Article by Michael Shillito

It’s still early days this season, but there are games where one gets the feeling that the result could be pivotal to how the ladder shapes up. One of those contests was at Blacktown No 2 on Saturday afternoon, when North Shore took on Pennant Hills.
It was another day of glorious sunshine, the temperature warmer than we expect to feel in May and not much wind around. The ground surface was in good shape; and all was set for a good game of footy. North Shore, after wins in their first four games, were taking on Pennant Hills, the defending champions who had bounced back from a round 1 loss to win their next three.
There was plenty of star power in both teams, and the game started at breakneck speed; both teams putting on a display of entertaining footy as they took turns to burst out of the centre and fire pinpoint passes that hit their target with regularity. Both engine rooms were on fire, and the forward lines were having a field day with a series of well-timed leads and some good marking power. It was a shootout and the goals were flowing freely. The Demons took the upper hand late in the quarter, kicking the last four goals of the term; and with a total return of seven goals to four were 17 points ahead at quarter time.
In the first quarter, the Demons couldn’t miss and had played close to the perfect quarter of footy. But, after seven straight goals in the first term, they were unable to find the big sticks in the second. The North Shore defence tightened and the Demons, although still creating chances, were unable to capitalise on them. The Bombers hit the front midway through the second quarter, and with all five of the goals that would be scored; when the teams returned to the rooms at half time it was a 14 point lead to North Shore.
But there were more twists to come, and the Demons broke their goal drought in the opening minute of the third quarter. It was a pulsating and absorbing quarter of footy, and the best of the action was in the midfield. Belying the warm weather, the game was being played at a frenetic pace, with the ball travelling from end to end in the blink of an eye. The setting sun was blinding to the fans sitting around the clubhouse on the eastern side; but the skills on display were worth keeping your eyes open for as they outshone the weather. The quarter would yield three goals apiece, the Bombers 17 points ahead at the last change.
The Demons are one of the fittest teams in the competition, and they ran down a bigger deficit in last year’s Preliminary Final. The game wasn’t over yet, and the Demons kept coming in the last quarter. But for the first time all day, their accuracy would desert them when it mattered most, and some shots that should have been kicked sailed wide. The Demons would only manage one goal in the last quarter. The Bombers were forced to absorb some pressure, but as the time ticked down and the Demon chase looked out of reach, it was the Bombers who took advantage in the closing minutes of the game. The Bombers, with the last three goals, extended their final winning margin to 30 points.
Jack Campbell, Kyle Devlin and Selby Lee-Steere were standouts for North Shore; but it had been a solid team effort by the Bombers; gaining not just some payback for last year’s Preliminary Final defeat but also showing the Sydney footy world that they are the real deal in 2018.
The Demons had some good firepower up forward, with Matt Carey and Nick Hey each contributing four goals; while around the ground Ranga Ediriwickrama, Josh Boag and Tom Angel made solid contributions. The Demons didn’t get the points this time, but they wouldn’t be too disappointed. There was some good footy played in this game; and the Demons still have another gear to step up to when the business end of the season rolls around.
But this was North Shore’s day. And, combined with a boilover at Sydney Uni, this result sees the Bombers move to outright top of the ladder.

