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Thread: Do the Swans need Tom Lynch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aprilbr View Post
    I sincerely doubt that we have the cap room to chase Lynch seriously. Our midfield has gone from close to the best in the competition two seasons ago to middle ranking now with Hanners and Jack in significant decline. Clearly any trading needs to address that gap. With 20/20 hindsight we can see that Mitchell not being retained was a huge mistake and he is highly likely to win the Brownlow this season. But then again Hawthorn traded Kennedy so all clubs make mistakes. The current crop of injuries to veterans give us the opportunity to try some up and comers. Hopefully Heeney and Papley will be back this week. We need them.

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    Agree with some of your points but with Mitchell if we matched Hawks offer we don't get Florent and would have lost some other important players, even.those of the caliber of Parker and Heeney. Salary cap means difficult choices but reasonable outcome for mine. Difficult to envisage Hanners and Kieren fallingfoff the cliff like they have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Gold coast need Tom lynch.
    this ^
    I don't why the media constantly barks on about talented footballers should change teams for a chance at finals.
    How does he deserve is more than his teammates?
    On our forward line: It has not had a consistent line-up all year. Buddy and Hayward have been the only ones to play most of the season. We've all seen what a consistent back line is capable of (Reg, Rampe and Smooch) our forwards need games together too. Imagine if Buddy, Reid, Hayward and Papley had played together all season. They would know what each other is doing and so would the midfield.
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