Article by Michael Shillito

After a week off over the long weekend, the competition resumed on Saturday with a full round of fixtures. It was a day of sunshine on Saturday, although the wind kept the temperatures down and kept the players guessing.

Kanebridge Oval was the venue for a blue and gold derby, as East Coast Eagles played host to Sydney Uni for the Gordon-Physick Cup. In the context of an extremely tight battle between third and sixth, who went into the round level on points and separated by just a few percent; this was always going to be a key fixture. A game where not just the winner but the margin would be critical.
In such a context, it’s not surprising that the first term was tightly contested, with neither side prepared to concede easy possessions or scoring opportunities to the other. There were plenty of physical contests and some ferocious tackling. But the Students were looking the better side in the early exchanges, and found ways to get through the Eagle defence and create chances. Sydney Uni led by 14 points at the first change after kicking three goals to one, and were looking well set.
But at the quarter time break, the Eagles steadied and the reshuffle of the back line worked a treat in the second term. The Students had the ball as much as the Eagles in the second term, but struggled to do anything meaningful with it as the Eagle defenders spoiled and cleared with regularity. It was a scrappy quarter of footy, but the Eagles made the important plays work to their advantage, kicking the only two goals of the quarter and reducing the deficit to just two points at the long break.
After such a tight first half, the game was there to be won if either team could put on a decisive burst that would break the game open. And in the third quarter, the Eagles were able to do just that. Players that had been well held in the first half started to pick up possessions and turn the tide in the home side’s favour. It didn’t take long for the Eagles to take the lead, and the Students were left to chase the game. Five goals would go to the Eagles in the premiership quarter, while the Students were held to one goal and would regret some missed opportunities to minimise the damage. At three quarter time, the Eagles were 18 points ahead.
The Students would have to turn on something special in the last quarter to steal this game back, and they gave it a decent shot. They lifted their workrate in the last quarter, and kept coming hard at the Eagles during the last term. But the East Coast defenders were equal to the task; and although the Students sent the ball inside their forward 50 numerous times in the last quarter, they were only able to produce one more goal to show for their efforts. Although the Eagles didn’t score a goal in the last quarter, they hung on for dear life and emerged with a 13-point win.
Trent Stubbs, Kieran Emery and Reuben Haupt were best for the Eagles, and were pivotal to them taking out an important win. Not only for their four points, but for denying four points to Sydney Uni. The Eagles have been inconsistent this season, but when they’re in their best form they are hard to stop. They had to dig deep, but they got the job done; and with the win they return to the top five.
Monty Krochmal, Jacob Swarts and Marcus Valastro were tireless servants of the Uni cause, and worked hard to keep them in the contest. But in the end the Students fell short. They had more scoring shots than the Eagles, but failed to capitalise on some good work around the ground; and some more accurate finishing in the third term could have reduced the damage when the Eagles made the decisive move of the game. And with the loss, their third in a row, the Students drop out of the top five.

