Today there is this hilarious article on about how Chris Scott and the Cats' have no Plan B: 'Can you please sit down?' Scott bristles at fan - Sound familiar?

Substitute Longmire for Scott here and you might get a sense of deja if you read RWO regularly:

Scott has defended his coaching approach, labelling criticism that he lacks a 'plan B' as "unsophisticated clichés".
Scott was challenged by a member from the audience at Monday night's Annual General Meeting, saying that he lacked imagination in the coach's box and his coaching staff were too slow to halt the momentum of opposition teams once they got a run on.

The main reason this is interesting (and amusing) is because it sounds exactly like the criticisms some RWO posters make of Horse. Another reason is because those same people were contrasting Longmire with Chris Scott after the Cats beat us in the semi-final in 2017 where they said Scott tactically out-manouevred Horse and was a much better 'game day coach'. So, it's ironic (to me at least) that (some) Cats fans think the exact same thing of Scott. The pleasant contrast is that I'm confident Horse would deal with such a question more diplomatically and less defensively.

Leaving all that aside, the question remains: do we have a Plan B? If not, do we need one? Will the new coaches have the missing answers?