The boilover result was a twilight match at Sydney Uni No 1; when the previously unbeaten Sydney Uni took on Wests. The Magpies went into the game without a win so far this season, and although they had played better against Pennant Hills on ANZAC Day, there was nothing in the form lines to suggest they would trouble a star-studded Sydney Uni side.
But that would be to discount the fighting spirit of the Magpies, and they showed plenty when the game got under way. The Magpies showed they had come to play as they piled the pressure relentlessly onto the Sydney Uni side; with a tight and physical opening term that set the theme for the remainder of the day. It wasn’t a term for the faint-hearted, with some big bumps and crunching tackles. Two goals apiece saw the Magpies lead by a point at the first change.
It was a similar story in the second term. It wasn’t one for the connoisseur of fast, free-flowing footy; but what it lacked in pace it more than made up for in passion and scrap. The Students created chances but were unable to take full advantage of them as the Magpies defended grimly. Just one goal apiece was scored in the second term. At half time, the Students were two points ahead, and they knew they had a fight on their hands.
Half time gave 15 minutes to regroup before the scrap re-commenced. Into the premiership quarter, and surely the Student surge had to come. It was expected. But it didn’t happen. Instead it was the Magpies who found another gear, stepping up even more and working even harder. A team thrown together, defying the odds together, and finding a way to force big name players to turn the ball over. And as the quarter drew on, the Magpies found strength and reward up forward. A quarter that produced three goals to one saw the Magpies leading by eight points at the last change; and the black and white faithful found themselves with hope of a breakthrough win.
But there was still another quarter to be played, and still time for the Students to steal the contest. The Magpies couldn’t just sit on their lead, they had to throw caution to the wind and attack. They had to back themselves to pull the game off. Four times the Magpies found twin flags, but the Students kept coming. The Students kicked five goals in the final term, and the Magpies’ lead was down to a point. It was tense, but the Magpies hung on for dear life.
Finally the siren sounded, and Wests had taken a remarkable two-point win. In a tight and low-scoring contest, Callan Dell’s four goals were immensely valuable and saw him rated best on ground; while Jack Tidd and Levi Sands also made important contributions. There was plenty of passion and noise from the Magpies’ room as they sang the song. It’s taken a few weeks for the many new faces at Wests to fuse into a cohesive unit; but with the determination they showed in this contest, it’s starting to click into place.
Nic Foster, Aaron Day and David Johnson were best for Sydney Uni. The Students fall off top spot after this result; and although there’s a long way to go this season, this is a game they would have expected to win and there’s some work to do for them to get back into their best form.

Every team in Premier Division now has a win under their belt. The other team that had not got to sing the song in the first four rounds, St George, broke through against Manly at Olds Park on Saturday afternoon.
It wasn’t a result that was looking likely early. The Wolves burst out of the blocks and had four goals on the board in the first quarter, while the Dragons looked to be kicking themselves out of the contest with a string of missed shots. There wasn’t much separating the two teams in general play, but the Wolves’ better conversion looked to have them in the box seat as they kicked four goals to two and led by seven points at quarter time.
But the Dragons finally found their groove in the second term, and had a sniff of the contest. Unlike last week, where they were held to two goals, this time round the Dragons had more of a spring in their step and sensed a chance to get back into the game. Reward for effort would come, as a possession count running strongly in their favour led to opportunities being created. And four goals to one in the second term would see the Dragons turn their quarter time deficit into a half time lead of 11 points.
After a disappointing opening month for the Dragons, suddenly they were in with a chance; and in the third quarter they weren’t letting go. Players who had been well held in previous weeks were getting a touch of the leather, and able to do things with it that hadn’t been possible earlier in the year. Confidence was growing, and the mob on the hill were finding their voice. And as the Dragons kicked four goals to two for the quarter to extend their lead to 24 points, the drought was finally broken.
The last quarter wasn’t one that reached any great heights, as the job was done and the result assured. It was largely going through the motions, with the Dragons adding another two goals to one. But the final siren brought out a sense of relief. The Dragons had prevailed.
Nick Ryan spearheaded the charge up forward to finish with four goals, while Tim Coenen and Patrick Tegg also featured prominently for the Dragons. It’ll be a long road ahead to rebuild the season after a disastrous start; but the Dragons have got that campaign under way. It will feel so much happier around the club this week after a breakthrough win.
Harrison Koch, Aiden Butler and Christian Bousamra worked hard all day for the Wolves. But it wasn’t Manly’s day; and once again they were unable to replicate their Weldon form when they hit the road. With two wins and three losses, they’ll be keen to get a streak of several wins in a row going to be strong finals contenders.

