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Thread: New Fox Footy Line Up

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    New Fox Footy Line Up

    Has anyone seen the announcement of the new Fox Footy lineup for 2018?

    I have to say that I am very disappointed that is all so Melbourne biased with no introduction of all of Australia input.

    Most of the announcers and panels including ex players have nil or minimal knowledge of what is happening within the non Melbourne teams.

    Once 360 had Crash Craddock, a journo from Brisbane on a show and he was able to have excellent enlightenment on the Lions and the Suns. There are great journos covering our game in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth who would add value and insight into the whole of local teams, the local next levels games in NEAFL, WAFL, SANFL ETC.

    If I had an alternative to watch, I would

    Fox Footy, disappointed, no strategy to expose, promote game nationally and grow your audience. Audience is not just Victorian

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    Nothing like the traditional consistency of Piggy Dunstall and his typical anti-Swans bias tonight

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    Yes Dunstall is very very very painful to listen to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel_C View Post
    Yes Dunstall is very very very painful to listen to.
    Can't agree with that, Piggy is nauseatingly painful to listen to, how the hell do we keep scoring that toilet coloured pain on our telecasts? Reckon he asks to do our games just so he can dribble subtle anti Swans bile all game.

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