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Thread: No Confidence in the AFL

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    I don't disagree with the grand final being played at the MCG. It is a great ground has fantastic atmosphere and I equate it to Wembley Stadium in London in the fact that the FA Cup final (and other finals) are played their. I do acknowledge that Wembley Stadium in not a home ground for a particular Premier League club unlike the MCG which has Melbourne and Richmond as tenants plus the fact that other Melbourne clubs play a lot of games there. I feel that to overcome some of the inequity of interstate clubs not playing there, The AFL should mandate that all of the interstate should play on the venue at least a minimum of 10 times over a 2 year period. As an addendum I also believe that all clubs should have a least 1 Friday night game every season, just like The NFL does in America with their Thursday night fixtures.

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    Is this deal signed and sealed, with the MCG getting guaranteed number of games each week? Surely Melbourne can afford a third stadium so the MCG can be shared more equally with visiting teams. Sydney and South Queensland support 2 each. Surely with 9 teams they can work that better down there.

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