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Thread: 2018 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig View Post
    Tastelessness is a matter of taste. What part do you find offensive?

    Even the most supposedly offensive stuff I post on here is mild to what we all encounter on a regular basis in the real world. Those who would find my last post offensive must have trouble leaving their homes, because they must world out there totally paralyzing.

    I just exaggerate things a bit to make a point. We all know that already.
    Exclusively the image. It’s not discrete. It’s not particularly relevant (or accurate about Hanners, nor sympathetic to Gary & his wife given their difficult circumstances and the fact the the club chose to cut him). It’s not (in my opinion) necessary.

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    Harley's summation of the trade period seems positive. Had their eyes on Clarke and Thurlow for some time apparently. Interesting that he mentioned getting extra picks for next year as important. Is there an academy kid coming through that we might need points for? How old are the Longmire colts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faunac8 View Post
    Great call Boddo from over a month out. I was keen when you mentioned the option and now it has come to fruition I see some great potential upside. After undertaking some comparisons on footywire I think we have done well based on his statistical history. Very unlucky after splitting his kidney a couple of years ago and coming back from that successfully to then need a knee reconstruction. Hopefully that’s the end of his injury woes.
    I also posted around this time from my sources that St Kilda will be paying Hanners FULL salary, when there was media speculation we'll paying part of his Saints salary for 3 years. Not good as Boddo's Thurlow call above, but it did came to fruition nevertheless.

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    Glad it's over, the thread has resembled a post-loss thread at times.

    I think it's hard to 'rate' trade performance of clubs, as we aren't privy to the club finances nor conversations with agents about player circumstances and preferences. Each club would have different objectives. Also, the wisdom of these trades will be hard to judge for some time. We brought Rhyce Shaw in for the difference between picks 61 and 46; we brought Morton in for 79 and he kicked two goals in a grand final win.

    We clearly targeted a few players to recruit and release and mostly executed that, with a net gain in points and a couple of ins who were drafted at picks 16 and 31.

    I thought Ludwig nailed it with the written contribution in the post above. The image was probably a bit much.

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