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Thread: 2018 trading, drafting and list management: players and personnel

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.S. Bleeder View Post
    Using recent history as a guide, as long as you have only one year left on a contract and the buyer is willing to pay a fair price the trade will get done. Clubs are apprehensive to wait for a player to be out of contract as they have very little bargaining power.
    But without the trade advantages that free agency delivers. There were some quality players traded this year ahead of them becoming free agents, but in most cases the acquiring club paid top draft pick dollar at the trade table. This may just be a one-off, or maybe we're seeing the next cycle of free agency, indicating it may become harder to quickly rejuvenate your list by acquiring free agents at no cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.S. Bleeder View Post
    I'm amazed that some people consider Sam McClure as being a credible journo. I listened to him and Nick Dal Santo for the last couple of weeks on SEN. McClure is a fool. His knowledge is extremely limited and his Victorian bias makes him look like a clown. At least Dal Santo views the game from a national perspective.
    I listened to a bit of trade radio too and agree McClure was underwhelming. He overreacted over Fremantle's initial announcement it was pulling out of the race for Hogan. He had no real insight, exaggerated; mostly half-baked supposition.

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