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Thread: Changes for Rnd 3 V GWS

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    Changes for Rnd 3 V GWS

    There should be a lot!

    Rampe : no run or confidence, something is wrong (injury?), and it will be exposed against the GWS

    Hayward : yet again the worst in stats but still get a game; can't someone learn the game from the two's?

    Rohan : that kick for goal in the last quarter was a kick from someone unfit

    Cunningham : does some good things, then some shockers

    Bring in Newman; Stoddart, O'Riordan, anyone who can generate some run from the back line and can kick straight.

    I hope our new game plan hasn't destroyed the Sydney Swans of old, for we only won the first game via Buddy,

    The lack of skill and aimless bombing of the ball forward was painful to watch.

    No one was running forward to get a possession.

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    Bring back Zac Jones... I know, he's not popular here, I know he makes mistakes, but he doesn't back away from physical pressure....and I think after today, GWS are going to bring the nudges and the pushes and the bring back Zac to respond in kind

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    rohan out reid in as marking power or if reid is not fit I would give mccartin a go. he would do as much as rohan at the moment and i think would compete well.

    fox out jones in as a running back man

    and probably hayward out and newman in. but i am a little disappointed that stodart has not been an emergency yet as i would like to see how he goes if given a game.

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    We missed Reid tonight as we really had no other tall forward to compliment Buddy.

    In: Reid (if fit), Jones, Newman
    Out: Haywood, Fox, Rohan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bexl View Post
    rohan out reid in as marking power or if reid is not fit I would give mccartin a go. he would do as much as rohan at the moment and i think would compete well.

    fox out jones in as a running back man

    and probably hayward out and newman in. but i am a little disappointed that stodart has not been an emergency yet as i would like to see how he goes if given a game.
    I agree with this except for the part about dropping Hayward.

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    Lets drop some players at the bottom of the stats sheet and bring in those that tore it up in the NEAFL practice match, and those players are ......... well we don't know because there's no report!

    Rohan for Newman - no logic in that, wouldn't blame Newman if he looked for a trade out at years end so this week lets Newman for Rohan please, the latter needs a good run in the NEAFL.
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    Bring in Darcy Cameron up forward who will be a target and kick goals as well as pinch ruck for Sinclair

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    Another way to look at our players......was there any missing today that would be automatic selections in the Port team?

    I donít think so.....Port weíre seriously good and have a nicely balanced team.

    I suspect we know internally that if we want to run with the top teams like GWS, Geelong, Port etc on the big ovals like the MCG we need to have a higher tweaking towards running players

    The trend in AFL is pushing everything towards a fast keep the ball alive code and we need to be in alignment with that.

    Port are !!!

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    Now is not the time for mass changes or throwing in a bunch of players without experience. Id find a place for Newman, Reid and Jones if they are good to go.

    Out: schoolboy errors, sloppiness and inability to take our chances (outside of buddy).

    In: The swans football we love and enjoy, composure and better decision making.

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    It's widely regarded that we have the best defence in the league, but this is often confused with having the best defenders, which is something different. We have a very well organised defence with good defenders who need a lot of help from our midfield to repel attacks. We have become increasingly vulnerable to the chaos ball and we are poor at rebounding the ball out of our defence. It reflects as much on our ability to score as it does on our ability to defend.

    1. Melican has good straight line speed and is a good kick on both sides, but is not very agile. We cannot afford to have both Melican and Reg in the same side. We are just not nimble enough. Once the ball is at ground level they are too slow to react. Once Dixon went into the ruck, Port took away a matchup for them and exposed this weakness. Since Melican is the future, it probably means Reg has to be dropped at some time, because we can't have both playing in our defence simultaneously. Aliir is the obvious replacement, once fit to play senior footy, which may be several weeks away. We might even consider playing Marsh in the meantime.
    2. I've always preferred Rohan as a forward, but I now believe he can't contribute enough there and is too good to leave out of the team. He should be moved to defence, adding to our intercept marking and rebound capabilities. Our core defence should be Melican, Aliir, Rampe and Rohan.
    3. Move Mills to the midfield. He doesn't want to be a defender. He wants to play more of a part in our scoring. Continuing to play him in defence will have diminishing returns. He needs to be re-energized.
    4. I would stay with Sinclair as our primary ruckman for the time being, but he just plays in the ruck and goes 1 on 1 against the opposing ruckman around the ground. No venturing into the forward line. When he's tired, he takes a rest on the bench. We will see how it goes.
    5. I would continue to play Ollie and Will for now. Without Rohan in the forward line, Will might get a few more opportunities. I would consider trialing Ollie as a defensive small forward. Maybe give him some time on Zac Langdon, the Giants new pressure forward.
    6. Fox, Newman and Jones can come into the senior side as needed. Jones would be top of the list, but don't mind any of them.
    7. Reid plays when fit to go.

    With our ruck situation we will need to structure differently at the stoppages. We are going to lose the hitouts most of the time, so we have to structure up for that probability. It means playing more defensively at the stoppages and perhaps 1 or 2 extras behind the ball. Leave Buddy 1 out in the forward line as much as possible. Keep the forward line open.

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    OUT : Rohan, Fox

    IN : Reid, Newman
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect... MT

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    Even though I have criticised Newman for being a bit of a show pony and not moving the footy on quickly, in hindsight we missed his ability to find the footy in the midfield. I know Hayward is the coach's favourite but right now he is way too soft and has to learn some hardness in the 2's. Just doesn't get where the footy is at, anywhere near as often enough.

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