Article by Michael Shillito

Round 9 takes us to the half-way point of the Premier Division home and away season. And it’s one that’s up for grabs. Just a few weeks ago, the ladder looked to be taking shape. But now it’s unpredictable again; with just one game separating third from seventh.
Autumn has turned into winter, and the cold and wind were evident during the round 9 fixtures. But there hasn’t been much rain lately, and the grounds are still solid and hard with not much mud to slide around in.

North Shore have been the front-runners so far this season. But even they now look vulnerable, as the undefeated run is over. Saturday’s game against Manly was always going to be a danger game. The Bombers have never won at Weldon; and the Wolves are a vastly different side on their home turf compared to when they play away. But the sheer size of the win will come as a shock to many.
When the two teams faced off in the opening round, the Bombers had enjoyed a big win; and the Wolves weren’t going to let that happen again. Flying the flag in the first quarter, the Wolves piled on the physical pressure and denied the Bombers any easy touches. It wasn’t a high-scoring quarter of footy, but from Manly’s perspective it didn’t need to be. What they had to do was put the Bombers under pressure, and they succeeded in doing that. And with two goals to one in the first quarter, the home side was leading by six points at the first change.
It was in the second quarter that the floodgates opened. The Wolves had seen off the threat of a North Shore flyer, and left them stunned with the ferocious opening term. And in the second quarter they capitalised, finding their run and leaving the Bombers looking flat-footed for the first time this season. And the forwards stood tall, leading and marking to create plenty of chances; as the Wolves ran through seven goals to one. With a 44-point advantage at half time, the scene was set for the upset of the season to date.
There was no way for the Bombers to get back in the contest. They had a few decent passages of play in the third quarter, but it was far from the dominant North Shore side we’ve seen for most of this season. And every time they would launch a challenge, the Wolves had the answer. Manly again controlled the contest as they kicked four goals to two in the third term, extending the lead to 53 points at three quarter time.
The North Shore resistance had crumbled, and the end of the winning streak was already assured. But the Wolves maintained their run in the last quarter, sensing a percentage boost; and turned on a quarter of footy as good as any they’ve done all year. It would yield seven goals to one, as the final margin stretched out to 93 points.
Hamish Ellem was unstoppable as he booted six goals for the Wolves in a best-on-ground performance; while Anthony Robertson landed five and Connor Pettersson and Jack Hawkins picked up stacks of possessions around the ground. The Wolves’ record at Weldon remains intact, and with the boost to their percentage the Wolves enter the top five for the first time in 2018. Such was the size of the win that the Wolves have leap-frogged their way into third place at the half-way point of the season.
Ned Campbell, Jack Campbell and Sam Carruthers kept putting in all day for the Bombers. But it was a dirty day for North Shore. They remain on top of the ladder, but the only positive they could take out of this game is that they don’t have to go back to Weldon again this year.

Defending champions Pennant Hills remain in second spot, and moved to within a game of the Bombers when they recorded a 72-point win over Sydney Uni at Sydney Uni No 1 Oval in a twilight game on Saturday evening.
The Students had beaten the Demons in the opening round this year, but the Demons this time looked like they meant business as they moved to shut the Uni running machine down early. The opening quarter went blow for blow, both sides making the changes as they looked to find the decisive edge. The Demons were looking slightly the better side as they kicked three goals to two and led by ten points at the first change.
After a rev-up in the quarter time huddle, the Demons stepped up another gear in the second term and set up the match-winning break. A brief shower passed over the ground, but that didn’t stop the Demons from controlling the contest, running the ball forward and finding room to move even in the tight confines of the campus ground. A run of six goals to two would set up a buffer that the Students would never be a chance of pulling back, as they extended their lead to 37 points at half time.
The Demons went on with the job in the third quarter. They let themselves down with some sloppy finishing in front of goal that in a closer game would have cost them dearly. But despite a return of 3.7 for the quarter, the Pennant Hills defence was more than up to the job as they held the Students to just two goals. The lead was 48 points at three quarter time, the Demons in control and victory was assured.
Sensing a chance to boost their percentage and make a statement against one of the competition favourites, the Demons went on with the job in the last quarter. The term would see the Demons kick five goals to one, giving their percentage a handy lift and condemning the star-studded Students to their biggest defeat for a few years.
Nick Hey spearheaded the Demon charge with five goals; and along with Tom Angel and Stephen Wray was among the Demons’ best. They sit a game behind North Shore, and have bridged a considerable part of the percentage gap. But more importantly, they are two games clear of fourth place and are well placed for the double-chance when the finals roll around. For everything the Demons have achieved in their Premier Division history, back to back premierships eludes them. Maybe this is the year.
It wasn’t a great night for the Students. Monty Krochmal, Harry Morrison and Jacob Swarts never stopped trying all night; but it was one of those nights where nothing was going right. Two losses in a row see the Students drop behind Manly to fourth place, with plenty of ground to make up to get to the teams above them.

