work out well for him. Gave his all in every game he played.

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