Manly have moved up the ladder into the top five in recent weeks, and the Wolves continued their mid-season run when they recorded their third win on the trot, and first on the road this season, with a nail-biting four-point win over Camden at Fairfax Reserve.
Conditions were good, but the Cats were unable to exert any influence over the contest in the first quarter. The first term wasn’t one that reached any great heights, but the Wolves were looking the stronger side all over the field, and the scoreboard reflected this as the Wolves kicked three unanswered goals and held a 17-point quarter time lead. Manly, knowing the importance of keeping their run of form going, delivered a series of crunching tackles and golden-fist spoils that denied the Cats any opportunity of getting their game going.
But the home side lifted in the second term, and worked hard to repair the damage from their poor first quarter. The Wolves were also forced to lift, and to defend, facing stiffer opposition than they had faced earlier in the game. Now it was a contest, and there was no shortage of pressure applied. The Cats’ efforts to force their way back into the contest were rewarded on the scoreboard, as they scored three goals to one in the second term and the Manly lead was reduced to four points at half time.
The Cats briefly flirted with the lead in the third term, but the Wolves had the answers for any challenge the home side would throw their way. The tension was rising and the tackles kept coming as two willing combatants were looking for the decisive edge that would turn the game their way. But the Wolves were looking better, their big name players standing tall. Three goals to two would see Manly leading by nine points at the last change, but everyone knew this contest was far from over.
The Wolves couldn’t afford to rest on their laurels, and they kept working in the last quarter. Three goals would come their way, but the Cats kept coming. The Cats would also get three goals in the final term, and had plenty of chances to create more. But frustratingly for the Cats, six behinds would be registered on the scoreboard, and several of them could have been goals. If just one of them had been, it would have been a different story. But when the final siren rang, the Wolves had held on to win by four points.
Tyrone Armitage kicked four goals in a best-on-ground performance for the Wolves, while Anthony Robertson and Harrison Koch were ball magnets for the Wolves, as they have been so often in the club’s Premier Division history. Three wins in a row, an important away win; and the Wolves remain in the top five.
The Cats were well served by the efforts of Jed Ellis-Cluff, Nathan Kenny and Bailey McParland. But it was a heartbreaking result for the Cats, their third loss by a kick at home this season. Had they won those three games, they would now be third. Instead, they are two games out of the five; and their hopes of playing finals in their first season in Premier Division are fading.

After their loss to Manly last start, North Shore were keen to make amends when they travelled to Trumper Park to take on UTS. The Bats had troubled the Bombers there before, but this time it was a big win for the Bombers.
It wasn’t looking like that in the early exchanges. The Bats were matching it with the Bombers in the first quarter, putting their bodies on the line and making the Bombers earn every possession. Quarter time saw the Bats leading by three points, after a quarter that would see both team kick four goals; and at that stage it was looking like an even contest. But not for long.
There were a few scuffles early in the second term, and a bit of push and shove. But that spurred the Bombers into action, and after that the Bats were never in the contest. The Bats would not score in the second term, rarely getting the ball anywhere near their forward 50. But on the confined space of Trumper Park, there are goals to be had. And when the Bombers got their running game going, there was no stopping them. The Bombers would score eight unanswered goals in the third term, blasting the Bats out of the contest as they raced to a 48-point half-time lead.
The Bombers were on fire, and they could do no wrong. For every player in footy, there are times when you can’t miss, and other times when you have no confidence in your ability to kick it from 20 out. For North Shore, this was a day when they couldn’t miss; and shot after shot was threaded through from distances, from tight angles, on the run. Six straight goals would be added to the tally in the third term. The Bats tried their best to minimise the damage, kicking three goals; and against the run of play, had more scoring shots than the Bombers in the third term. But the Bombers were 61 points ahead at the last change and cruising to victory.
The Bombers continued their golden run in the last quarter, continuing the trick shots and threading through the most unlikely of goals. At one stage they had 25.3 on the scoreboard, having the Midas touch around the ground as everything they touched turned to gold. The quarter was a free-flowing shootout; and although the light was fading, the Bombers’ flair was not. Eight goals to three in the final term extended the margin to 92 points before the siren finally sounded.
There were plenty of Bombers on fire around the ground. Wayd Blackburne kicked six goals, while Will Taylor and Danny Roberts each contributed four. Zac Fyffe, Jono Marsh and Ned Campbell all picked up plenty of possessions to contribute to the Bombers’ big win. They remain top of the ladder, with only one loss so far this season; and another win on the board that adds to their already impressive percentage.
Justin Crameri kicked four goals for the Bats from limited opportunities, while Simon Lewis, Brendan Browne and Brad Harricks battled gamely for the Bats all afternoon. But the Bats were outclassed by red-hot North Shore side and were unable to match it with them after the first quarter. The loss sees the Bats stuck on three wins, three games plus plenty of percentage out of the five; and it would take something extraordinary for them to make the finals from here.

