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Thread: 2018 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    I have loved Hanners over the years and he has been a great loyal servant of the club, dare I say champion when in his prime! But the Hanners I see now is a shadow of that player. Yes I'm certain that injuries are playing a part but it will never change the fact that his kicking skills are average at best, and to be more pointed they are just plain poor.

    It would be an absolute miracle if St. Kilda give up pick 4 or 5 or whatever they will have this year and I'd imagine the St. Kilda pages on social media would go berserk if they gave that up on a busted up former champion. But if they were silly enough to part with that pick we would be mad not to take it as it could set us up through this draft for the next decade.

    Like I said at the start, I love Hanners and what he has given us. But football is basically a business these days and if you can get a good deal on a old for new upgrade then you have to take it!

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    I've just noticed that the Giants have players from Pennant Hiils in their academy. I thought that was our zone. Very annoying considering the time we've invested in that area over the decades.

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