St George have struggled so far in 2018, and haven’t done themselves any favours in recent weeks with some inaccurate finishing in front of goals. And another round of the yips up forward cost the Dragons any chance against East Coast at Olds Park on Saturday afternoon
The game started with the Eagles kicking the only three goals of the opening term. The Dragons, for all their troubles this season, were competitive around the ground and getting just as much of the ball as the Eagles, but were struggling to find a way to turn reward into effort. The Eagles didn’t have to do anything flash, and they didn’t, but it was enough to work their way to an 18-point quarter time lead.
In the second term, just one goal apiece would be scored. An inconsistent circling wind didn’t help, making it difficult for both sides to weigh their kicks and find their targets; but the wind gave a nice dose of winter air to the fans sitting on the hill near the clubhouse on the eastern side. Frustration was setting in, both coaches barely being able to summon the internal strength to watch as shots for goal were taken. And as the teams returned to the rooms at half time, the Eagles were leading by 17 points.
The Eagles didn’t need to be fancy, and there were few individual acts of brilliance in the third term. But by gradually inching forward, taking their time and making better use of their chances when they came; that was enough to put the visitors in an unassailable position. As if psychologically struggling when the chances came, time after time the Dragons would miss their target and shots would sail wide. Three goals to one in favour of the Eagles saw them 30 points clear at the last change; and St George were a visibly annoyed side as they went into the three quarter time huddle with a score of 2.10 to their name.
And the Dragon frustration wouldn’t ease in the last term. They created plenty of chances, but a return of 2.7 for the quarter killed any chance of them running down the substantial deficit. Around the ground, the Dragons were getting enough of the ball and taking it up to the Eagles, but reward for effort was not forthcoming. The Eagles managed two goals themselves in the last quarter; and when the final siren sounded the Eagles had taken the game by 25 points.
Cameron Edwards, Trent Stubbs and Aaron Drinkwater were best for the Eagles. It hadn’t been a game that reached any great heights, but the Eagles did what they needed to do efficiently enough; and that was enough to take four valuable competition points with them. The Eagles are in a congested space on the ladder, in a group of several teams with a 5-4 record. It hasn’t been a totally convincing season to date for the Eagles, but getting the four points in games like this is important. But the unconvincing margin meant that Manly have overtaken their percentage and the Eagles drop out of the top five.
St George young guns Liam Bognar, Nathan Coxall and Chris Horbury stood out for the Dragon cause, continuing to fight all the way. The Dragons were competitive for most of the day, and had they kicked straighter may have been able to put some pressure on the Eagles. But it wasn’t to be; and the Dragons remain stuck on 9th position with just two wins for the first half of the season and time is starting to run out to find some inspiration to get their season back on track.