Pennant hills were the hottest of favourites when they hosted Wests at Mike Kenny Oval on Saturday afternoon. But for a while, the Demons were looking down the barrel of an upset; and it wasn’t till the last quarter that they got on top.
While the Demons were looking the better side in the early exchanges, there were plenty of signs that the Magpies had come to play. There was some committed tackling, and few Demon runners were allowed room to move. The Demons kicked three goals to two in the first term, and led by eight points at the first change. But the Magpies were determined, and weren’t going to give this contest away without a fight.
The second term followed a similar theme. The Demons threatened at times to get away, but the Magpies came up with the answers to peg them back. There was plenty of pressure, and the Demons found themselves forced into some turnovers due to the relentless Magpie defensive work. Three goals apiece would be scored in the second term, and the Demons led by ten points at half time. But the job was far from done.
The Magpies had a sniff, and in the third term they quickly took the lead. Suddenly the defending champions were looking vulnerable against a committed Wests side. There was plenty of noise coming from the Magpie bench, and some crunching tackles kept the Demons under pressure. An extraordinary third term of footy, against all odds, saw the Magpies land four goals to one; and when the siren sounded, Wests held a shock seven point advantage. The mood was upbeat in the Wests camp as they moved into their huddle at the last change; and the scent of the boilover of the season was in the air.
But it wasn’t to be. The Magpies had fought so well for three quarters, taking the fight up to their highly-fancied rivals. But after three quarters of relentless physical footy, putting themselves on the line to contest every possession, fatigue set in and they had nothing more to give. And the Demons, who had been short of their best in the third term, stepped up when it mattered. The deficit was quickly erased, and with the Demons back in front, the chance of an upset was gone. And the Demons kept going, as their opposition had evaporated; scoring nine unanswered goals to run out 49-point winners.
Matt Carey scored four goals for the Demons, while Tom Angel, Jordan Adams and Ranga Ediriwickrama featured prominently around the ground. The Demons were challenged, and were under threat; but when the game was there to be won, they stood and delivered. The Demons remain in second place, their two-game break ahead of third spot remaining intact; as is their reputation for digging themselves out of trouble to get the job done.
Callan Dell kicked four goals; and along with Adam Tipungwuti and Edward Cole were best for the Magpies. At three quarter time, they had the chance to pull off a stunning boilover; but unfortunately they weren’t able to finish the job in the final quarter. They remain bottom of the ladder, with just one win so far this year. This would have been a memorable scalp for them to claim, but it wasn’t to be.

UNSW-ES continued St George’s season of misery on Saturday at Olds Park, when the Bulldogs led from start to finish to record a comfortable 43-point win.
The Bulldogs were looking the stronger side early, and should have been further in front than they were; but some inaccurate finishing in the inconsistent breeze would count against them. But, despite squandering some chances that should have been completed, and only kicking two goals to one for the quarter; the Bulldogs were still 11 points clear at quarter time.
There’s been plenty of things that have frustrated St George during this tricky season; but the Dragons were determined to compete in this contest for as long as they could. During the second term, they made a good fist of it, as they threw caution to the wind and went on the attack. It didn’t always come off, and they leaked some goals; but at least they were putting pressure on and creating enough chances to kick a score that would get them back into the contest. They were never able to regain the lead, but won the quarter. A term that would yield four goals apiece saw the teams return to the rooms at half time with the Bulldogs holding a ten point advantage.
But the Bulldogs made the decisive move in the premiership quarter, with a quarter of four goals to one that extended their lead to 27 points at three quarter time. The Bulldog midfield lifted, and began to use the expansive Olds Park surrounds to their advantage as they found room to move and the forwards got in front of their opponents to create leads. Dragon heads dropped as, with every Bulldog goal, the inevitability of another loss drew closer. By the time the teams headed to the three quarter time huddle, the result of the game was beyond dispute.
The sting had largely gone out of the game by the last quarter, and the pressure was off. But the motions gone through made for some attacking and running football that would keep the goal umpires busy. The final term would see the Bulldogs add another five goals to three, extending the final margin to 43 points. With the size of the win, the Bulldogs leap-frog Manly into third place, with a marginally better percentage.
Justin Cann showed his ability with five goals for the Bulldogs in a best-on-ground performance; while Tom Redden and Luke Essenstam also featured prominently. After dropping the first two games this season, the Bulldogs have only lost two since; climbing into third place and looking in good form.
Ben Hodgson, Alex Wynn and Ben Jones provided solid service for the Dragons. But it was another dirty day in a disappointing season, and the Dragons remain stuck in ninth position. After six years in a row in the finals, it’s almost certain they will miss out this year.

