I don't think the medium term picture changes that much despite the premiership door all but shut for us this year.

The main concerns are:

  1. Will Reid and Melican make successful returns from recent injuries and have a better run with injury in the future?
  2. Will Hannebery get back to close to his best?
  3. Will Matthew Ling prove to be worthy of his 1st round pick, or will we forever regret not taking Ed Richards?
  4. Will AJ make a successful return to AFL football?
  5. Will Dawson, O'Riordan, Stoddart and Amartey become AFL regulars?
  6. Will we sign FA Luke Dahlhaus? Are we even considering him?

I think our list is quite solid with a good demographic. We are the same as every club regarding how things go on the injury front. We have a lot of young players who still need to prove their ability to play senior footy over the long haul.

We have drafted the kind of players who should enable us to transition to the kind of game which should be successful, but there are far too many unknowns to guarantee anything.