Meanwhile at Picken Oval, Camden won through to their fourth win of the season and compounded the misery on Wests when the Cats led from start to finish to complete a 51-point win.
The Cats had won the previous meeting between the two clubs, back on the opening day of the season. And as they took control of the game from the start, they looked set to do so again. Bursting out of the blocks and immediately getting run into their legs, the Cats got off to a flyer that set up the result and saw heads drop in the Magpie camp. It was a dominant display as the Cats scored six goals to one, turning on a running display that would be the most impressive football of the day as they raced to a 35-point lead at the first change.
The Magpies knew they had work to do to salvage this game, and gave it their best shot in the second quarter. For a few fleeting minutes they looked a chance to get back into the contest as they lifted their game and attempted a fightback. But the Magpies didn’t have the firepower to sustain the effort, and the Cats were able to come up with the answering goals to snuff out the challenge. The term would see three goals apiece, and the Cats’ lead cut to 31 points; but the Magpies needed to get more scoreboard pressure on during their periods of time when they had the ball.
There was little to inspire about the third quarter, as the wind picked up and the dark clouds began to gather. It was a scrap, with both sides laying on some fierce tackling but letting themselves down with a series of clangers and turnovers that had the coaches shaking their head in frustration. Neither side drew twin flags from the goal umpires, although both teams set up more than enough chances. When the siren mercifully sounded to end an uninspiring quarter, the Cats were 32 points clear and victory was guaranteed.
The Cats added another three unanswered goals in the last quarter, keeping the Magpies goal-less after half time and cruising to a comfortable win. Other than the first quarter, it was a game where they won ugly; but at this stage of the season, accumulating the wins is what matters.
Mitchell Sapiatzer, James Bottin-Noonan and Kyle Veerhuis featured prominently for the Cats, as they added another valuable win. Four victories for the season, three of them on the road, sees them only one win outside the top five. The dream of making the finals in their first season remains alive. The two games where the Cats have been pipped at the post may cost them, but they’ll give it their best shot.
Edward Cole, Tyler Blake and Adam Tipungwuti were best for the Magpies. But this game was gone by quarter time, and although they kept fighting, the Magpies weren’t able to make any dent on the deficit and another defeat looked inevitable almost from the start. The Magpies have one win this season, but will have to find some improvement in them in the second half of the season to avoid a second straight wooden spoon.

The round was concluded with a twilight game at Henson Park on Sunday afternoon. It was an eastern derby as UNSW-ES took on UTS. It wasn’t a game that reached any great heights, not helped by the blustery conditions; but in an extremely tight race for finals positions, it was four valuable competition points for the Bulldogs.
When the two teams met in the opening round, the Bats were successful. But this time round, it looked from the start that the Bats would struggle to kick a winning score this time. Both teams had key players out and were short of full strength; but the first quarter of the game was a scrappy affair punctuated by turnovers. The Bulldogs kicked the only goal of the quarter to lead by seven points at quarter time, but it wasn’t a quarter of footy that will go down in the classics.
The Bats were just as slow in the second quarter, but the Bulldogs got their game together to set up what would be the match-winning break. Kicks that had fallen short in the first term began to hit their targets, and a more coherent midfield was working together more effectively to create opportunities on the forward line. The Bulldogs added four unanswered goals in the second term to lead by 31 points at the long break; and the Bats returned to the rooms with their tails between their legs as they were goal-less at half time.
The Bats finally broke their drought in the third quarter, but one solitary goal was not going to be enough to get them back into the contest. But they stopped the second quarter run of the Bulldogs to some extent, with the Bulldogs held to two goals for the third term. It was a battle, physical at times; but there were few aesthetic highlights to entertain. Day had turned into night, and the sun had set on the Bats’ hopes of repeating the opening round upset. At three quarter time the Bulldogs were 36 points to the good.
It hadn’t been a great game of footy, and the result of the game was already beyond doubt. The last quarter was like going through the motions, with little of the ferocious intent that was evident early in the contest. It produced more attacking footy than the earlier quarters, with the Bats salvaging something from a disappointing evening with three goals; while the Bulldogs also added three more to their tally.
The final margin was 38 points. It took some fiddling with the calculators to work out the ladder; but the Bulldogs find themselves in fifth place. Just a few percentage points behind Manly and Sydney Uni but ahead of East Coast. Just seven percent separate those four clubs on the ladder; and the race for finals places could be extremely tight this year. Harrison Collins, Michael Thomson and Darcy Cordell were best for the Bulldogs on a day when they were far from their best but did enough to get the job done.
Rawson Kirkhope, Fred Cator and Brendan Browne were best for UTS. But it was a disappointing performance by the Bats, who struggled all night to get their game going. The loss sees them two games plus plenty of percentage out of the top five, and they will need a quick reversal of form to get back into the finals race.