East Coast Eagles 1.1 3.2 8.2 8.5 (53)
Sydney University 3.3 3.4 4.8 5.10 (40)
Goals : East Coast -
T Stubbs 3, M Weekes 2, D Steer, B Clark, Jamie Vlatko. Sydney Uni - C Morgan 2, W Stratford, M Krochmal, B Pilot.
Best : East Coast - T Stubbs, K Emery, R Haupt, D Costello, D Visser, Jon Vlatko. Sydney Uni - M Krochmal, J Swarts, M Valastro, M Nettheim, A Birman, J Cole.
At Kanebridge Oval, Saturday 16th June 2018.

Manly-Warringah 3.0 4.2 7.3 10.4 (64)
Camden 0.1 3.4 5.6 8.12 (60)
Goals : Manly -
T Armitage 4, L Behagg 3, A Robertson, H Ellem, A Butler. Camden - J Ellis-Cluff 2, J Van Luenen, M Edwards, F Brown, M Sapiatzer, M Maher, B Yakimov.
Best : Manly - T Armitage, A Robertson, H Koch, R Wearne, L Behagg, H Washington. Camden - J Ellis-Cluff, N Kenny, B McParland, J Burke, J Bottin-Noonan, M Sapiatzer.
At Fairfax Reserve, Saturday 16th June 2018.

North Shore 4.0 12.3 18.3 26.5 (161)
University of Technology 4.3 4.3 7.8 10.9 (69)
Goals : North Shore -
W Blackburne 6, W Taylor 4, D Roberts 4, T Meacham 2, R Barkley 2, M Thomas 2, S Crane, S Lee-Steere, N Campbell, J Shumack, J Marsh, A McConnell. UTS - J Crameri 4, R Kirkhope, O Brecht, T Larby, E Karatzas, S Jansen, J Reynolds.
Best : North Shore - Z Fyffe, J Marsh, N Campbell, N Hurrell, R Barkley, J Rayner. UTS - S Lewis, B Browne, B Harricks, C Jurek, J Crameri, M Foley.
At Trumper Park, Saturday 16th June 2018.

Pennant Hills 3.3 6.7 7.8 16.11 (107)
Western Suburbs 2.1 5.3 9.3 9.4 (58)
Goals : Pennant Hills -
M Carey 4, B O'Brien 2, C Luscombe 2, J Adams 2, T Angel, M Carroll, M Thomas, N Mace, M Preen, A Crisfield. Wests - C Dell 4, A Tipungwuti 3, D O’Connell, J Zoppo.
Best : Pennant Hills – T Angel, J Adams, R Ediriwickrama, S Wray, T Edmonds, M Carey. Wests - A Tipungwuti, C Dell, E Cole, A Bremner, J Cowley, J Robinson.
At Mike Kenny Oval, Saturday 16th June 2018.

Uni NSW-Eastern Suburbs 2.6 6.8 10.10 15.14 (104)
St George 1.1 5.4 6.7 9.7 (61)
Goals : UNSW-ES –
J Cann 5, T Banuelos 3, T Dickson 2, H Annear, K Reynolds-Erler, T Redden, J Pawle, C Kilpatrick. St George - D Donohue 3, N Ryan 2, B Jones 2, C Horbury, A Wynn.
Best : UNSW-ES - J Cann, T Redden, L Essenstam, J Wachman, H Annear, J Blair. St George - B Hodgson, A Wynn, B Jones, R Close, K Anu, M Bridgland.
At Olds Park, Saturday 16th June 2018.

