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Thread: 2018 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain Man View Post
    I recall that I was excited at the prospect (?4 years ago?) of Rohan and Jetta both playing on half back flank with a role to receive from the "real" defenders and take off up the wing and delivering to a Franklin and Goodes. Real speed and versatile enough to kick goals as well.

    Didn't happen but Lloyd became the link man from defence, and played this important role.

    Jetta gone, and, methinks, Rohan better as forward. Perhaps still a chance for a Fox type to assist in a fast but controlled transition.
    I don't think a player can rely on raw speed anymore. Other teams worked out how to stop Jetta after 2012 and he's never been the same since. Rohans never delivered on his potential, maybe over-hyped because of the over valuation of speed as a football asset.

    Being slower than everyone else is a problem. But being faster only has very limited upside and produces a few cameo moments to frustrate fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejavoodoo44 View Post
    Well, I've been trying to make myself younger.
    Ah but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig View Post
    RWO needs a generational change.
    That's for sure.

    Far too many children clogging the list.

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    One article on the Swans website the other day that interested me, was on the number of academy kids, that have signed on with other NEAFL sides for the upcoming season. There were seven in total. Harrison Carr, Angus Baker, Jarrod Osborne and Luke Robertson have signed for Canberra. Sydney Uni have picked up Sam Barkley and Cooper Lee. While Will Gowers is off to Brisbane to play for Aspley.
    Even though it would be nice if we produced more graduates worthy of inclusion on the Swans list, I still see this as a positive development. Firstly, producing kids that other teams want to sign, suggests that we are doing something right at the academy. Also, if our ex-academy players strengthen the NEAFL, then this should work to our long term advantage. Having a tougher week in, week out competition, should mean that any players promoted from our reserves, are more ready to make that transition. And if the other NEAFL teams do become more competitive, this may mean a few more people attending the games and maybe even a few more kids being motivated to take up the game.

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    Couple of pics on the Swans website showing McCartin taking strong grabs. I wonder if this is going to turn out to be an inspired choice.

    Pick 33 this year (2016 ND) but if he'd been a year older may have been top 10, after all KPF are by a long way the most difficult players to get your hands on. Worth waiting the extra 12 months for, like we did with Hanners and Adelaide did with Dangerfield.

    Melican was another player that, if we hadn't rookied him as a 17yo, would have played U18 again the next year and become a much higher pick.

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