So at the half-way point of the season, North Shore remain on top. Pennant Hills are a game plus percentage behind in second place; with a two-game break behind them.
But then it gets extremely tight; with Manly, Sydney Uni, UNW-ES and East Coast level on games and with just 7 percent separating them. Camden are a game behind them; and then a further game back to UTS. St George with two wins and Wests with one win have some work to do to get back into the finals race.
And that brings us to half time. And the long break, with no games scheduled over the June long weekend. During the break, this column will also take a breather and get into the oranges. We’ll be back in two weeks.

Manly-Warringah 2.2 9.5 13.5 20.12 (132)
North Shore 1.2 2.3 4.6 5.9 (39)
Goals: Manly –
H Ellem 6, A Robertson 5, H Washington 2, T Armitage, J Field, E Burke, J Bennett, L Behagg, C Johnston, C Bousamra. North Shore - S Crane 2, L Hayres, Z Fyffe, B Plug.
Best : Manly - H Ellem, C Pettersson, J Hawkins, G Benbow, E Burke, A Robertson. North Shore - N Campbell, J Campbell, S Carruthers, S Crane, B Plug, S Lee-Steere.
At Weldon Oval, Saturday 2nd June 2018.

Pennant Hills 3.5 9.10 12.17 17.20 (122)
Sydney University 2.1 4.3 6.5 7.8 (50)
Goals : Pennant Hills -
N Hey 5, A Goodall 2, T Angel 2, T Edmonds, J Boag, R Ediriwickrama, C Luscombe, M Carey, M Preen, M Carroll, M Thomas. Sydney Uni - T Cordner 2, C Morgan 2, H Morrison, A Everett, M Krochmal.
Best : Pennant Hills - T Angel, N Hey, S Wray, J Hare, A Goodall, R Ediriwickrama. Sydney Uni - M Krochmal, H Morrison, J Swarts, T Cordner, A Everett, N Bowen.
At Sydney Uni No 1 Oval, Saturday 2nd June 2018.

East Coast Eagles 3.4 4.7 7.10 9.12 (66)
St George 0.4 1.8 2.10 4.17 (41)
Goals : East Coast -
T Stubbs 3, C Edwards 2, Jamie Vlatko 2, J Etto, B Clark. St George - A Wynn, N Ryan, K Anu, D Hoban
Best : East Coast - C Edwards, T Stubbs, A Drinkwater, K Merson, S Turner, R Haupt. St George - L Bognar, N Coxall, C Horbury, A Wynn, D Michalak, D Hoban.
At Olds Park, Saturday 2nd June 2018.

Camden 6.7 9.7 9.11 12.14 (86)
Western Suburbs 1.2 4.6 4.8 4.11 (35)
Goals : Camden -
B Pearce 3, K Veerhuis 2, J Ayling 2, J Van Luenen, D Leary, T Gilheany, L Vella, M Sapiatzer. Wests – E Cole 3, A Tipingwuti.
Best : Camden - M Sapiatzer, J Bottin-Noonan, K Veerhuis, B Pearce, J Burke, J Ware. Wests - E Cole, T Blake, A Tipungwuti, C McEvoy-Gray, N Eynaud, J Polley.
At Picken Oval, Saturday 2nd June 2018.