North Shore
Pennant Hills
East Coast
Sydney Uni
St George
Black - Confirmed finallists
Green - Currently in a finals position, but not yet guaranteed a place in the finals
Blue - Not currently in a finals position, but still a chance to qualify
Purple - Will not be competing in the finals
Red - Wooden spoon

Premier Reserves:
Sydney Uni 6.17 (53) d East Coast 6.8 (44)
North Shore 15.17 (107) d UTS 6.4 (40)
Camden 14.6 (90) d Manly 5.2 (32)
Pennant Hills 15.12 (102) d Western Suburbs 3.2 (20)
UNSW-ES 10.11 (71) d St George 4.6 (30)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (36, 178.28%), Pennant Hills (32, 186.99%), UNSW-ES (32, 164.38%), Camden (28, 129.35%), North Shore (20, 130.75%), East Coast (16, 100.17%), UTS (16, 77.34%), St George (12, 79.36%), Manly (8, 38.57%), Wests (0, 44.65%).

Platinum Division:
Southern Power 9.4 (58) d Balmain 6.13 (49)
Western Magic 10.14 (74) d Macquarie Uni 5.10 (40)
Penrith 9.5 (59) d Holroyd-Parramatta 1.9 (15)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Western Magic (88.89, 160.20%), Penrith (87.5, 217.35%), Macquarie Uni (62.5, 174.86%), Holroyd-Parramatta (44.44, 92.42%), Southern Power (44.44, 82.52%), South-West Sydney (12.5, 37.96%), Balmain (11.11, 65.32%).

Platinum Reserves:
Southern Power 15.7 (97) d Balmain 3.7 (25)
Macquarie Uni 10.8 (68) d Western Magic 4.8 (32)
Penrith 7.9 (51) d Holroyd-Parramatta 2.2 (14)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Macquarie Uni (100, 259.68%), Penrith (87.5, 265.44%), Southern Power (77.78, 267.47%), Western Magic (44.44, 135.01%), Balmain (33.33, 77.25%), Holroyd-Parramatta (11.11, 39.37%), South-West Sydney (0, 8.96%).

Division One:
North Shore 10.11 (71) d UTS 6.2 (38)
Wollondilly 6.7 (43) d Campbelltown 3.7 (25)
Randwick City 9.14 (68) d Sydney Uni 8.8 (56)
Pennant Hills 8.25 (73) d NorWest 6.6 (42)
Ladder – Sydney Uni (28, 146.62%), Randwick City (26, 190.09%), NorWest (20, 113.72%), Pennant Hills (18, 102.44%), North Shore (16, 131.30%), UTS (16, 97.45%), Wollondilly (16, 78.87%), Campbelltown (4, 24.70%).

Division Two:
UTS 11.9 (75) d North Shore 5.4 (34)
Sydney Uni 13.9 (87) d East Coast 7.9 (51)
Camden d Manly – forfeit
St George 6.4 (40) d UNSW-ES 4.11 (35)
Pennant Hills d Western Suburbs - forfeit
Ladder – Sydney Uni (36, 265.17%), Camden (32, 269.30%), UNSW-ES (24, 179.33%), UTS (24, 126.72%), St George (20, 54.19%), Manly (16, 91.42%), North Shore (12, 74.43%), Pennant Hills (8, 81.13%), East Coast (4, 60.78%), Wests (4, 29.81%).

Division Three:
UTS 11.21 (87) d North Shore 1.1 (7)
Sydney Uni 6.15 (51) d Randwick City 4.7 (31)
Pennant Hills 14.9 (93) d Camden 0.4 (4)
Macquarie Uni 5.9 (39) d UNSW-ES 3.3 (21)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Macquarie Uni (88.89, 181.29%), Pennant Hills (75, 207.49%), Camden (71.43, 141.70%), UNSW-ES (66.67, 150.91%), Sydney Uni (62.5, 134.20%), UTS (25, 94.53%), Randwick City (25, 61.97%), North Shore (25, 34.09%), Campbelltown (0, 43.40%).

