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Thread: Changes for Round 9 v Fremantle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandrevan View Post
    It will be interesting to see how the re-interpreted blocking rules are applied too. It would be hilarious if Whorethorn got beaten by the Lions.
    ......with most of the Lions goals coming from 'blocking' frees against the Dawks.

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    Did you see Harley’s bcomments about “tempering expectations”

    Tom Harley explains how Lance Buddy Franklin made shock return

    “When you look at the ins with Franklin and Hannebery, we are happy with that.

    “Both missed three games of footy, so we temper your expectations accordingly. Really pleased to have those two quality players back in the side.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevoswan View Post
    ......with most of the Lions goals coming from 'blocking' frees against the Dawks.
    That would be nice. Like a conservative politician who is really tough on crime: until they're sent to jail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandrevan View Post
    . It would be hilarious if Whorethorn got beaten by the Lions.
    That would make my weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevoswan View Post
    Did no one read what Horse said in regard to this 'shock' selection?
    I did read what he said. I don’t know what you’re getting at to be honest. Longmire ruled him out on Monday, but the injury improved over the next couple of days. It’s still a risk if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CureTheSane View Post
    Awesome timing.
    Buddy gets blocked
    +1. Don't forget McCartin. Really looking forward to winning the free kick count for the first time this decade. ????????????????????????

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    Two very big ins for Freo as well in Wilson and Walters

    With Fyfe in form as well this looks to be a great game.
    He ate more cheese, than time allowed

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    I’m pretty nervous about every home game this year. I’m more relaxed with the away games because I assume we will loose each time and so far I’ve ended up very satisfied each away game. Last weekend was the sweetest

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    Not about this week, but I found myself asking last night 'who goes out for Mellican when he returns?' But the real question is who does Mellican have to get in front of to get back in.

    It is interesting that since dropping Marsh we have gone smaller in back half, and loaded up on runners. Cunningham and Hayward drop back to cover rotations, Jones plays deeper across HB and Rohan seems to take on the Reid role of dropping back towards the end of quarters. I guess against taller forward lines we'll need three tall backs, and that's where Mellican will get back in. But the next four weeks should see us stick with the smaller, faster 22.

    I am really interested to see what happens to Newman and Aliir. That Rose wasn't part of restructuring the forward line suggests that he is at risk to be shopped out at the end of the year.

    And I'm wondering about the next tranche of youngsters: Stoddard seems to be well in favour; will O'Riordan get a look in? Looking forward to seeing where Dawson is at when he recovers, and it will be good to have a look at Ling if I can get to the game this evening. All those NEAFL ins have plenty to play for.
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    I see that Florent mostly pops up in the running half back position. I have always thought he will take over from Mr 200 (today) as he seems to have Smith's determination, but with better speed and skills

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