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Thread: #AFL Round 10, Swans vs Lions, Gabba

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    I wonder what plaudits should go to our assistant coaches this year.
    Sinclair has improved so much this year and Cox must be a great mentor/example.
    As for Stevie J, the results from our young forwards speak volumes for their positioning and kick accuracy.
    Plaudits to the Swans management for their appointments.

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    3 votes Grundy.

    - - - Updated - - -

    R. Grundy...... 3 votes.

    Bruce Mcevaney: ..and this could be the start of the big charge from Grundy that we all expected...

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    [QUOTE=Blood Umpiring was perplexing at times for both teams. One umpire called a lot of decisions when he was away from the play [/QUOTE]
    That ump must have m
    ade about 10 decisions when he was a mile away and not the closest ump... the game was way over officiated for a game on a wet night.

    I enjoyed the visit to the gabba last night - I thought it was a grinding, hard fought game of footy and we did well overall.
    "You get the feeling that like Monty Python's Black Knight, the Swans would regard amputation as merely a flesh wound."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandridge View Post
    I did not watch the game. The reporter for the Melbourne Sunday paper gave 3 votes to Brisbane's Beames, 2 votes to Heeney and 1 vote to Brisbane's Robinson. Slightly unusual - although not unheard of - for the losing team to get 4 of the 6 votes. Was this an accurate reflection of the game? Fairly sure the reporter is Brisbane based.
    Beams and Robinson both played quite well. I'm not sure they were in those positions for the game overall, but certainly were in Brisbane's best. Probably not a stretch for Beams to be in the top 3.
    I knew him as a gentle young man, I cannot say for sure the reasons for his decline
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    I went into this game wanting to like brisbane but came out of it not liking them! They were pretty nasty at times, lots of snipey pushing and shoving, especially one tall blonde guy.

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    Jones was excellent....probably his best game. In the HUN it was stated that Martin killed Sinkers on hit outs but by my observation it had no impact on the game and Sinkers put up a mighty effort. On the last quarter and kicking to mauls; we did it on purpose to slow the game down. It was a wet day so the only way to play is to make as much metres as possible. I thought we played sensible footy.

    No one has mentioned Ben Ronke's last quarter superb clutch goal on the run just when it was needed.

    We had the wrong end of the stick from the umps up to half time at 21/12 but got a better run in the 2nd half. Brisbane supporters went nuts when Jack got that 50 metre penalty but it was a correct decision. A Brisabane player handed the footy to the nearest Swan and took off up the ground instead of throwing it back to Jack.

    I thought Harry Cunningham continued his J curve form improvement and his disposal has improved markedly. He seems to have a week to dispose of the pill and appears to always be in the right spot and doesn't panic under pressure. Not mentioned in the best but definitely in mine.

    Hanners; scrappy early but he seemed to find a bit of touch and had some telling possessions late. Lets hope he is running back into his best form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel_C View Post

    Probably a good thing I couldn't post because that umpiring was terrible. It was way over umpired and half the time I had no idea what the frees were for.
    Most of the time the players on both sides didn't know who the free was for which was kinda funny to happen so often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Big Cat View Post
    Barracking? Supporting?
    Yes. I have an excellent sound system and I can tell you they weren't rooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meg View Post
    That’s what we women call what you wear on top. What do YOU call it?.
    A footy jumper is a footy jumper. No Aussie Rules player has ever worn a footy top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloods05 View Post
    A footy jumper is a footy jumper. No Aussie Rules player has ever worn a footy top.
    Ah ha! But the Swans are referring to their indigenous ‘jumper’ as their indigenous ‘guernsey’. Admittedly they don’t call it an indigenous ‘top’. But if they did some of us (well Mel and I anyway) would know what they meant!

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    Rewatched the whole Brisbane game after watching it piecemeal live. Knowing what was going to happen allows you to concentrate on certain things. I reckon McCartin needs to go back to NEAFL, had almost zero influence and Stoddart does not look up to the standard yet, he also had little influence and turned the ball over several times. We can't afford to gift games to players who have no influence particularly when we get this from Kennealy - "while Newman backed up a best-on-ground performance against Southport last week with another stand-out showing in defence and the midfield.

    The elegant left-footer was particularly important to Sydney’s rebound off half-back and followed up last week’s two-goal return with another double.

    Kennelly said in the lead-up to the match O’Riordan hadn’t played a bad game this season – and the third-year Swan again starred in defence as he continued to push his case for an AFL debut.

    The 22-year-old was strong in the pack, took a number of expert intercept and uncontested marks, was pivotal to the Swans’ ball movement off half-back and collected a goal."

    These are guys that should be getting games, any talk about McCartin providing a tall target is nonsense when he is having so little impact, give me a mature hard at it player who can get the footy like Newman, adds to our fleet of quick clever forwards buzzing around kicking a winning score. Give the ultra consistent mature bodied O'Riordan the chance he deserves of HBF or wing. We have to have better players settled in the side for when the tough run starts in three weeks.

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    It's obvious horse has a formula for his senior side and he only promotes like for like. Eg. ronke over Rohan. Mccartin over Reid. Not sure who O'Riordan' s doppelganger is , but he may have to wait for injury or form drop off.

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