Under 19s One:
North Shore 11.10 (76) d Pennant Hills 3.2 (20)
East Coast 9.9 (63) d Sydney Uni 4.8 (32)
Camden 12.18 (90) d Manly 4.5 (29)
UNSW-ES 11.9 (75) d St George 8.2 (50)
Ladder – UNSW-ES (36, 253.97%), North Shore (28, 143.91%), St George (24, 145.81%), Sydney Uni (20, 99.59%), Camden (12, 80.86%), East Coast (12, 72.58%), Pennant Hills (8, 88.71%), Manly (4, 40.13%).

Under 19s Two:
North Shore 9.9 (63) d St George 5.2 (32)
UNSW-ES 6.14 (50) d Sydney Uni 4.9 (33)
Southern Power 14.7 (91) d Campbelltown 3.4 (22)
Penrith 9.5 (59) d Wests Goannas 5.4 (34)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Southern Power (100, 421.28%), Penrith (62.5, 192.50%), Wests Goannas (62.5, 171.90%), UNSW-ES (62.5, 88.96%), North Shore (50, 116.18%), Campbelltown (50, 94.54%), St George (37.5, 59.59%), Sydney Uni (25, 62.50%), South-West Sydney (0, 14.91%).

Women Premier Division:
UNSW-ES 9.12 (66) d Western Wolves 0.1 (1)
Macquarie Uni 5.10 (40) d UTS 1.2 (8)
Auburn-Penrith 9.6 (60) d Newtown 1.1 (7)
Southern Power 5.7 (37) d Sydney Uni 2.7 (19)
Ladder – Macquarie Uni (36, 329.92%), UNSW-ES (32, 513.46%), Auburn-Penrith (24, 143.75%), Southern Power (16, 57.51%), Newtown (12, 63.56%), Sydney Uni (8, 70.87%), UTS (8, 66.05%), Western Wolves (8, 32.93%).

Women Division One:
East Coast 16.24 (120) d UNSW-ES 1.0 (6)
Western Magic 6.6 (42) d Manly 2.5 (17)
Wollongong 15.7 (97) d Pennant Hills 2.1 (13)
North Shore 6.10 (46) d Sydney Uni 2.2 (14)
Ladder – Wollongong (32, 388.39%), East Coast (28, 244.58%), Pennant Hills (28, 177.33%), Western Magic (24, 287.95%), Manly (16, 137.81%), North Shore (12, 68.63%), UNSW-ES (4, 32.11%), Sydney Uni (0, 4.73%).

Women Division Two:
Wollondilly 5.13 (43) d Western Magic 2.3 (15)
Camden 16.15 (111) d Macquarie Uni 0.1 (1)
Newtown 4.5 (29) d Campbelltown 2.3 (15)
Holroyd-Parramatta 21.14 (140) d Pennant Hills 0.0 (0)
UTS 4.3 (27) d North Shore 2.5 (17)
Auburn-Penrith 8.15 (63) d Manly 0.0 (0)
Ladder (Match Ratio) – Camden (100, 707.55%), Holroyd-Parramatta (87.5, 778.87%), South-West Sydney (87.5, 321.85%), Pennant Hills (62.5, 106.45%), Campbelltown (50, 143.02%), Macquarie Uni (50, 39.71%), Wollondilly (37.5, 76.14%), UTS (37.5, 61.21%), North Shore (37.5, 55.98%), Western Magic (33.33, 70.49%), Newtown (33.33, 42.15%), Auburn-Penrith (25, 68.42%), Manly (11.11, 7.10%).

