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Thread: Swans' games Radio broadcast

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    Swans' games Radio broadcast

    Can someone please tell me where to listen to the Swans games on the radio (in Sydney)? A FM station if possible.

    It used to be FM 104.9 but now that station broadcasts rugby league.

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    Triple M changed from broadcasting on FM to their digital platform towards the end of last season. Yesterday I tried listening to the ABC on AM but like digital they were several seconds behind the play. Not sure what T Lifestyle is but given its a digital station it too most likely will be behind the play. I don't know of any other option in the Sydney market.

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    My mate said to me yesterday that Triple M were only broadcasting the second half yesterday once the NRL was over.

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    "AFL Nation" - broadcast via 2UE (AM954 - not FM) in Sydney. Not much delay.

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    Last year there were a couple of matches where TripleM had a league conflict so that's normal. I did notice that the last couple of games in the season there seemed to be a delay...not sure how that will play out this year. TripleM broadcast last week's game, but it seemed ahead of the TV coverage, which was odd. Typically it's been 100% live.

    Whatever happens, the AFL needs to support live radio. Their app is delayed, all of the digital streams are delayed.
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