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Thread: #AFL Round 10, Swans vs Lions, Gabba

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    Reckon the McCartin experiment may be over albeit conditions didn't suit but any one of several NEAFL players would provide more overall. Stodart ok, did a couple of nice things but O'Riordan has much better NEAFL form and should be tried and I'm not sure what they're doing with Newman but he knows how to get the ball and is composed under pressure.

    We won yeah but need to make changes.

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    To post another win away in the wet against another promising outfit was outstanding especially as all the commentators were as usual rooting for us to lose.
    Kingys highlight was Zorkos conning the umps when he tripped Jones and kicked a goal. That’s all he could come up with.
    The Swans love a scrap, they do it so well as a team.
    Just stop getting injured in the dangerous outdoors ffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meg View Post
    That’s what we women call what you wear on top. What do YOU call it?.
    Jumper or a guernsey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09183305 View Post
    Jumper or a guernsey?
    Yep, ‘jumper’, ‘guernsey,’ ‘top’ all allowed. (Personally I don’t allow ‘jersey’.) Although when you think about it, calling a sleeveless, polyester top a ‘jumper’ is a bit odd! (Jumper: ‘A knitted garment typically with long sleeves, worn over the upper body.’)

    Anyway who cares as long as our boys win in whatever they’re wearing!

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    I think they'll hold McCartin until Reid is back. They need that additional tall for structure, and Rohan can't be that guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloods05 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Meg View Post
    That’s what we women call what you wear on top. What do YOU call it?.
    Hah, shades of Moe and Homer after Homer has mentioned his garage:

    Moe: Oooh, "ga-rage",well la di dah Mr Frenchman.
    Homer: well what do you call it?
    Moe: It's a "car-hole"
    My opinion is objective truth in its purest form

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    The conditions looked terrible. Even when it stopped raining the ball was still slippery. Like it was rubbed in soap and then wet. Both teams played the conditions. All they did was bomb long all the time. It was not a match I'll be eager to watch again. It was excruciating at times. The umpiring was baffling, especially as someone pointed out, the field umpire off the play made a lot of decisions. At times I thought he was not in a position to see the action at all as it was so congested.

    A win is a win. As for McCartin, he was flying against three Lions players every time because our entries were so bloody predictable. I think he tried very hard in conditions that didn't suit him and under huge pressure being outnumbered every time. As for Stoddart, he played quite well in a position that is not a natural one for him. He plays HB, wing but was playing forward for the most part on the fastest Lions defender. Ronke, Ollie and Will were all good and seem to be cementing their places. Paps was hard as nails. The experienced players all played well. The defence was sensational but I'd rather we didn't put them under so much pressure by losing in the midfield like we did in the last. I don't know if our fitness level was quite up to it last night. They came home with a full sail and our mids flagged.

    I'd like to see much more kicking to space in the wet. We kicked to congested areas far too much so the ball ended up locked in a maul. it was a brutal game. More like Rugby League than Aussie Rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotpotato View Post
    especially as all the commentators were as usual rooting for us to lose.
    Barracking? Supporting?
    Those who have the greatest power to hurt us are those we love.

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    Four more points. Another game (and win) into Florent, Hayward and Ronke (who is consolidating the cracking start to his career). Florent is dangerous with ball in hand and room to move in midfield. Stoddart showed a little bit - nice goal. I liked his post-match interview on the official site - confident, but self-aware. It'll come for Hannebery.

    Excellent defensive effort, of course. Jones' form running off halfback one of the brighter spots of the last month.

    Not great conditions for McCartin and played pretty low minutes. It'll be interesting to see if they persevere or give him a spell.

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    I noticed the umpires repeatedly signalling a hugging motion - I presume holding of some sort. The aftermath of Alastair's Breakfast With Gillon?
    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    I did not watch the game. The reporter for the Melbourne Sunday paper gave 3 votes to Brisbane's Beames, 2 votes to Heeney and 1 vote to Brisbane's Robinson. Slightly unusual - although not unheard of - for the losing team to get 4 of the 6 votes. Was this an accurate reflection of the game? Fairly sure the reporter is Brisbane based.

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    Watching the game that seems like a pretty accurate representation! Beams the highest ball winner on the park and Robinson was killing it with contested possessions. I myself probably would have put JPK somewhere on that list but each to their own.

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