Balmain 8.8 (56) d Wollondilly 1.3 (9)
Macarthur 6.8 (44) d Sydney Uni 3.4 (22)
Southern Masters 15.10 (100) d Macquarie Uni 4.3 (27)
St George 6.11 (47) d North-West Sydney 4.2 (26)
Ladder – St George (20, 332.14%), Macarthur (20, 241.32%), Sydney Uni (16, 332.96%), North-West Sydney (14, 182.49%), Southern Masters (4, 92.71%), Balmain (4, 33.42%), Macquarie Uni (2, 32.20%), Wollondilly (0, 21.84%).


Premier Division:

Saturday 23rd June
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Pennant Hills (1:50pm)
Picken Oval – Western Suburbs v St George (2pm)
Weldon Oval – Manly v UTS (2pm)
Kanebridge Oval – North Shore v East Coast (2:15pm)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v Camden (3pm)

Premier Reserves:
Saturday 23rd June
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Pennant Hills (11:50am)
Picken Oval – Western Suburbs v St George (12pm)
Weldon Oval – Manly v UTS (12pm)
Kanebridge Oval – North Shore v East Coast (12:15pm)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v Camden (1pm)

Platinum Division:
Saturday 23rd June
Gipps Road Oval – Holroyd-Parramatta v South-West Sydney (2:10pm)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v Balmain (2:50pm)
Waratah Oval – Southern Power v Penrith (4pm)
BYE – Western Magic.

Platinum Reserves:
Saturday 23rd June
Gipps Road Oval – Holroyd-Parramatta v South-West Sydney (10:40am)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v Balmain (1pm)
Waratah Oval – Southern Power v Penrith (2:10pm)
BYE – Western Magic.

Division One:
Saturday 23rd June
Hannaford Oval – Wollondilly v Pennant Hills (10am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v North Shore (2pm)
Pioneers Park – Randwick City v UTS (2:25pm)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v NorWest (5:30pm)

Division Two:
Saturday 23rd June
Kanebridge Oval – North Shore v East Coast (8:45am)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v Camden (9:30am)
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Pennant Hills (10:10am)
Picken Oval – Western Suburbs v St George (10:20am)
Weldon Oval – Manly v UTS (10:20am)

Division Three:
Saturday 23rd June
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Pennant Hills (8:30am)
Fairfax Reserve – Camden v Sydney Uni (9am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v North Shore (12:20pm)
Pioneers Park – Randwick City v UTS (12:45pm)
BYE – Macquarie Uni.

Under 19s One:
Saturday 23rd June
Weldon Oval – Manly v St George (8:30am)
Kanebridge Oval – North Shore v East Coast (10:25am)
Sydney Uni No 1 Oval – Sydney Uni v Camden (11:10am)
Henson Park – UNSW-ES v Pennant Hills (4:20pm)

Under 19s Two:
Saturday 23rd June
Gipps Road Oval – Wests Goannas v Sydney Uni (9am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v Penrith (9am)
Village Green – UNSW-ES v South-West Sydney (10am)
Waratah Oval – Southern Power v North Shore (10:10am)
BYE – St George.

Women Premier Division:
Saturday 23rd June
Picken Oval – Western Wolves v Sydney Uni (8:40am)
Waratah Oval – Southern Power v Auburn-Penrith (11:50am)
Village Green – UNSW-ES v UTS (1:20pm)
University Oval – Macquarie Uni v Newtown (4:50pm)

Women Division One:
Saturday 23rd June
Blacktown ISP No 2 – Western Magic v Sydney Uni (10am)
Village Green – UNSW-ES v Pennant Hills (11:40am)
North Dalton Oval – Wollongong v North Shore (1pm)
Weldon Oval – Manly v East Coast (6:10pm)

Women Division Two:
Saturday 23rd June
Mona Park – Auburn-Penrith v Western Magic (10am)
Monarch Oval – Campbelltown v North Shore (10:40am)
Hannaford Oval – Wollondilly v Pennant Hills (11:50am)
Gipps Road Oval – Holroyd-Parramatta v South-West Sydney (12:20pm)
Weldon Oval – Manly v UTS (4:30pm)
University Oval (North Oval) – Macquarie Uni v Newtown (5:30pm)
BYE – Camden.