East Coast Eagles hosted UNSW-ES at Kanebridge Oval on Saturday afternoon. The Eagles had been in good form in recent weeks, while the Bulldogs were looking for something to kick-start their season. But, as was the case in the opening round last year, the Bulldogs found the spark they needed when they knocked off the highly-fancied locals in a thriller.
Nothing separated the two sides in the opening term. It was an arm-wrestle, with the two sides feeling each other out, looking for the weakness they could exploit, but coming up blank. Two goals were scored by each team in the first quarter, and it was looking evenly contested around the ground. Both teams were still looking for the edge when they were in their quarter time huddles, with the scores tied up.
The second quarter was also goal for goal, the teams taking turns to share the lead but coming up with replies to any challenge their opponents could muster. The Bulldogs haven’t been in great form so far this year, but they were taking the challenge up to the Eagles. This was going to be a tactical challenge, with both teams high on ability but struggling to find the x-factor that would give them the edge. The Eagles kicked three goals to two for the quarter, and held a four-point lead at the long break.
It was tense, with the margin never threatening to blow out; and both sides were making their opposition battle hard for every touch. Incursions into the forward 50 were rare, and unmarked forwards ready to receive a loose ball even rarer. But the quality of the Eagle midfield was there to see, and they looked to have the slightest of edges. Three goals to two for the quarter saw the Eagles 11 points ahead at three quarter time. Only a couple of kicks in it, and the Eagles were never totally dominant, but it was looking like they had done just enough.
But the bodies were cramping and fatigue setting in after a long day in the sun. And the bulldogs kept coming. Pressing forward time and again, putting the Eagle defenders under siege. The Eagles would manage a goal in the last quarter, but it was a rare moment against the run of play as the Bulldogs pumped the ball forward time and again. The quantum of forward thrusts would see the rewards come. The third goal levelled the scores. The fourth put them in front. And that’s where they would stay, as the siren sounded to complete a hard-earned Bulldog win.
Tom Dickson was magnificent for the Bulldogs, kicking four goals; and along with Darren Pfeiffer and Michael Thompson was among their best. Two wins and three losses, and thanks to their respectable percentage the Bulldogs are in the top five. If this win can kick-start a streak like their win at Kanebridge did early last year, the Bulldogs still can launch a serious challenge.
Trent Stubbs kicked four goals for the Eagles; while Brandon Clark and Connor O’Brien also feathrued prominently. But in the end, they were unable to hold the lead, and fall to their second loss of the season. They still have a strong percentage, but two narrow losses in 2018 see them well behind the ladder leaders at this stage of the season.

Meanwhile it was Bats v Cats at Waverley Oval as UTS played host to Premier Division newcomers Camden. The Bats went into the game with two wins for the season after victories in the first two rounds; and the Cats would join them with two wins on the ladder after coming from behind to record a 10-point win.
The game took some time to sort itself out, and the first quarter saw two teams sensing an opportunity and looking for a way to outgun the opposition. The Bats led by six points at quarter time after kicking three goals to two; but around the ground there didn’t look to be any great gulf in class between the two teams and it was looking set to be an absorbing contest.
UTS took the upper hand in the second quarter, stepping up around the ground and winning a greater share of the contested ball. While the Cats weren’t out of the contest, and managed to piece two goals together to keep themselves within striking distance; the Bats were looking the stronger team around the ground and a four-goal haul saw them come in at half time 16 points ahead.
The Cats were under pressure, but whatever was said in the rooms at half time had the desired effect, as it was the visitors who emerged looking better and they began to claw back the deficit. It wasn’t easy against a UTS side that started the quarter feeling confident and which had a strong defence that was hard to penetrate. But as the quarter drew on, the Cats were getting more of the ball; and eventually the goals would come. Three unanswered goals to Camden saw the Cats hit the front late in the quarter and take a two-point lead to the three quarter time huddle.
It was a thriller, and the UTS and Camden faithful watching were being treated to an enthralling contest that would continue to entertain throughout the last quarter. Four premiership points were on the line, and neither team was willing to concede these points without giving it everything they had. The fortunes of the game waxed and waned, the game finely balanced until the final moments. But it was the Cats, after a quarter that produced three goals to two, who would be holding the parcel of victory when the music stopped.
Fraser Brown, Joel Bottin-Noonan and Nick Hills were best for the Cats, as they recorded their second win of the season and kept themselves within reach of the top five in an increasingly tight ladder. After credible performances against North Shore and East Coast, to get a win in this game further re-enforces that the Cats are heading in the right direction in their Premier Division travels.
The Bats were well served by the efforts of Josh Moyle, Adam Tarrant and Peter O’Rourke. But they would be disappointed to drop this game, their third loss on the trot. It’s early in the season still, and there’s plenty of time to turn their form around; but they will be keen to stop this losing run from going any further.