Uni NSW-Eastern Suburbs 1.2 5.4 7.6 10.10 (70)
University of Technology 0.1 0.3 1.6 4.8 (32)
Goals : UNSW-ES -
T Banuelos 3, M Thompson 2, J Cann, T Baxter, J McKinlay, S Thorne, H Collins. UTS – R Kirkhope 2, J Crameri, T Larby.
Best : UNSW-ES - H Collins, M Thompson, D Cordell, S Thorne, J Cann, D Pfeiffer. UTS - R Kirkhope, F Cator, B Browne, A Tarrant, N Daniel, C Rogers.
At Henson Park, Sunday 3rd June 2018.

table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
North Shore
Pennant Hills
Sydney Uni
East Coast
St George
Black - Confirmed finallists
Green - Currently in a finals position, but not yet guaranteed a place in the finals
Blue - Not currently in a finals position, but still a chance to qualify
Purple - Will not be competing in the finals
Red - Wooden spoon

Premier Reserves:
Camden 7.15 (57) d Western Suburbs 4.4 (28)
North Shore 12.18 (90) d Manly 1.0 (6)
East Coast 8.9 (57) d St George 8.7 (55)
Sydney Uni 10.16 (76) d Pennant Hills 7.4 (46)
UNSW-ES 11.7 (73) d UTS 8.3 (51)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (32, 185.07%), Pennant Hills (28, 169.62%), UNSW-ES (28, 159.40%), Camden (24, 119.68%), North Shore (16, 118.97%), East Coast (16, 101.89%), UTS (16, 84.75%), St George (12, 83.88%), Manly (8, 38.91%), Wests (0, 48.55%).

Platinum Division:
Western Magic 8.10 (58) d Balmain 4.10 (34)
Holroyd-Parramatta 13.9 (87) d Southern Power 5.6 (36)
Penrith 22.18 (150) d South-West Sydney 3.0 (18)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Western Magic (87.5, 157.46%), Penrith (85.71, 207.89%), Macquarie Uni (71.43, 205.07%), Holroyd-Parramatta (50, 100.20%), Southern Power (37.5, 79.40%), Balmain (12.5, 63.56%), South-West Sydney (12.5, 37.96%).

Platinum Reserves:
Western Magic 14.9 (93) d Balmain 3.3 (21)
Southern Power 21.18 (144) d Holroyd-Parramatta 0.6 (6)
Penrith d South-West Sydney - forfeit
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Macquarie Uni (100, 266.67%), Penrith (85.71, 232.79%), Southern Power (75, 255.81%), Western Magic (50, 151.22%), Balmain (37.5, 85.86%), Holroyd-Parramatta (12.5, 40.23%), South-West Sydney (0, 10.20%).

Division One:
Sydney Uni 11.6 (72) d Pennant Hills 10.6 (66)
Wollondilly 4.9 (33) d North Shore 3.7 (25)
UTS 10.4 (64) d NorWest 7.14 (56)
Randwick City 16.13 (109) d Campbelltown 3.5 (23)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (28, 159.25%), Randwick City (22, 204.49%), NorWest (20, 123.26%), UTS (16, 106.09%), Pennant Hills (14, 95.11%), North Shore (12, 125.35%), Wollondilly (12, 74.26%), Campbelltown (4, 22.66%).

Division Two:
St George 8.5 (53) d East Coast 7.9 (51)
Camden 8.10 (58) d Western Suburbs 4.5 (29)
Sydney Uni 9.11 (65) d Pennant Hills 7.4 (46)
Manly 5.11 (41) d North Shore 5.2 (32)
UNSW-ES 8.8 (56) d UTS 3.5 (23)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (32, 285.36%), Camden (28, 269.30%), UNSW-ES (24, 192.05%), UTS (20, 117.44%), Manly (16, 91.42%), St George (16, 50.60%), North Shore (12, 79.80%), Pennant Hills (4, 81.13%), East Coast (4, 61.08%), Wests (4, 29.81%).

Division Three:
Camden 13.16 (94) d North Shore 0.2 (2)
Randwick City 11.4 (70) d Campbelltown 6.5 (41)
Macquarie Uni 5.6 (36) d Sydney Uni 3.10 (28)
UNSW-ES 9.12 (66) d UTS 3.1 (19)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Macquarie Uni (87.5, 180.95%), Camden (83.33, 213.48%), UNSW-ES (75, 163.92%), Pennant Hills (71.43, 169.51%), Sydney Uni (57.14, 130.25%), Randwick City (28.57, 62.11%), North Shore (28.57, 38.76%), UTS (14.29, 69.57%), Campbelltown (0, 43.40%).

