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So, back to the Hanners discussion.

I love him. He was robbed not to win the Norm Smith (sorry ROK). He’s been a cracker since his debut. At his best, he runs and plays desperately. He’s a tough SoB and amazingly so (think the contest with Hale in the 2012 GF or the contest with Hurley a few years back). He’s a bloke who can go inside and out.

In short, one of my favourite players full stop, and one most mates who follow another club rate most.

Now, what happens next depend on your view around our list.

Me. I’m in the crew that says we aren’t quite getting a flag with our current list, but we are already doing a good job of renewing it and the job is to squeeze another in the final years of Buddy’s contract. If so, how do we get it?

We did a great job two years ago with Ollie and Hayward. McCartin looks terrific. This year we get Blakey but will lose points doing so, even allowing for the extra second round pick.

So how do we go big and bold to get another top player, via the draft or other means. We have to give something.

The idea of seeing Hanners in another jumper revolts me. But it may be needed. If not him, who else would you give to get something substantial? Would love to hear alternatives on players and/or methods.
That's a great post.

I feel the same about Hanners. I've missed him! He hasn't been at his peak since 2016 when, like in 2015, he averaged 30 possessions and 5 tackles a game. Injuries have really limited his output the last 18 months and it kind of feels like a long way back - to get touch, confidence, even match fitness. But I'm pretty patient with that and reckon it'll happen if he can overcome his injuries (sure, a decent 'if').

Where I differ is that I think we can get a flag with this list. We can do it this year. We have beaten Richmond and West Coast away the last time we played them. The defence in particular is starting to look really good. We have Melican and Reid to come back, who are very important players. Buddy and Hanners will have to work back into form, Hayward and Ollie will need to keep developing, and Parker and Heeney will need to play at a high level in the finals. But it can be done.