North Shore 4.1 9.4 12.7 15.12 (102)
Pennant Hills 7.0 7.2 10.2 11.6 (72)
Goals : North Shore -
A McConnell 3, M Thomas 3, W Blackburne 3, B Plug 2, M Varjavandi, K Latham, L Hayres, M Buskariol. Pennant Hills - M Carey 4, N Hey 4, T Wales, T Abbott, R Ediriwickrama.
Best : North Shore - J Campbell, K Devlin, S Lee-Steere, A McConnell, E Sertbas, J Marsh. Pennant Hills - R Ediriwickrama, J Boag, T Angel, T Edmonds, T Wales, D Dell''Aquila.
At Blacktown International Sportspark No 2, Saturday 5th May 2018.

Western Suburbs 2.4 3.5 6.6 10.7 (67)
Sydney University 2.3 3.7 4.10 9.11 (65)
Goals : Wests -
C Dell 4, J Newbury 2, L Sands, K Bremner, A Tipungwuti, C McEvoy-Gray. Sydney Uni - M Vicic 3, N Foster, L Freemantle, T Cordner, S Gilfedder, T Ayton.
Best : Wests - C Dell, J Tidd, L Sands, C McEvoy-Gray, G Gregory, J Newbury. Sydney Uni - N Foster, A Day, D Johnson, T Ayton, T Cordner, M Vicic.
At Sydney Uni No 1 Oval, Saturday 5th May 2018.

St George 2.6 6.9 10.11 11.14 (80)
Manly-Warringah 4.1 5.4 7.5
Goals : St George -
N. Ryan 4, B. Hodgson 2, N. McKenzie-Hicks 2, A. Wynn, B. Jones, M. Holmes. Manly - J. Mason 2, D. Dickerson, L. Blakiston, H. Washington, D. Meadows, T. Armitage, L. Kilpatrick, L. Behagg.
Best : St George - T Coenen, P Tegg, N Ryan, C Horbury, A Wynn, T Gorman-Brown. Manly - H Koch, A Butler, C Bousamra, D Meadows, L Kilpatrick, T Armitage.
At Olds Park, Saturday 5th May 2016.

Uni NSW-Eastern Suburbs 2.3 4.6 6.6 10.7 (67)
East Coast Eagles 2.3 5.4 8.5 9.7 (61)
Goals : UNSW-ES -
T Dickson 4, T Chichester 2, A Foote, T Banuelos, B Hyndes, K Reynolds-Erler. East Coast - T Stubbs 4, M Weekes 2, J Etto, P Vlatko, Jamie Vlatko
Best : UNSW-ES - D Pfeiffer, T Dickson, M Thompson, T Banuelos, A Foote, M Ries. East Coast – B Clark, T Stubbs, C O'Brien, S Turner, D Spiteri, M Weekes.
At Kanebridge Oval, Saturday 5th May 2018.