Under 19s One:
Sydney Uni 9.10 (64) d Pennant Hills 6.7 (43)
North Shore 11.14 (80) d Manly 1.4 (10)
St George 17.10 (112) d East Coast 4.6 (30)
UNSW-ES 10.10 (70) d Camden 5.2 (32)
Ladder – UNSW-ES (32, 274.60%), St George (24, 165.15%), North Shore (24, 129.73%), Sydney Uni (20, 106.90%), Pennant Hills (8, 100.00%), Camden (8, 69.73%), East Coast (8, 65.18%), Manly (4, 41.18%).

Under 19s Two:
Wests Goannas 13.20 (98) d Campbelltown 7.8 (50)
Southern Power 17.16 (118) d St George 2.2 (14)
Penrith 21.21 (147) d South-West Sydney 1.1 (7)
North Shore 12.14 (86) d Sydney Uni 5.7 (37)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Southern Power (100, 422.29%), Wests Goannas (71.43, 169.69%), Penrith (57.14, 190.56%), Campbelltown (57.14, 113.94%), UNSW-ES (57.14, 84.25%), North Shore (42.86, 107.96%), St George (42.86, 62.68%), Sydney Uni (28.57, 62.13%), South-West Sydney (0, 14.91%).

Women Premier Division:
Auburn-Penrith 4.5 (29) d Western Wolves 1.5 (11)
Newtown 5.11 (41) d UTS 3.5 (23)
Macquarie Uni 7.10 (52) d Sydney Uni 2.1 (13)
UNSW-ES 6.6 (42) d Southern Power 1.6 (12)
Ladder – Macquarie Uni (32, 318.49%), UNSW-ES (28, 454.37%), Auburn-Penrith (20, 118.91%), Newtown (12, 73.77%), Southern Power (12, 50.41%), Sydney Uni (8, 73.53%), UTS (8, 70.74%), Western Wolves (8, 38.86%).

Women Division One:
Pennant Hills 5.2 (32) d North Shore 1.2 (8)
East Coast 6.6 (42) d Wollongong 5.8 (38)
Manly 14.22 (106) d Sydney Uni 0.1 (1)
Western Magic 12.12 (84) d UNSW-ES 1.2 (8)
Ladder – Wollongong (28, 355.63%), Pennant Hills (28, 301.56%), East Coast (24, 199.57%), Western Magic (20, 258.99%), Manly (16, 154.77%), North Shore (8, 58.50%), UNSW-ES (4, 37.92%), Sydney Uni (0, 3.25%).

Women Division Two:
Manly 4.1 (25) d Campbelltown 2.2 (14)
South-West Sydney 4.7 (31) d Auburn-Penrith 2.5 (17)
Western Magic 3.11 (29) d Newtown 3.1 (19)
Pennant Hills 8.3 (51) d North Shore 2.2 (14)
Camden 11.18 (84) d Wollondilly 2.0 (12)
Macquarie Uni 4.6 (30) d UTS 0.3 (3)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Camden (100, 608.57%), South-West Sydney (87.5, 321.85%), Holroyd-Parramatta (85.71, 581.69%), Pennant Hills (71.43, 213.67%), Campbelltown (57.14, 160.67%), Macquarie Uni (57.14, 58.12%), North Shore (42.86, 55.38%), Western Magic (37.5, 75.23%), Wollondilly (28.57, 64.44%), UTS (28.57, 53.49%), Newtown (25, 35.48%), Auburn-Penrith (14.29, 42.91%), Manly (12.5, 7.90%).

Sydney Uni 16.10 (100) d Balmain 2.5 (17)
North-West Sydney 18.23 (131) d Wollondilly 1.1 (7)
St George 16.5 (101) d Macquarie Uni 1.3 (9)
Macarthur 7.3 (45) d Southern Masters 3.8 (26)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (16, 526.15%), St George (16, 366.67%), Macarthur (16, 250.51%), North-West Sydney (14, 228.46%), Macquarie Uni (2, 33.72%), Southern Masters (0, 60.09%), Wollondilly (0, 22.77%), Balmain (0, 19.79%).


