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Thread: Swans History

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    Swans History

    There's a newspaper article about how the VFL seriously contemplated re-locating a VFL side to L.A. and calling them the Crocodiles.
    I remember a lot of talk about this at the time and I remember one company that was promoting that it could pull it off.
    The L.A. move faded but that company then took up some connection with the Swans.
    I think they wanted to buy the swans but settled for a high profile sponsorship.
    The company was about sports and media.
    Was it "Viacom". Any clues ?
    I'm pretty sure it was "Powerplay" come to think of it now.
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    give it to the game

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    Powerplay was the listed co. that owned the Swans in the dark Edelstone era. Funnily enough, he is a tenant in my office building in Melb - not looking so glamorous these days !

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