Camden 2.1 4.4 7.7 10.12 (72)
University of Technology 3.1 7.2 7.5 9.8 (62)
Goals : Camden -
J Ware 2, M Maher 2, J Bottin-Noonan 2, J Burke, B Yakimov, B Pearce, J Ayling. UTS - P O'Rourke 3, R Towill, M May, C Wooles, J Moyle, D Smith, H Callahan.
Best : Camden – F Brown, J Bottin-Noonan, N Hills, S Doherty, T Georgiou, D Leary. UTS - J Moyle, A Tarrant, P O'Rourke, N Read, O Brecht, R Kirkhope
At Waverley Oval, Saturday 5th May 2018.

North Shore
Sydney Uni
East Coast
Pennant Hills
St George
Black - Confirmed finallists
Green - Currently in a finals position, but not yet guaranteed a place in the finals
Blue - Not currently in a finals position, but still a chance to qualify
Purple - Will not be competing in the finals
Red - Wooden spoon

Premier Reserves:
UTS 11.11 (77) d Camden 9.6 (60)
Pennant Hills 9.7 (61) d North Shore 9.6 (60)
East Coast 9.10 (64) d UNSW-ES 5.7 (37)
St George 15.4 (94) d Manly 5.4 (34)
Sydney Uni 10.14 (74) d Western Suburbs 6.3 (39)
Ladder – Camden (16, 171.12%), Sydney Uni (16, 168.06%), Pennant Hills (16, 154.21%), UNSW-ES (16, 143.61%), East Coast (12, 136.47%), North Shore (8, 118.68%), St George (8, 89.97%), UTS (8, 78.01%), Wests (0, 40.62%), Manly (0, 33.33%).

Platinum Division:
Southern Power 12.10 (82) d Holroyd-Parramatta 8.6 (54)
Western Magic 18.8 (116) d Balmain 6.5 (41)
Macquarie Uni 10.10 (70) d Penrith 4.3 (27)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Western Magic (100, 176.88%), Penrith (75, 206.67%), Southern Power (60, 103.99%), Macquarie Uni (50, 131.53%), Holroyd-Parramatta (40, 105.07%), South-West Sydney (25, 47.52%), Balmain (0, 46.31%).

Platinum Reserves:
Southern Power 13.11 (89) d Holroyd-Parramatta 4.12 (36)
Western Magic 13.9 (87) d Balmain 5.5 (35)
Macquarie Uni 11.12 (78) d Penrith 6.4 (40)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Macquarie Uni (100, 239.58%), Southern Power (80, 268.29%), Penrith (75, 214.20%), Western Magic (50, 146.43%), Balmain (25, 76.26%), Holroyd-Parramatta (20, 51.09%), South-West Sydney (0, 10.15%).

Division One:
Randwick City 8.7 (55) d UTS 3.4 (22)
North Shore 12.8 (80) d Pennant Hills 7.9 (51)
Sydney Uni 17.8 (110) d Wollondilly 7.7 (49)
NorWest 17.13 (115) d Campbelltown 1.1 (7)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (16, 148.21%), NorWest (16, 132.45%), Randwick City (14, 211.33%), North Shore (8, 149.07%), UTS (8, 100.00%), Wollondilly (8, 85.48%), Pennant Hills 96, 75.84%), Campbelltown (4, 21.79%).

Division Two:
North Shore 10.9 (69) d Pennant Hills 4.4 (28)
UNSW-ES 14.19 (103) d East Coast 4.6 (30)
St George 7.7 (49) d Manly 3.4 (22)
Camden 11.10 (76) d UTS 5.4 (34)
Sydney Uni 17.16 (118) d Western Suburbs 3.5 (23)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (20, 436.27%), Camden (20, 333.07%), UNSW-ES (16, 243.40$), UTS (12, 107.05%), St George (12, 54.70%), North Shore (8, 79.76%), East Coast (4, 63.30%), Manly (4, 53.77%), Wests (4, 35.27%), Pennant Hills (0, 57.09%).