Premier Division:

Saturday 16th June
Kanebridge Oval – East Coast v Sydney Uni (1:50pm)
Trumper Park – UTS v North Shore (2:15pm)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v Manly (2:30pm)
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v Western Suburbs (2:30pm)
Olds Park – St George v UNSW-ES (2:30pm)

Premier Reserves:
Saturday 16th June
Kanebridge Oval – East Coast v Sydney Uni (11:50am)
Trumper Park – UTS v North Shore (12:15pm)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v Manly (12:30pm)
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v Western Suburbs (12:30pm)
Olds Park – St George v UNSW-ES (12:30pm)

Platinum Division:
Saturday 16th June
Mahoney Park – Balmain v Southern Power (1:50pm)
Blacktown ISP No 2 – Western Magic v Macquarie Uni (2:20pm)
Sunday 17th June
Greygums Oval – Penrith v Holroyd-Parramatta (1:40pm)
BYE – South-West Sydney.

Platinum Reserves:
Saturday 16th June
Mahoney Park – Balmain v Southern Power (12pm)
Blacktown ISP No 2 – Western Magic v Macquarie Uni (12:20pm)
Sunday 17th June
Greygums Oval – Penrith v Holroyd-Parramatta (11:45am)
BYE – South-West Sydney.

Division One:
Saturday 16th June
Trumper Park – UTS v North Shore (10:25am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v Wollondilly (12:20pm)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v Randwick City (12:50pm)
Mike Kenny Oval (Lower) – Pennant Hills v NorWest (2:30pm)

Division Two:
Saturday 16th June
Trumper Park – UTS v North Shore (8:45am)
Kanebridge Oval – East Coast v Sydney Uni (10:10am)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v Manly (10:40am)
Olds Park – St George v UNSW-ES (10:40am)
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v Western Suburbs (10:50am)

Division Three:
Saturday 16th June
Waverley Oval – UTS v North Shore (10am)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v Randwick City (11:10am)
Mike Kenny Oval (Lower) – Pennant Hills v Camden (12:50pm)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v UNSW-ES (1pm)
BYE – Campbelltown.

Under 19s One:
Saturday 16th June
Mike Kenny Oval – Pennant Hills v North Shore (9am)
Kanebridge Oval – East Coast v Sydney Uni (4:20pm)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v Manly (5pm)
Olds Park – St George v UNSW-ES (5pm)

Under 19s Two:
Saturday 16th June
Olds Park – St George v North Shore (9am)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v UNSW-ES (9:30am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v Southern Power (10:40am)
Sunday 17th June
Greygums Oval – Penrith v Wests Goannas (10am)
BYE – South-West Sydney.

Women Premier Division:
Saturday 16th June
Picken Oval – Western Wolves v UNSW-ES (1pm)
Waverley Oval – UTS v Macquarie Uni (1:20pm)
Greygums Oval – Auburn-Penrith v Newtown (1:45pm)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v Southern Power (4:20pm)

Women Division One:
Saturday 16th June
Kanebridge Oval – East Coast v UNSW-ES (8:30am)
Blacktown ISP No 2 – Western Magic v Manly (10:40am)
Mike Kenny Oval (Lower) – Pennant Hills v Wollongong (11:10am)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v North Shore (2:40pm)

Women Division Two:
Saturday 16th June
Blacktown ISP No 2 – Western Magic v Wollondilly (9am)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v Macquarie Uni (9am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v Newtown (9am)
Mike Kenny Oval (Lower) – Pennant Hills v Holroyd-Parramatta (9:30am)
Waverley Oval – UTS v North Shore (11:40am)
Greygums Oval – Auburn-Penrith v Manly (12pm)
BYE – South-West Sydney.

Saturday 16th June
Mahoney Park – Balmain v Wollondilly (10:20am)
Monarch Oval – Macarthur v Sydney Uni (2:10pm)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v Southern Masters (2:50pm)
Olds Park – St George v North-West Sydney (6:50pm)