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Thread: Restructure - Platinum & Divisions what are your thoughts

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    Restructure - Platinum & Divisions what are your thoughts

    What are the thoughts about the restructure so far?

    My thoughts are-
    1. A big tick for the promotion of Camden - not only by all reports did they nearly beat last years premiers, but their reserves side are in the top 4 of the Ressies Comp
    2. The Platinum comp - from the activity on this thread, to the website news articles and even the talk in clubland - it has quickly became an irrelevant competition (IMO).
    3. Evenness of the competition. I cant help but think how good it would be (and was) if the Ressies comp dropped Manly and Wests and included Penrith, Magic, Mac Uni and Power. If Division 1 did not include did not include Wollondilly and Campbelltown but included the Goannas, Balmain and South West. Spreading these teams, and their second or third teams through the competition would only be a good thing - for even games.

    I suppose the question is really to Penrith, Magic, Mac Uni, Power, Holroyd, Balmain, South West, Norwest, Randwick, Campbelltown & Wollondilly - has the restructure helped your clubs? Are you finding it easier to attract players now that you are not playing against the Premier division clubs (which is what I understand was the key reason for the new structure).

    Would love to hear your thoughts

    P.S - Is it really easier on game days - from what I am seeing with Womens Teams and 3 Mens team we still have the same challenge of teams playing all over Sydney at different times - has the restructure really made game days easier?

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    Interesting that Camden's reserves have done so well. They didn't win Div 3 last year; but are beating most Premier Reserves teams this year. That's an unexpected plus when many of us thought Camden's twos would struggle. Their seniors have won a couple and been pipped at the post in a couple more - but they've shown they're good enough to be in Prems.
    The biggest weakness of the Platinum comp is having an odd number of teams, which means both seniors and reserves have a bye every week. But there doesn't seem to be an 8th club that could move up to that division and be competitive.
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