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Thread: RWO bugs/errors - report issues here

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    RWO bugs/errors - report issues here

    Hey folks

    Will stick this thread for a few weeks so you can report any issues following the move to the new server. I'll update the original post here with a status check on the issues you raise.

    Issue - images missing
    Images have vanished from previous posts

    Under investigation.

    Issue - images size limit
    Size limit for image upload now seems much smaller. I got a "file too big" message for an image that I think would have been fine previously.

    Under investigation.

    Issue - NEAFL thread issues NEAFL 2018 NEAFL discussion (new parent thread)
    When posting images and links, page auto-expands like it should but then page doesn't display on either desktop or mobile and the thread is effectively cut off.

    Under investigation. Have created a new thread to post in.

    Issue - Page 'history of jumper numbers' no longer works when entering criteria
    The history of jumper numbers no longer works I thought it was one of the site's greatest resources. RWO -

    Under investigation
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