Division Three:
Macquarie Uni 19.6 (120) d North Shore 1.6 (12)
Pennant Hills 16.15 (111) d Campbelltown 5.3 (33)
UNSW-ES 12.15 (87) d Randwick City 2.5 (17)
Camden 8.5 (53) d UTS 3.8 (26)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Macquarie Uni (100, 236.18%), UNSW-ES (80, 135.38%), Camden (75, 136.65%), Pennant Hills (60, 150.89%), Sydney Uni (50, 102.61%), Randwick City (25, 60.20%), North Shore (25, 35.79%), UTS (20, 81.12%), Campbelltown (0, 50.19%).

Under 19s One:
Sydney Uni 11.8 (74) d Pennant Hills 10.7 (67)
UNSW-ES 14.19 (103) d East Coast 7.8 (50)
St George 13.7 (85) d Manly 7.8 (50)
North Shore 13.8 (86) d Camden 7.7 (49)
Ladder – UNSW-ES (20, 275.28%), St George (16, 163.83%), Sydney Uni (16, 119.28%), North Shore (12, 108.06%), Pennant Hills (8, 124.79%), East Coast (4, 70.66%), Camden (4, 61.73%), Manly (0, 40.79%).

Under 19s Two:
Southern Power 18.10 (118) d Penrith 3.4 (22)
Campbelltown 8.6 (54) d North Shore 6.9 (45)
Sydney Uni 15.14 (104) d South-West Sydney 4.5 (29)
Wests Goannas 15.13 (103) d UNSW-ES 4.4 (28)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Southern Power (100, 389.39%), Wests Goannas (75, 211.03%), Campbelltown (75, 123.39%), UNSW-ES (60, 84.56%), Penrith (50, 120.85%), St George (50, 87.56%), Sydney Uni (25, 64.47%), North Shore (20, 78.95%), South-West Sydney (0, 20.40%).

Women Premier Division:
Southern Power 5.8 (38) d Western Wolves 2.3 (15)
Sydney Uni 4.10 (34) d Newtown 2.1 (13)
UNSW-ES 17.16 (118) d UTS 1.5 (11)
Macquarie Uni 4.2 (26) d Auburn-Penrith 2.7 (19)
Ladder – Macquarie Uni (20, 207.84%), UNSW-ES (16, 525.37%), Southern Power (12, 84.27%), Auburn-Penrith (8, 108.96%), Sydney Uni (8, 81.55%), Newtown (8, 81.34%), Western Wolves (4, 44.86%), UTS (4, 42.43%).

Women Division One:
Pennant Hills 11.12 (78) d UNSW-ES 1.1 (7)
Wollongong 12.13 (85) d Sydney Uni 1.0 (6)
Western Magic 6.1 (37) d Manly 3.2 (20)
East Coast 7.13 (55) d North Shore 0.5 (5)
Ladder – Wollongong (20, 578.12%), Pennant Hills (16, 394.29%), East Coast (16, 199.33%), Western Magic (12, 229.60%), Manly (12, 155.94%), North Shore (4, 39.51%), UNSW-ES (0, 18.38%), Sydney Uni (0, 2.78%).

Women Division Two:
Newtown 8.4 (52) d Pennant Hills 1.1 (7)
Holroyd-Parramatta 3.7 (25) d Campbelltown 1.2 (8)
South-West Sydney 6.16 (52) d North Shore 1.2 (8)
Western Magic 10.7 (67) d Manly 2.0 (12)
Camden 10.14 (74) d UTS 0.4 (4)
Macquarie Uni 5.6 (36) d Auburn-Penrith 3.2 (20)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Holroyd-Parramatta (100, 1205.00%), Camden (100, 1070.00%), South-West Sydney (80, 34.18%), Campbelltown (75, 334.09%), Pennant Hills (50, 156.98%), Macquarie Uni (50, 36.69%), Western Magic (40, 91.40%), Newtown (40, 63.95%), North Shore (40, 33.21%), Wollondilly (25, 81.20%), UTS (25, 48.65%), Auburn (20, 39.69%), Manly (0, 4.36%).

St George 11.10 (76) d Wollondilly 5.5 (35)
Sydney Uni 9.3 (57) d Southern Masters 4.5 (29)
Macarthur 8.12 (60) d Balmain 1.1 (7)
Macquarie Uni 8.10 (58) drew North-West Sydney 8.10 (58)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (8, 392.31%), Macarthur (8, 334.29%), St George (8, 169.47%), North-West Sydney (6, 123.76%), Macquarie Uni (2, 44.16%), Southern Masters (0, 62.68%), Wollondilly (0, 47.37%), Balmain (0, 39.37%).


Premier Division:

Saturday 12th May
Picken Oval – Western Suburbs v North Shore (2pm)
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Sydney Uni (2:20pm)
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v UTS (2:30pm)
Weldon Oval – Manly v East Coast (3:40pm)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v St George (4:30pm

Premier Reserves:
Saturday 12th May
Picken Oval – Western Suburbs v North Shore (12pm)
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Sydney Uni (12:20pm)
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v UTS (12:30pm)
Weldon Oval – Manly v East Coast (1:40pm)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v St George (2pm)

Platinum Division:
Saturday 12th May
Mahoney Park – Balmain v Penrith (2:20pm)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v Southern Power (2:50pm)
Blacktown iSP No 2 – Western Magic v South-West Sydney (5pm)
BYE – Holroyd-Parramatta.

Platinum Reserves:
Saturday 12th May
Mahoney Park – Balmain v Penrith (12:30pm)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v Southern Power (1pm)
Blacktown iSP No 2 – Western Magic v South-West Sydney (1:40pm)
BYE – Holroyd-Parramatta.

Division One:
Saturday 12th May
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v UTS (10:40am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v Sydney Uni (2pm)
Pioneers Park – Randwick City v North Shore (2:25pm)
Hannaford Oval – Wollondilly v NorWest (2:30pm)

Division Two:
Saturday 12th May
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v UTS (9am)
Picken Oval – Western Suburbs v North Shore (10:20am)
Village Green – UNSW-ES v Sydney Uni (10:40am)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v St George (12pm)
Weldon Oval – Manly v East Coast (6:10pm)

Division Three:
Saturday 12th May
Village Green – UNSW-ES v Sydney Uni (9am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v Macquarie Uni (12:20pm)
Pioneers Park – Randwick City v North Shore (12;45pm)
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v UTS (2:30pm)
BYE - Camden.

Under 19s One:
Saturday 12th May
Olds Park – St George v North Shore (10:40am)
Weldon Oval – Manly v East Coast (11:50am)
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v Camden (12:40pm)
Trumper Park – UNSW-ES v Sydney Uni (1:50pm)

Under 19s Two:
Saturday 12th May
Picken Oval – Wests Goannas v Southern Power (8:40am)
Olds Park – St George v Sydney Uni (9am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v South-West Sydney (10:40am)
Trumper Park – UNSW-ES v Penrith (12pm)
BYE – North Shore.

Women Premier Division:
Saturday 12th May
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Sydney Uni (10:40am)
Mahoney Park – Newtown v Western Wolves (10:40am)
Mona Park – Auburn-Penrith v UTS (1:45pm)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v Southern Power (4:50pm)

Women Division One:
Saturday 12th May
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Sydney Uni (9am)
Weldon Oval – Manly v Wollongong (10:10am)
Mike Kenny Oval (Lower) – Pennant Hills v East Coast (11am)
Blacktown ISP No 2 – Western Magic v North Shore (3:20m)

Women Division Two:
Saturday 12th May
Weldon Oval – Manly v Pennant Hills (8:30am)
Mahoney Park – Newtown v South-West Sydney (9am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v Western Magic (9am)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v Holroyd-Parramatta (10:15am)
Mona Park – Auburn-Penrith v UTS (12pm)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v Wollondilly (5:30pm)
BYE – North Shore.